By Divine Decree, Divine Feminine Reiki Imbued All Fields with Gregorian Chants to fill your soul. Gregorian Chants by Angelic Choir @432Hz / Powerful Positive Energy Music. Meditative Mind, 11072018, You Tube, Uploaded 07222022 @ 7:51 PST.

Divine Feminine Reiki is a powerful shamanic tool for Forgiveness and Love and Christ Energy, among other super fabulous vibrating energy such as Divine Sweetness. Divine Sweetness Symbol is on your credit card. But Yes, This is Also a Divine Feminine Reiki Symbol! This shamanic tool weaves magic of delicious vibrational energy.

Did you know that Fraud Vitiates, cancels every contract, every spell, every written word? You Do Not Have To Wear A Mask, because it is based on Fraud.

You Can Go Back To Your Birth Country, Now. You Can Please Leave The United States, Now Because You Are Cancelled. You Are Not Born In The United States, Please Go Back You To Your Own Home Land Country, you fraudulent Extra Terrestrial Draco Lizard. Go Back To Your Own Planet.

The Mother is Disgusted With Your Lying, Cheating, Taking Stealing, Fraud of Your Money Making Schemes, and may all your theft your stealing, your Extra Terrestrial Being your lizard ugly Draco be gone, now. ALL Your Theft of Humans Energy including money making of the Children, may their grief and anger RAGE be upon your wretched soul, your ugly wretched being, now, and in all your fields, for the horror and grief you have brought in negativity energy world wide. You are an abomination against The Lord God, and may you die, leave your body, now. May your continued enforcement Of Communist China Asian Arrogance Against God Your Abomination Against God Your TransGender Your Gay HomosexualABOMINATIONAgainstHolyJesusHolyMaryMotherOfJesusChristHolySpiriitand Taking Of Human Life Through The Eating Of Children Around The World McDonaldsFastFoodDieNow -May what you have done to the children may it trail you your entire life through eternity and the life Celene Dion of your children you abomination to the Lord God Of Hosts, the Most Holy Of Holy, and through the Holy Spirit’s kindness pray this upon you now. May you be banished from EARTH forever.

:By-Divine-Decree-ALL-DRACO-LIZARD-MONEY-MAKING-Schemes-be-revealed-now-to-all-humanity-Thank-you-And-May-The-Lord-Christ-Jesus-Mother-Mary-Holy–Mary-Mother-Of-Jesus-Mary-Magdalene-be-with-the-people-of-Earth-and-ancestors-now-Namaste-LOVEEVOLVE-LOVEVOLVE-LOVEVOL-DIVINEFEMININEREIKIIMBUEDALLFIELDSTOINFINITYNOW-REMOVE-YOUR-MASK-NOW-MASKS-ARE-BASED-ON-FRAUD-AllForeignPeopleLeaveUnitedStatesNow-GoBackToYouLandOfBirthNowYouAreDeleted. :NewportBeachCityHallCommandsAllMasksBeRemovedNowAllSupportingCommunistChinaBeDeletedAndDieDeathLeaveBodyNowYourFraudLieZeroToleranceIsSupportOfCommunistChinaDieNowMayAllBeSeenToTheWorldYourSupportOfCommunistChinaLieNowLoveEvolveLovevolveLovevolandFuckYouFinanceOfNewportBeachNowMayALLSatanistSatanistBeFoundOutHaveChristPortalShineDivineMotherLensomaiNOWInAllFieldsAndMayYouReceiveInRturnWhatYouPutOutDeathDieToYourBodyNowAndWorldWide.

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