:Mary-HolySpirit-Mary-Holy-Mary- Mother-Of-Jesus.


LOVE so you can EVOLVE.

“The Demons are ever anxious in their pursuit of soul. However, they quickly abandon their prey at the sole Name of Mary.” (P.108)

Prayer.”O Mary, by God’s Will your Name is a powerful remedy against sin and evil-LIVE. By Divine Decree I Invoke Mary at all times to tell the demons they are healed and forgiven, lifted and enlightened and to take the hand of Mother Mary Holy Mary Mother Of Jesus to go to your perfect place away from Earth, away from manipulating and controlling people for all nefarious purposes. O Mary, hear our prayer and thank you in advance for helping those demons who are in the most need of your care to release dark from planet Earth, now and be gone disintegrate now, forever. We invite the presence of the Divine Mother here now, we ask for your help in imbuing your energy all through planet Earth through the Divine Feminine Reiki Symbol called The Divine Mother.

Reference: Mary Day By Day. Catholic Book Publishing Corp., New Jersey, 1987, P.108.

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