07052020 Eclipse Will Influence You For The Next 6 Months / Gregory Scott

Everyone takes more responsibility for themselves and use this as an opportunity to engage in the world with more joy. Ask the moon How Can I bring more joy in and work at something that I truly truly love

Lunar Eclipse 07052020 – How you can use it to create something amazing.    

  Mechanics – Full Moon Capricorn, Sun and Moon are 180 opposite, the Moon shines Capricorn light, and because it’s an eclipse it has an effect that lasts for 6 months.

  • Sun in Cancer, if you’re nice to yourself, nurture other people you will feel nice.
  • Capricorn is the goat that tries to get to the top of the mountain.  You will be able to create security for yourself., The Emperor, Saturn in Astrology, The Teacher, about the Rules, working in the confines of structure, interested in results.
  • This moon – I am giving you everything you need, work, feel safe and good about your life, because you are working toward a more positive future.  It is a positive loving energy, saying you will feel better if you apply yourself. How Do I Lift Myself on the 5th of July?  (Focus On Family with Grateful, Gratitude, Thankful for Everything Experienced in Life, Good and Bad as they were lessons, teachers)
  • If we take This Full Moon Energy and say “Universe what is it you would like me to embrace, work on, so that the inner is manifest, and reflected to you because of the work you do.  Accept the stability” of knowing that what you love to do is the path to remain and focus.
  • Saturn likes to make money and be safe in the house.
  • Retrogrades is when the planet appears to go backwards, astrologically you get to review that structure so reviewing the past that didn’t work, what did I learn but build something in the future that is nurturing.  Remedy that and include something fulfilling in your future work.
  • Focus on inner work, how you can take care of yourself, personal insights.  
  • The most important feeling you will feel is a sense of loyalty to yourself.
  • You can build something practical in the world, by being loyal what do I like what don’t I like and focus on what works. 
  • Align with this full moon eclipse that says “I love You” 
  • You have new ideas in taking care of yourself through work, take action.

( I love, enjoy cooking dinner for the family, and that is happening today.  Bought the best Prime Rib Roast.  Sprinkled a peppered salt spice mix over the roast, put in the oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes per pound.  Take out then cover with Aluminum foil, which will continue to cook the roast.  Serve with roasted vegetables.)

– Take Practical Action.  (Building my Garden, My kitchenette Studio, Loving my Children, My Animals who share life with me, My Garden Elementals, House Elementals).

Reference: This Eclipse will influence you for 6 months!! Full Moon in Capricorn 5 July 2020 / Gregory Scott, 06292020, Gregory Scott, You Tube, uploaded 07042020.

Elizabeth Wilcock Interviews Dannion Brinkley Pt. 1

Reference: Elizabeth Wilcock Interviews Dannion Brinkley Pt. 1, 07022020, Elizabeth Wilcock, You Tube, Uploaded 07032020. https://youtu.be/1hiwKLgi3I4

 Elizabeth Wilcock teaches The Priestess Path, and is having a chat with Dannion Brinkley, the author of: 

Saved By The Light   https://read.amazon.com/kp/embed?asin=B001M2FTCY&preview=newtab&linkCode=kpe&ref_=cm_sw_r_kb_dp_py3.EbJZDDTQH AND

Secrets Of The Light https://read.amazon.com/kp/embed?asin=B001FA0SFQ&preview=newtab&linkCode=kpe&ref_=cm_sw_r_kb_dp_ZA3.EbXR4ZY29

We are Great Powerful Mighty Spiritual Human Beings With Dignity Direction and Purpose.

  • Dannion went to a Crystal City
  • The Mother The Matriarch The Goddess The Creator.  The power of women and the birth of an age.
  • For the next 50 years, women, it’s your time, ladies, do not miss the opportunity.
  • There will be no secrets, so much of their philosophy is showing.
  • Battle for the souls of humankind would be fought in health care, and a chip will control your existence, and the chip will be used to determine how long you will survive.
  • When I heard, Dr. F saying everyone has to wear a mask, I thought “This is the time”
  • When Pres Trump announced Marshall Law we came under what’s called FEMA which is the federal COGS Council Of Government and all of that has been activated. 
  • We pay attention to the Pharmaceutical Health Care and realize we are being manipulated. 
  • Broadening the perspective of human perspective – We are spiritual beings, nobody dies, all the stuff you are told, whatever religion you are, none of that stuff is true.
  • Been a hospice volunteer for 42 years.
  • The multinational companies, integrated pharmaceutical companies agenda is to make us into slaves, to pay to live on this Earth. 
  • How have we in our patterns of behavior put us in peril that put us depended on people who care about making money for their stockholders.
  • Every 100 years an Aryan Race, something about that.
  • We do not know what they have in those vaccines.
  • The greatness of the spiritual beings here on planet Earth now. 
  • This is not part of Manifest Destiny, but a small group of people who need to control. 
  • You either Empower or You Enable.  
  • We have a choice and see what we can do to help.
  • Breath.  Breathing. Empowers people.  

Human Trafficking – Interview With Sacha Stone

Invoke The Kristave, The Divine Mother, Lensomai to you and all fields now, Namaste.

Human Trafficking – Interview With Sacha Stone Albdroid, 05092020  You Tube, uploaded 07012020. https://youtu.be/NSnyPZaZRLg The Interview in this video took place In The Netherlands.   Another word for the Country of The Netherlands is Holland.  

The  International Tribunal for Natural Justice https://www.itnj.org set up in 2015.  Many people around the world were involved in signing or ratifying the treaty disposed toward natural justice, in service of people, living men and women of the living soil.  We established the International Tribunal for Natural Justice as a court to use the rule of law to protect and defend the people of the world and to operate under the laws of natural justice.  Have many lawyers, judges, affluent people on the Tribunal.  Each one has been invited because they are powerful and represent the right action which is what we intend to restore in the world. The dispensation of natural justice and right action.   It is Law, the highest form of law. 

  • Please understand the Supreme Courts of the World serve The Corporation, they are operating in the service of a covert priesthood of supranational intelligences, people who are operating behind the curtains and controlling the outcomes which is how battle and wars are engineered, and poverty is a perpetual cycle which is engineered, War Disease poverty is what is described as mass sacrifice of innocence, Canaanite ritualism in the 20th century.  

The overwhelming majority of legal proceedings legal hearings are connected to commercializing and penalizing living men and women of the living soil, and this is called business. The Human trafficking, pediphilia the child sex abuse element is the biggest profiteering center in the world,  a vast industry generating billions and billions of dollars, elements of the Government, Military, Intelligence, International Banking Fraternity involved.  

  • We are caught up in Biblical Prophecy of epic proportion requires our attention and we can no longer pretend it isn’t happening.
  • Outrageous generational Charities that are being exposed that have been part of the problem.
  • Judicial Commision Of Inquiry is concerned with disclosing the truth and exposing the facts.  Not interested in prosecutions.
  • We are interested in the power of truth and disclosure and bringing this into the popular context to get people of the world outside of their dream spell and begin to recognize that it is their sleep state that is maintaining the sacrifice of innocence.  
  • The people who are asleep are responsible for the canaanite ritualization..  Now it is an invitation to wake up, because when they hear the truth when we bring these testimonies, star witnesses, expert witnesses coming into the Tribunal over the course of the next 6 months to year will tell the facts, and will not tolerate white wash manipulating of the truth,  so we allow the people of the world through the internet, social media to come to their conclusions and allow that awakening to happen.  Real stories of survivors.  
  • Then Up to the people to force their mandate and begin the process of cleaning up the game.
  • Masonic tradition is based on the helter skelter, black white, info, disinfo, creating atmosphere impossible to focus on any truth, dreamt up by the Fabian Agenda.
  • We seek Redemption ~ Absolution ~ Forgiveness ~ Extension of Compassion

President Trump Town Hall

Invoke The Kristave, The Lensomai, The Divine Mother, Receive here now light codes for my, your highest good in all timelines of dimensions as Vibration Energy of Living Working Receiving Travel in harmony with Divine Female and Divine Male light.

  • What THEY did to General Flynn.
  • Russia Ukraine situation is perfect conversation.
  • They Persecuted. 
  • United States Of America is the toughest.
  • Mueller Scam.
  • What THEY put this country through.
  • It is a shame what THEY put this country through.
  • Can you believe the hatred.
  • The judge that sentenced Roger is bruttle – a person who hated. 
  • These guys burn down buildings, rip down statues. 
  • Greatest accomplishment – close to 300 judges approved and 2 great Supreme Court Judges, Space Force, Rebuilding the military and taking care of our Vets.  91% approval rating with the VA. Veterans Choice. 
  • Had to turn off the country to save Millions of Lives.
  • The New York Times is so dishonest.  You can do something great and THEY will make it look terrible.  The media is the most dishonest people I have ever dealt with.
  • All these writers got Pulitzer prizes and THEY were all wrong.
  • Ukraine was a hoax.
  • THEY Impeached a duly elected President of The United States. 
  • THEY knew it was a hoax.  A Purely party line impeachment.
  • Democrats think it wonderful THEY are destroying our country.
  • THEY will take over Biden, he is shot, whether you like him or not he is shot, THEY will take him over.
  • Venezuela was a rich country 20 years ago and now they do not have food, water, death all over, people have nothing, same exact mindset and philosophy THEY want.
  • Republicans have to get tougher.
  • YOU will see what is happening.
  • THESE people are terrorists.
  • We are fighting something that is very dangerous.
  • EXPERIENCE has a very important meaning.
  • Bolton did release classified material.  Very dangerous what he did to himself.  He talked about the Libyian mob, and he thought going into IRAQ was a good thing.  He was crazy, and wanted to fight Russia and China at the same time, never smiled.
  • 1.8 Billion in cash, I think it was 5 planes loads.
  • How is making elections fair?  Mail in Ballot is the biggest risk we have. 
  •   THEY should have ID voting.  
  • Biden is a candidate that will destroy this country, and he may not do this by himself, but he will be run by a radical fringe group of lunatics that will destroy our country and people have to know it.
  • REFERENCE: President Trump Town Hall hosted by Sean Hannity / FULL, Fox News, 06252020, You Tube, Uploaded 07012020.

EVENSONG Virtual Church

Enjoy this lovely evensong from The Anglican Church in The Hague.

St. John and St. Philip, The Hague, The Netherlands, Holland.


Click on the link and scroll down to “online worship – Choral evensong.”

The evensong begins with flute sound then leads into choral singing with welcome, scripture reading and reminders for humble gracious living. Included on their site is a link for reading along.

Enjoy lovely beauty, graciousness and kind voice, music, rhythm, logic of faith brings peace.

Psalm 13

Reference: Daily Devotional / “How Long, Oh Lord?” sapres, 06242020, You Tube, Uploaded 06252020.https://youtu.be/NsEpyiPqKeM

  • All have experienced loss.
  • When we lose something we experience grief.
  • Grief produces emotions:
    • Shock
    • Disbelief
    • Sadness
    • Guilt
    • Anger
    • Anxiety
  • All experience loss grief, every time we watch the TV.
  • The worst is loss of job, all the financial frustrations and upsets.
  • Loss of health.
  • Loss of broken relationships is painful and the feelings are with us for a very long time.
  • Do not stuff the emotions or spew them out bringing harm to others or self.
  • The Bible says:
    • Turn all those feelings and emotions to God.
    • We call these Psalms The Laments.
    • “Psalm 13 How long Lord will you forget me forever? How long will you hide your face from me? How long must I wrestle…..But I trust in your unfailing love, I will sing the lords praise for he will be good to me.” (partial writing of the verse.)
    • Suggestions: Write God a letter and let it rip, pour it out, and as it gets out onto paper, the emotions let out, relief, calm. When I am calm, then I can remember that God loves me, works through me, consider all the promises of his word, that God has got me, and I can work through with his word.
    • God has given us our emotions, and it is what we do with them that is our choice. “Lord help us do with our emotions that help us not do harm or damage to others or even to our selfs, but lead to acceptance and your peace.
    • Psalm 62: “Trust in him for God is our refuge.”
    • (LOVEVOLVE says “HIM” is vibration. Roots are Sabbatean. Include HER, represents The Holy Spirit, The Unseen Good Female Vibration of Knowing. Look to the Earth to represent The Female Vibration Energy. Look to the Sky to represent the Male Vibration Energy.)

Pres Trump Delivers Light

Reference: President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure, The White House, 06232020, Uploaded 06232020 https://youtu.be/CdwWoya0ZKI

  • Celebrating over 200 Miles of wall built.
  • We are making a speech to young people in Arizona.
  • Last Night stopped an attack on Andrew Jackson, a great monument working very closely with secret service, numerous people are in jail, looking at long term sentences under the act.
    • Vandals
    • Hoodlums
    • Anarchists
    • Agitators
    • Call em what you want, but they are bad people that do not love our country.
  • If the state government, they are very weak, if they need help, if these hoodlums come around, these are not protestors by the way, they are
    • Anarchists,
    • and other things. (foreign people not born in the United States)
    • After 4 days they called and we did a good job with sending The National Guard.
  • I don’t kid. Let me make it clear. We have the greatest, best testing program in the world. By having more tests we find more cases. We did 25 million tests. Way more by double quadruple triple than any other country. By having more cases it sounds bad. We have very low mortality rate.
  • Testing is a doubled edge sword.
  • We are doing the best testing job any where in the world.
  • We are now suppling ventilators all over the world.
  • Despite all the ominous warnings that you people put out, FOX had the biggest ratings in television. Thank you very much.

7 Spirits of God – Wisdom Impartation Invoked For Receiving

  • Spirit of God is on the move and wants to give you a spirit of wisdom.
  • Sing the song of the Lord, sand the Love of god.
  • I believe, forgive me Lord. Set free from the spirit of doubt.
  • Jesus is the actual blueprint.
  • Spirit of wisdom and understanding work together.
  • Following the leading of wisdom releases understanding.
  • Receive right now the flow of wisdom.
  • “Lord I thank you for the impartation of wisdom and revelation Lord, let the spirit of wisdom mark people right now, Lord, I pray god that you will release to them Lord God your voice, release to them your spirit, open their eyes to see, open their ears to hear, give them strategies and blueprints and understanding as to how to do the things that you have called them to do, give them wisdom for their lives practical wisdom that opens up doors and releases the break throughs of the spirit, in Jesus name we pray, and so right now we release that fresh impartation in Jesus Name.”

Reference: Seven Spirits of God – Spirit of Wisdom (3/6) – Jerame Nelson, Jerame Nelson, 08152018, You Tube, uploaded 06232020. https://youtu.be/i_vI0h0LtJ0

Preparing For Burning Man

This young couple presented a very detailed expose of their preparation, prepping themselves and their van for Burning Man. They prepped for dust, because there is a lot of dust at burning man, and its hot, so they bought a little air conditioner and they are so happy prepping, preparing and driving into burning man, which is not cheap.

Reference: Arriving to BURNING MAN / Preparing for VAN LIFE in Black Rock City. Mr. and Mrs. Adventure, 09052019, You Tube, Uploaded 06222020.

Sacha Stone: We Will See The End Of All Governments

Reference: Sacha Stone: ‘We will see the end of all governments’ – bewusst.tv, 05022020, Marzia Narayani, You Tube, Uploaded 06172020

  • By Divine Decree: The Divine Mother, The Kristave, The Master’s, The Universal Life Force Energy, is invited, here now, imbued, evoked, invoked voked in all your fields participating now with The Lensomai, The Ksama, The Om, balancing Divine Male, Divine Female light. Namaste. Thank You. Samasthiti. Suggested listening while you process: https://youtu.be/MLsmZSB2cfQ Meditation: Cazekiel’s Wheel Lorie Ladd http://lorieladd.com
  • Bali is one of the best places to be during this Corona, in Germany one time he did not wear a mask, people called the police.
  • In 1999 Sacha became an activist, established the International Tribunal For Natural Justice, Humanitad Foundation, New Earth Nation, NewEarth Project, ITNJ, Focusing on International diplomacy, creating blueprints and templates for the kind of world, that humans beings want to imagine and manifest, more spiritual conscious approach to life, elevation of art, and beauty and conscious, and stepping away from being a slave, registered process owned by the central bank with government corruption that is out of control.
  • ITNJ https://www.itnj.org is the frontline Organization doing the work investigating through judicial commissions of inquiry the Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse.
  • Successful launch that pulled the Mask away.
  • Weaponizing of the biosphere, which looks at vaccination, 5g, chemtrailing, the poisoning of the people of the planet from the parent Corporation.
  • The Luciferian Agenda.
  • Now it’s time to decide to take the Left or the Right fork in the road.
    • We do not need to be controlled by psychopaths, sociopaths, hidden agendas.
    • Hundred’s (100’s) of millions, trillions of dollars with vaccination agenda which do not work. Liberalist mindset. Toxicity of government. Big government is diabolical.
    • Deconstruction of Big Brother.
    • Main stream media is demonizing because the agenda is to keep everyone in dream spell.
    • Classic Engineered Society.
    • Devaluation, collapsing the petroleum dollar. From human perspective it’s called Jubilee. The federal reserve should have been on a leash, but the rogue demons, the ponzi scheme of the entire world, and the war and poverty of the last 100 (Hundred) years can be attributed to the Federal Reserve of blood economy, scarcity, pestilence, DIS EASE.
    • Holographic technology, Quantum. Broadcast, transmission has been with us but sequestered.
    • Corporation is what is controlling, Corp is dead, the Corpse. Imposition of central banks, lending, usury. Vatican library, Smithsonian Institute, have been used to control the patents, by the end of the Trump administration you will see Free Technology.
    • EVIL Bush. Commander in chief of The Devils game. Invisible hand in America and partners in crime with mafia in the gulf.
    • 5Gbiofield.com https://5gbioshield.com converted into Tesla affirmative frequency.
    • The human gene is the most powerful in this Quantum and that is why we are so prized, by ET’s because we are the sons and daughters of God. The human species is the override and we are constantly communicating with every living sentient being. 777777 human beings corresponds to the Babylonian agenda attempting to decimate the magic of ascension.
    • All we are doing is seeing our own shadows reflecting back.
    • We have won the war.
    • At a cellular system we are detoxing.
    • You have a flame in you as a son and daughter of God.
    • Beat the living shit out of the Sabbatian’s. Claim the Christed light and dream beautifully wisely and manifest the most beautiful Earth in existence.
    • Thank you for raising the subject, people must have the courage to have the break in your heart and it is the least we can offer from your generational ignorance.