#BritishRoyalFamily is Fake. Their All Made Up!

By Divine Decree The Divine Mother, The Kristave, The Honshashezonen, The Osho, The Lensomai is Evoked, Invoked into your fields, now as your linear mind processes all information received through your mind programming to be cleansed, cleared, balanced, harmonized, transmuted through divine female and divine male heart gnosis in all your fields now to infinity. Namaste.

  • 23 illegitimacies on the main trunk line @ 9:26
  • Only 2 legitimates @9:35
  • @ 9:41 “The Most Illegitimate Family In The World”
  • “The Most illegitimate royal Family In The World.”
  • Rightly called a “Bunch of Bastards” @ 9:50
  • Queen Elizabeth the Second knows she is from an illegitimate lineage @ 10:11
  • By Birth, timing location, required to abdicate @ 10:30
  • Queen Elizabeth 9 illegitimate children were all Bastards of The Rothschild line. @11:18
  • Magna Carta an unsolved conundrum of people wanting to believe things @ 12:37
  • Confusion around land, land ownership @ 12:40
  • Confusion created by The Holy See, SEA, or rather The Roman Catholic Church who wants to have an illegitimate monarchy around the world to make them easy to control. @12:49-12:56
  • The main illegitimacy was focused on The British Royal family and that was The Rothchilds focusing on Queen Victoria’s 9 children being illigimate The German, The French, British Rothschild manifesting focusing on that and then breeding off those children to taint the European Royal Family and then render them also to being illegitimate. @13:26
  • So Then You Have An illegitimate bloodline and the one who fulfills the propechy supersedes. #GregoryHalletKingOfEngland&Ireland
  • @16:47 “They Have Become A Laughing Stock”. –
  • Prince Phillip Extorted Princess Elizabeth into marriage, based on her illegitimacy. @23:11
  • Stopped sharing a bed in 1954 because of rampant Pedophillia Paedophillia – spell @24:00
  • Charles and Anne are Prince Phillips legitimate children With Elizabeth and turned out to be total rejects. They tried to kill each other in the 1970’s. @24:16
  • Basically you’ve got your social welfare mother with 4 children to 3 different father’s. @24:42 (Talking about the imposter Queen Elizabeth.)
  • And Then the father of the first 2 children kills the daughter-in-law, wife of the first child, who’s a runt, with big ears, and bad skin, very unpopular, and says the wrong thing, never works a day in their lives, munches off everyone and she is boring and he is a pirate with no social consciousness. @25:03 (Talking about Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillips)
  • Its All Made Up. The British Royal Family.
  • https://youtu.be/73wbT-XtKMw Greg Hallet, King of England & Ireland Part 3, by Bloody Aussie Battler Podcast, 10212019, You Tube, uploaded 06042020.

Healing Meditation With Cazekiel’s Wheel

Reference: Meditation, Cazekiel’s Wheel, by ECETI Official You Tube Channel, 11022017, You Tube, uploaded 06022020.

“We welcome any entities with love and light, we speak to you from the lord god of our being, you are healed and forgiven lifted and enlightened you are filled with the Christ light and the Christ love, we ask the beautiful many, the Mother Mary, the Divine Mother to take you to your perfect place of peace.”

Crystal Singing Bowls

This video gives Twenty minutes per chakra that you receive from that particular musical note, the Musician plays. The Musician uses various methods to bring the frequencies louder, or softer, depending on how they work the crystal bowl. They circle the bowl with a tool, tapping heavy, soft, regularly, sporadically, either way, the crystal bowl vibrates energetically with a sound which is called a musical note. The musical note can be found on a piano keyboard anywhere from low C up to high C. This musical note, tone, sound, carries a vibration, and energetic wave length cleansing the organs associated with the musical note.

Root Chakra – Adrenal Gland, Lower Abdomen, and Coccyx.

Sacral – Reproductive Systems (Testicles and Ovaries)

Solar Plexus – Pancreas and Small Intestine

Heart Chakra – Heart / Thymus Gland

Throat Chakra – Thyroid Gland

Third Eye Chakra – Pineal Gland

Crown Chakra – Nervous System

Reference: 2.5 Hour Endocrine Cleanse Healing Meditation / 432Hz Crystal Singing Bowls / 7 Chakras (No Talking), by Healing Vibrations, 08252019, You Tube, Uploaded 05272020.

We Are Put On Earth To Be Holy and To Be Saints

  • What am I willing to let go of so I can take on the name of Christ?
  • It’s a beautiful challenge.
  • Christ appointed the man to be priest of domestic church which is wife and children.
  • Placed on this earth to get my wife and my children to heaven.
  • – and as many other people as I can with me.
  • Being a Knight is like putting on the armor of God.
  • We are carrying on the message of Christ, not for self, but for the good of Christ.
  • Some of the most miserable men are Millionaires, Hall of Baseball players because they try to fill the hole in their heart with the things of this world.
  • Saint Augustine said our hearts were created by god and only in god will our hearts find rest.
  • REFERENCE: Everyday heroes / Episode 10: A Royal Knight, 06122018, by Knights Of Columbus Everyday Heroes, You Tube, Uploaded 05222020