Stress Management. Let Go Of #Anxiety. #HealerBusiness

Reference: Stress management let go of anxiety meditation, by Alannah Mae, 03272020, You Tube. Uploaded 03272020

Alannah Mae imbues calm, soothing, gentle, steady voice as you listen to her guided meditation. Suggestion is to lay down and close your eyes. Practice breathing in several deep breaths to the count of 6 and let that breath out to the count of 6, while your body relaxes to gentle kind guidance. Alannah is a California License Massage Therapist reading induction script from The Hubbard Education Group, by Ariel F Hubbard.

Ariel F Hubbard Education Group, offers online courses in various healing modalities, including hypnotherapy, massage therapy and reiki. The reiki education includes The Divine Feminine Vibration such as The Divine Mother, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, The Divine Goddess, The 3 in 1 Feminine. Other feminine vibration symbols are the LENSOMAI, unconditional love and the Kristave for the Christ and of course many more feminine vibrating language symbols like forgiveness, mother clearing, mental clearing, foundation building, divine purpose, Universal Life Force Energy. Hubbard Education Group.

Thank You

  • Thank You for fighting to protect American lives
  • Thank You for serving and loving American lives
  • Thank You from all Elders and Ancestors of those whom moved their families and homes to The United States at the beginning of the 1900’s.
  • Thank You for disaster relief funds of 45B.
  • Thank You for masks and respirators instead of missiles and rockets.
  • Thank You for taking care compassion with the hidden enemy the virus and being the middleman. You are #HealerBusiness.
  • Thank you BiPartisan Support LBJ Room
  • Small Business Retention Loans will cover 8 weeks salaries as long as they keep workers employed and overhead.
  • Companies have economic program.
  • Economic Impact payments direct payments into most peoples deposit accounts and for those who don’t have it in the mail.
  • 4T to support American Workers and Business.
  • 150B to support Corona expenses.
  • Congress moved swiftly.
  • Reference: Doesn’t Want To Test The Whole Nation. President Trump Wednesday Update. 03252020. You Tube, FOX 10 Phoenix. Uploaded 03252020.

Transcribed by Kat… Notes from David Wilcock’s 3-22-20 VIDEO (“The Great Pandemic II: What’s Really Going On?”)

Rebloggin to LOVEVOL.Ve. Thank You for the information for you, the reader, whoever sees this in the future, or now, to remain in the VIBRATION of Lensomai, Unconditional Love, Kindness, Harmony, and to be careful watching, as I had to listen to Ariel F. Hubbard Abundance Talk #2 healing video to clear whatever vibration energy was coming off this David Wilcock The Great Pandemic II, video. I could only listen to 2 hours of the 5 hour David Wilcock The Great Pandemic II. Another Kat Transcribed this. Thank you to that other Kat. Forgive me. Reference Ariel F. Hubbard Abundance Talk #2 on Facebook. I am sorry. Thank you. I love You. Please Forgive me.

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Abundance Talk #2

Reference: Facebook, Ariel F. Hubbard, Abundance Talk #2 Meditation 03242020 <a href="http://<iframe src="; width="267" height="476" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true" allowFullScreen="true">http://<iframe src=”; width=”267″ height=”476″ style=”border:none;overflow:hidden” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ allowTransparency=”true” allowFullScreen=”true”></iframe>

  • Positive
  • Serving Others As An Entrepreneur through changing energy, currency.
  • How can you tap into your inner creativity for a positive outcome
  • Working with creative energy brings joy, excitement
  • What makes you feel good
  • If you have been watching TV just see how does that make you feel?
  • Think about whether you bring kindness and love into your interactions
  • Sending positive sound sharing different ways to bring positive energy
  • Sound with bells and shaker, breath in positive energy rainbow sparkly light, gods love, just imagine you can bring in calm and peace feel up your senses and awareness.
  • As you bring in calm and peace you can direct that positive energy anywhere in your body.
  • Crystal Bowl for Heart Chakra. Let the waves of sound wash through you. Breath the energy in washing through you, letting your heart chakra open up, when you open up this area chi of heart, the chest, is your immune system, let the chi of your chest open up, imagine your body is filled with light, letting you relax and peace and calm, connect in with the calm and peace, imagine that strong energy is energizing your body empowering and healing. Take a moment to feeling out of control in your body, and trust even though the situation appears negative, there could be some good out of this and releasing any energy not for your highest good, and breath in wellness, positive energy and peace.
  • Sending Distant Energy. Whether you watch this presently or in the future you still receive the waves. Everyone can receive this or not as they will. Where ever you need the healing positive energy just let that energy in, clear your mind, heal your heart, and as this energy comes in allow the calm and the peace and if you feel yourself breathing just let that energy offload, and let that deep healing coming in, and peace, let that freak out energy let that out. Experience that energy of empowerment, bringing in abundance, property healing joy brainstorming ideas, know that it is coming, let yourself calm down and drop down into a deeper state of relaxation, its okay you may get it later on, get. burst of energy, you might get on a roll some experience and empowerment for you, you guys are doing great, releasing, there you go, excellent, sending you bell energy too.
  • If you would like to watch Ariel F. Hubbard Healing Video, please visit her Facebook.
  • Ariel F. Hubbard #HealerBusiness

Sweet Potato Flat Bread Two Ingredients #HealerFood

  • Steam the Sweet Potato
  • Peel skin while hot
  • Mash while hot
  • Measure 1/2 cup sweet potato while hot and
  • – Add 1 cup all purpose flour
  • Mix with fork
  • Then mix with hands, flour, make ready to roll
  • Cook, enjoy.
  • REFERENCE: Sweet Potato Flatbread (Roti) oil-free + yeast-free / + vegan / vegetarian recipe, by Veganlovile / Vegan Fusion-Mauritian Cooking, You Tube 03062015, uploaded 03242020

Activate Your Light Codes

  • Lay and activate the Light Codes.
  • This is just the beginning
  • There are so many beings surrounding you now on call waiting.
  • You created this, not them.
  • We will right by your side waiting for you to remember, its time to co-create with them.
  • Do not have time any more for waiting
  • They do not have names
  • Our job is to activate our light codes, keep turning them on so we can do the work we are here to do.
  • If your listening to this message, you are ready and its time
  • Please say you are clearing things because we are done with that
  • We gotta be more prepared for the next round of collective purges, which means we gotta be standing in the knowledge, understanding, frequency and awareness which is even higher than the first wave of purges.
  • Activate light codes by laying down and calling in your family of light, call in your team that you created you designed to activate the light codes and surrender to the time, its simple, its time, and you are ready.
  • REFERENCE : Current Energies / Activate Your Light Codes. Lorie Ladd, You Tube, 03222020, uploaded 03232020