“Relax into joyous energy. Imagine that you are physically there right now. Let your memory be as real as this present moment. Feeling brings out a deeper feeling that is happening right now. Sacred pool of energy. Pleasure meditation is like a super spring board. The source of god. The greatest pleasure. Go Deep within the mind surrender to the stillness. Limitless without boundaries, found in a state of being. Requires no thought no memory, simply a deep state of surrender profound relaxation. Without concepts efforts. Do not have to do anything to attain it. Arise at the moment we feel into our lives. Letting go into softening and being. You’ve been conditioned as something that comes from outside the body. The ultimate pleasure comes out of its own accord, when you are ready to receive it. Simply be quiet. Chose to relax your face.”. Reference: Jared Rand, Younglightworkers, You Tube, 12052022, Uploaded 12062022 @6:34 AM PST.

  • Humanity is moving out of the Old Bible.
  • Orthodoxy of old hate death and destruction is rooted out by The Holy Spirit of Love and Care.
  • Mafias of old serving the Orthodoxy are releasing because of The Holy Spirit of Love and Care.
  • Truth of Orthodoxy against humanity is releasing, now, for all to see.
  • Truth of Orthodoxy intellectual greed against living humanity and their arrogance of controlling the Arab telling them what to do is releasing transmuting for all the world to see.
  • The Chinese Generals controlling The United States is from the old old old and require fresh wind of The Holy Spirit of Care and LOVE blown at them full force to back out of The United States Republic lands with their Orthodox Iranians who scream and yell loud words from their Irvine, Ca perch at Culver holding signs yelling at the cars as they pass by, just blowing their hate of humanity to all those who pass and The Fresh Wind of The Holy Spirit of Love and Care blows through their hard hearts of hate stubbornness with Pray The Rosary driving by and blowing LENSOMAI, Divine Mother and Christ Conscious Reiki Symbols at their hard hearts of hate and Wanting Control……….
  • Laugh, Sing, Laugh, Sing blow the Reiki Symbols of Divine Love at the hard hearts of hate stubbornness control rigid We call the Holy Spirit of Love Forgiveness for their trespasses as we forgive those Who Trespass Against Us and Lead Us Not Into Temptation, Lord, But Thank You Lord For Delivering Us From All Evil.
  • Go Home You hard hearts of Iranian Orthodoxy- You are free to stop controlling Orange County, California, now, and return to your own land of your birth.
  • We See You, Your Hate, Your Hard Heart of Psychic Darts, Psychic Arrows OF Hate, Arrogance, Ignorance, Low IQ, now, Release your selves from those born citizens of The United States and take your hard heart of bitterness you Iranians You Chinese Generals and Be Imbued Imbued Imbued With Divine Mother Unconditional Love, The Mary Love – and Go back To Your Home Of Iran and claim for yourself where you can yell and scream all you want at the passing of cars…..
  • Praise The Lord God Almighty for releasing all foreign born hostile hard hearts who spew hate through their eyes their yelling their arrogance their low IQ, from all The Republic of The United States.
  • Praise The Lord god Almighty for the Fresh Wind of The Holy Spirit of Love Kindness Care for blowing through the hard hearts of all foreign who come to the land of the Republic of United States who spew hate may their hate be blown back at them with the same hardness of heart given out and the same volume only 50 times and may it harm none. Thank you Almighty God Holy Spirit of Love Kindness.
  • Close all the universities.
  • Universities are travesty of control and not in alignment with Christ.
  • :By-Divine-Decree-All-Universities-Are-Closed-Now. :All-Foreign-Born-Professors-are-arrested-and-tried-for- treason-to-these-states-of-The-United-States-now-12062022.
  • :By-Divine-Decree-All-Any-One-Foreign-Treasonous-Hard-Hearted-ForeignBorn-Be-CancelledNow-Be-Null-Void-NowReturnBodyToYourForeignLandOfBirthOfORthodoxyGoBackToYourOwnHomeLandYellScreamYourHardHeartsThereWithYourOwnHardHeartPeopleNow.
  • Turn Your Hearts To Mary, Christ Yeshua Divine Mother.
  • By-Divine-Decree-All-Child-Trafficking-Be-Cancelled-Now-All-Business-Be-Cancelled-Now-All-Money-MakingBeCancelledNowOrthodoxyCancelledNow-ReturnToMotherMarychristYeshuaNow.
  • Love So You Evolve Away From Satan Hate Death Destruction Let Mary’s Love Lead and she will not be loud.
  • May The Holy Spirit Of Love Care and Kindness Rule Orange County California and shine with Kristave Energy May all Human Trafficking Stealing of Energy Children Money Be Shown Now To the World. May All Theives have their thieving returned to them now. Thank you Lord Jesus Jeshua, Christ Yeshua Mother Mary Be Upon these hard hearts now.
  • Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord God Almighty, Lord Or Hosts, Father Of all.
  • Thank You Father Of All for your loving protection guidance and care of the survival of the Human Race.



:Invite-Holy-Mother-Mary-HereNow-Divine-Mother-Julie-Divine-Mother-Judith-Divine-Mother. :VirJean-Divine-Mother-Irene-Divine-Mother-HEA-7th-Dimensional-SARA-Multi-Dimensional. :Guide-Psychic-Intuitive-Lyrans-Pleidians-higher-self-in-all-fields

    • kindness thru
      • Divine Feminine R E I K I reiki love forgiveness imbued with masters ;kristave divine Mother Mary safe emotional healing ~ lahain ~ divine sweetness and more Divine Mother Mary with a Rose and a Rose all around each of us with more forgiveness joy bliss imbued into all fields going through these days on earth here at 11042022. Raku.
  • So, hello, A Nun, The NUN, compared Mother Teresa, who is a male undercover working for the mafia, to Princess Diana (who maybe perhaps be male since we live in a transgendered world and no one could talk about it before this date 11032022, and there was one other princess of less marketed variety (Probably a real girl).
  • Well, The NUN compared these two actors.
    • who do you think won out as the better of the two?
      • The NUN said Fauci’s Father The Undercover person known as
        • Mother Teresa ~ being the better person!
          • Brainwashed Story
  • Wow, so the nun is telling a woman’s group about this made up story of good vs bad because that’s the way the mafia wanted it to be told so she continues with a lie a spell a brainwashing type of story where the world really continues living in a dream. And this is why Divine Feminine Reiki is so wonderful to work with because you can call them into your field any time when you need forgiveness, when you need love or when you need some of the Mother’s Frequency Energy Love Nourishment.
  • Divine Feminine Reiki Art Symbology Class will teach you how to bring more bliss more joy more compassion less stress more nourishment through Art, through the Drawing and Practice of Creating through color the Symbology of Love, The Symbology of The Divine Mother, The Symbology of The Christ Portal.

HandShakes, Catholics and Washing Your Hands.

Invite The Divine Mother Mary and the Divine Love Reiki Symbol with Forgiveness Symbol of The Divine Feminine Reiki System.

  • By Divine Decree Imbue into all fields reading this information may each be imbued, Attuned, Invoked with
  • Forgiveness, as represented by Sanskrit Writing and JHEHOW reiki symbol, along with
  • Love as represented by Divine Love Reiki Symbol looks like a cross but has 4 big beautiful petals, coming from the middle and brings joy and bliss when drawn. Draw over your heart. Begin in the middle. Do this at anytime of the day, especially in Mass, or Catholic Teachings class as this will bring you bliss!
  • Gratitude or Sorry or Penance as represented by the universal symbol known as The Om. Looks like a 3 with a tail coming out at the back bottom of the 3 and little V with a dot behind the top back of the Om……..
  • Holy Spirit. as represented by the universal symbol known as The Dove.
  • Divine Mother Mary Mary Magdalene. As represented by The Divine Feminine Reiki Symbol known as Mary Am.
    • Begins with a 2 inch circle drawn in the middle of a white piece of paper.
    • Use a Blue Color. Preferably A Water Color Crayon, Or Pencil OrOil Pastel, so you can use a water color brush, dip in water and work the lines, expanding the color inside the drawn lines.
    • Below the 2 inch circle draw 2 lines going down and then out toward east and west represents her robes.
    • Draw two half moons behind her shoulders to represent her wings.
    • Draw a Big Circle in the Middle of a White Piece of Paper.
    • Use The Color Yellow. Make sure you use a water color soluble tool, like Crayon, Pencil or Oil Water Soluble Crayon. This will allow you to continue working your drawing into something beautiful drawing, bringing the color between the lines with the paint brush and water.
    • Draw Spirals going out as many as you like, in any color you like. Just have fun.
  • GRACE – Bring grace to you through drawing in the air the letter Z with at least 3 lines coming out of the center of the Z and the Z tail goes out deeper into an interesting type of line, that has a little squiggle, but not much, just enough to give the end of the Z some interest in its line fading out through a short squiggle…….
    • Use a Color you feel you like. Then during the next week notice the grace brought to you through the color you chose.
    • Create a nice piece of Art by using the water color soluble tool. These are made with pencil form, or crayon form, and now even an oil water color form. Very beautiful color comes from these type of water color tools.

The Spirit team has now imbued you sufficiently with these beautiful frequencies.

–A word of caution is to NOT Shake Hands with anyone.

  • Even if they are a nun.
  • Yes, because of Dis Ease.
  • Yes, Covid is a great excuse, but really that person who sticks their hand out can drain, Siphon, Take, Use, your energy
  • Plus, this is a very bad practice of shaking hands, because of COVID.
  • No one should be shaking hands with anyone unless there is a sink with running water nearby to wash away any
    • parasites,
    • germs,
    • lizards extra terrestrial and non terrestrial influences intentions away
    • germs of covid and the lie, the continuing lie.
    • Continuing the lie of Mother Teresa, a male actor, just working for the Mafia.

BE Careful of shaking Hands. It is an old tradition that is meaning less now, since its ties to the energy thief dome and nature of its practice and intent behind the person sticking their hand out. Plus germs, gross germs, and the unavailability of hand washing nearby, like right away after having to shake the hand of someone.


Write me: Love Evolve. 220 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA. 92660.

Benefits Of Mobil Healing To Love Evolve.

Human Touch Whole Body Massage 5.1 Recline/Massage/Swivel.

  • Relieve Tension, Soreness and Pressure On Spinal Column
  • Relaxes The Back
  • Brings Vital Nutrients To The Spinal Area
    • The client will sit in the Human Touch Whole Body Massage 5.1 Chair and experience the benefits of receiving the massage all on their own, receive their own meditation experience and releasing experience in the time frame of the massage and experience this type of massage chair and maybe want to purchase their own massage chair for their house, or just have Mobil Healing come to your house to receive the massage.
    • Of Course, sitting in a massage chair is without other human touch, you always have a choice to receive touch from the Massage Practitioner, but with gloves!

Covid Changed the way the body is to receive massage from the practitioner. It is advised to receive the massage from the practitioner who wears gloves. This will include any service received from any body worker, nail technician, hair personnel, massage therapist, and any other hands on treatment.

Non Touch Services Offered With Mobil Healing Are:

  1. Human Touch Whole Body Massage 5.1
    • Relieves Tension, Soreness & Pressure on Spinal Column.
    • Improves Circulation.
    • Relaxes The Back.
  2. INFRARED PEMF GO MAT – from Higher Dose.
    • Infrared Therapy can deeply penetrate muscles and tissues to help speed up muscle recovery
    • Promotes calm for the body.
    • Promotes calm for the mind bringing a healthy DOSE of your brain’s feel-good chemicals – Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphins.
    • Promotes Euphoric feelings that may accompany what we call “getting high, naturally.”
  3. Therasage Infrared Sauna
    • Promotes relaxation for the Body
    • Promotes a feeling of Euphoria
    • Release Stress and promotes inner calm through the sweating process.
  4. Bath
    • The Warm Bath Will include:
    • Magnetic Clay
    • Epsom salts
    • Baking Soda
    • Some Essential Oil if Client Wishes.
    • Soak for 20 minutes.
    • The Bath Recipe is from Medical Doctor Leigh Erin Conneally of Center For New Medicine in South Orange County, California.
    • Promotes the releasing of toxins from the body
    • Promotes deep sleep
    • Promotes deep calm and relaxation of the body.
  5. Services With Touch Included For Mobil Healing Are:
  6. Raindrop Treatment. This is a technique developed by Gary Young of YoungLiving Brand of Essential Oils. There are 12 Specific Oils dropped onto the Meridian Points of The Spine from 6 inches above the spine. Imagine the Essential Oil of Oregano dropped from 6 inches going through all the auric layers of the back spine area clearing, releasing, transmuting with frequencies from this particular brand of essential oil, where the frequencies practically come from the plant, since YoungLiving is Seed To Bottle. This technique will require a unclothed back. A Privacy Wall is provided for the clients undressing and readiness to put body on the table for treatment. The treatment will require the back to be fully exposed to the massage therapist for treatment.
  7. Tui Na. This technique is light touching on the spine and body with a fully clothed body. The fingers of the massage therapist will gently walk up and down the spine, shoulders, head, neck, arms, of the body moving chi energy opening blockages, and releasing any general tension on the surface of the body needing to release.
  8. Reflexology. This treatment Works on the points of either The Feet, The Hands, The Face, The Head. Client is able to choose where they wish the massage practitioner to work the reflex points while wearing gloved hands. Reflexology is simply massage targeting specific organ points on the feet, hands, face, or head.
  9. MASSAGE THERAPY – This will require the client to unclothe and place body between sheets for either a Swedish, or deep tissue massage in a private space with privacy divider.
  10. Did you know that just rubbing the bottom of your feet, you will massage each organ in your body? The same with your hands.
  11. Reflexology is a beneficial practice to learn for yourself and your family.
  12. Education in your own reflexology and meridian points on your body. How to give yourself your own body massage including the hands, feet, head, face which have points that go to each organ part in the body. Just taking your feet in your hands and bringing the foot upon the opposite knee, then gently massaging the bottoms of your feet will stimulate each organ in your body and heal yourself. Feel free to apply any oil you resonate with. Personally I like a type of Aurevedic Oil called Vata from Nourish Ayrevedic in Costa Mesa, CA. And any oil with CBD and a little THC which is amazing in relaxing muscles!

Questions please email for your Mobil Healing Treatment.

Mobil Healing is For Sale as a Prototype. Please contact CAMTC 51136.


Funtik is my new little friend, a small 2 pound doggie from my brother and his wife, lena. Funtik is a gift because :loveevolve Love Evolve helped my brother be released from that stinky prison in San Antonio that the Karzarian Mafia Extra Terrestrial Beings put him, for showing how the Court System in San Antonio is doing some nasty business against its citizens there in that city. What a mean city to live in. Yet, in 2020 The Lord, allowed me to drive my little van down to Texas from California to visit with my daughter and also brother and his wife.

My brother, is an accountant. He discovered big side business that court system is doing against its citizens. Thieving and stealing from its citizens. Repressing them at the same time. San Antonio is a city in transition and most of its citizens probably do not know what is going on, including me. But, I have heard rumors, that this is the biggest city underground doing business. Nefarious Business. A Business that is not known to the public. A Business so big and vast and so hurtful to the human race, that only a big Holy Spirit Wind of Grace, to un wrap, Un Wind, Un cloak, the underground business to its citizens.

Yet, do the citizens really need to know everything that is going on with the under ground business of San Antonio? Probably not. That is why :loveevolve :Lovevolve, Love Evolve has been intentionally imbued into all fields of San Antonio, Texas, every where I walked and drove between San Antonio and Dallas, Texas, during the 2020 CONvid shut down.

:loveevolve :lovevolve is the business of Holy Spirit – imbued in all fields, with Forgiveness symbol of Sanskrit drawn over all things, people, places there in Texas, and love as represented by the 4 petal flower, looks like a cross but has nice big petals drawn from the center point out into a lovely petal, double time. And gratitude as represented from the OM symbol. And in 2022 :LOVEEVOLVE. includes The Divine Mother.

The Divine Mother is a Reiki Symbol of The Ariel F Hubbard, Hubbard Education, who has given permission to this channel to teach This Symbol through Divine Feminine Reiki. You will have an opportunity to learn about Divine Feminine Reiki, and practice some of its symbols through Art Practices.

To Draw the Divine Mother Symbol begin: 1. Draw a 2 inch circle. 2. Below the 2 inch circle draw two (2) lines down below and going out toward east and west, representing her robes. 3. Draw wings behind by drawing on each side of her a curved line to represent her wings. Voila, you just drew a Divine Feminine Reiki Symbol representing the Divine Mother, which is the 3 in 1 – 1. Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Mother of you, mine is Julie, Grandma is Irene Katherine, Aunt is Judith, Ruth, Uncle Carl, Aunt Ester, Esther.. The ancestors of time.