Tax Credit Versus Stimulus

$4000 Is Not Second Stimulus Check Money, 05202020, by Stephen Gardner, uploaded 05202020.

  • A $4,000.00 Tax Credit Bill Before Congress for Education
  • Stimulus is money that is going to come to you to stimulate the economy.
  • A Tax credit helps you when filing your taxes.
  • So to have someone say there is a $4,000.00 stimulus in their title is very misleading.
  • People need education now, and not false hope.
  • The bill is a tax credit where you would have to spend the money and be reimbursed.
  • 30 million people out of work and are checking on You Tube everyday.

Bathroom With Shower In The Back

Check out this brilliant planning and use of space in this tiny home van! Plus, the innovation of this young couple working their business, is impressive and inspiring working a fully mobile Solar Business. I like their kitchen and bathroom too! They recommend having an Instant Pot to cook food in fast! They have a toaster oven to pull out and cook, but otherwise it remains in the drawer.

Ultimate Off-Grid VAN LIFE in Sprinter Van with a HUGE Solar System. 11092018, by Tiny House Giant Journey, You Tube. Uploaded 05202020.

Compassion Reminder – Colossians 3

Reference: Daily Devotional / “In the Name” – You Tube, sapres, 05172020, Uploaded 05182020.

“Compassion, Kindness, Gentleness, Patience, Members of one body are called to peace. Singing to god with gratitude within the heart and whatever you do, do it all with thanks to god, the father”.

and …. I invite The Divine Mother, with LENSOMAI, Unconditional Love and The Holy Spirit, for this energy vibration of compassion, kindness, gentleness, patience, being members of one body, Universal Law and give thanks to The Lord and The Divine Mother. Namaste. :)……


This website has interesting references related to stuff from the Bible, that I have questions about, and close my mind to hearing, or receiving, or listening, because protection of their word vibration is not resonating to my heart vibration. However, there is a sentence vibration in the article PAUL THE APOSTLE: ABOUT JUDGEMENT – Can you stand the truth? “Judaism (taught by Paul), Christianity (taught by Christ)”.

I have a confession, that I do not like Paul. I find his teachings misogynistic and without compassion for the feminine. He never married, never experienced cohabiting with another person through romantic love, sexual love, heart chakra love. How can his teachings carry forward in the 20th century, when he never experienced what all of humanity will be experiencing and that is compassion energy.

10 Cheapest Electric Bicycles on Sale 2020

10 Cheapest Electric Bicycles On Sale 2020, (Price and Range Comparison), by Automotive Territory: Trending News & Car Reviews, 03142020, You Tube, Uploaded 05112020.

E-Scooters http:/

Driving an Electric Bike around is wondrous feeling, and the same can be said about a scooter, especially an e-scooter! Nothing replaces walking, the oldest form of getting anywhere, but adding a little kick to life, like an electric bike and or electric scooter makes life interesting. Who needs a car, when everything is nearby, can be delivered, or take a quick E-bike ride down to the local bakery, chiropractor, grocery store, farmers market, or?

With price of leasing a car, maintaining the insurance, and the title of the car, the expense is outrageously high, and gas, time to dump that money eating transportation expense, and get into the E. The electric, the energy blessing for our environment.

Have you walked across a cross walk, or major road yet, during this covid-19 shut down, or even before the shut down? You will have experienced, the fumes, from cars, and the dirt from the road, as those cars travelled by kicking up dirt, dust, germs from their tires into the air, while the driver furiously, ragingly presses down on that gas peddle with thoughts in their head of frustration at having to wait at the cross walk, while you walked across the street, then after you pass by their automobile, they gloriously press down on that spewing gas dumping more toxic fumes onto you, the air, the others, like their crap coming out of their body, is what the gas is like spewing out, so they can get where their going – faster. They are held unaccountable for that gas pressing action, while you have to breathe in their crap.

Dump the gas guzzling cars, dump them in the middle of the ocean. No one will be able to pay for them, or buy them, soon.