5 FIVE Generous Information

Reference: Juan O Savin destroys the deep state with his in sight and gives us hope for an amazing future. Michael Jaco, You Tube, Uploaded 11202020 @ 940Pm PST.

  • Tie to Arizona crowd cooking.  A person not a fan of President Trump has a different viewpoint.  Many Americans will have to rethink how they view the world.  Here you have a person who is very well connected and he is beginning to see and he cast aside his being to do something very important for the people. To expose how cooked how captured the American system and get up back to real vote and away from this stolen captured American back before President Kennedy was assassinated.  
  • So many aspects of our country that have been shut down and moved offshore.  They see America being industrialized and shut down.  They are called The Globalists.  And this guy with the private jet flying around helping is seeing the truth.  It’s very exciting to see people waking up and doing whatever it takes to get the country back on track.
  • Number 17.  Numbers in various actions.  Once you start to see it, it’s everywhere.  11 33, 113, it is just over and over everywhere.  Everyone sent their messages out at the same time at 11:03.  They are so blatant, they are slaves to the numbers.  They have to have that symbology.  Also Astrology how the celestial alignments are.  Certain events are critical to them.  What they consider winning.  Occult idea to time things in that way and get extra power.  These people we are fighting are certifiable insane.  You have to understand how they think to get ahead of them.  They are so locked into symbology that they cannot help themselves. 
  • We have been twisted on the whole Global Warming thing, the Carbon Thing.  The shutting down deindustrialization of America does not help.  There is a conversation to be had to get there.  Guys need their wives input because that saves you.  One part does not work.  Having somebody with another view is beneficial.  
  • Bring in intuition and higher levels of consciousness.  Strong push back, cannot have sympathy for them. Have to be a warrior.
  •  Clark County, Las Vegas, Nevada, is a big deal.  A recount will only give you the same number because somebody was in there cooking the books, but in Vegas, Clark County there were specific things that were signed, read, .. envelopes separated from the ballets. If we have a revote, all eyes will be on it, and the mischievousness will not happen. The template works in Vegas even though they have 6 electoral votes.  The real push started right in Las Vegas, and has been the hub for a lot of templates unique in the way the game has been played.  We are proving that and the country should stay focused.  There is a very strong contingent of folks who are pissed off about the Harry Reid crowd, there are a whole bunch of good people in Las Vegas.  The country is waking up that it is not what we were told, and it’s not just a political thing.  People know it intuitively that they have been sold a bill of goods.  We are being scammed by these people as though they are the real america and they are not.  We are going to get them.  Trying to fool people into believing about the vote is such a cooked scam.  People are embarrassed by the whole cheating thing.  That is not America that is mob stuff.  I don’t even think the democratic party will exist after 2022.  Think about the technology shipped offshore, the patents that have been given up.  How are we going to restart America?  
  • We are building for the next 150 years.  Starting clean.  All the promises in the 60’s with technology and space, and yet we have been locked up, trapped, cut off from growth from technology.
  • The planet has so much oil, and we don’t need it only for plastics.  First we are going to lock up a bunch of scumbags, because they want to control us, they are mad and we are going to get the madness locked up.  
  • We are going to get our country back on a trap to provide for our future.  
  • When these deep state assets are actually seized. 
  • Everything they say is dark, vaccines to the moon, and ships, thats somebodies else view for the world, we are going to have a bright future, places to go and do things, this pursuit of the happiness that is part of the American way and get out of this mental slavery, the cult, the MK of us, the people of the planet, and get out of this, cool jobs, solar system, big stuff is coming, with four 4 more beautiful years with greatest growth.  Stuff coming out over the next several years.
  • The people will choose against these slave masters.  Let’s go build a real future. It is not as dark as they like to paint it. 
  • Technology is through the roof and they have kept us in the dark about a lot of things like education.  
  • School yourself up, then talk to your neighbors, and get on the same page, it’s a conversation.  If they have a different viewpoint have a conversation.  At some point you have to move from theory and move into practical.  Applied Sciences. Jump Start the world and get it back on track.  It’s a big world out there, if were are all going basically in the same direction that’s a good thing. 
  • These people that have been hijacking us for so long are definitely being taken out of the picture. 
  • Everyone in the world should read this book.  
  • We are having great success kicking these people in the ass, and we will all come together and will share some things over the next many months in the right context, as we clear some of these things out.  We are going to have some great conversations like in the 50’s and 60’s.  We have to educate the people around us.  That’s why I made the book to give you a tool.  Go have some fun.  Then when your an old man or woman when your grandkids say, what did you do?  “I was a digital warrior, an educator.”  

Reference: Jay Campbell and I talk Archon demonic evil influences impending consciousness shift to 5D.  Michael Jaco, You Tube, Uploaded 11202020.

  • Have to keep that high love vibration.
  • When you’re into  ‘prove it to me’, you don’t have any heart based energy. 
  • Shrill screeching cannot handle the energy coming from the cosmos, and the blocked heart. 100’s of thousand people that are still demonically possessed.  
  • Put your energy with beautiful people.  
  • Right on the edge of consciousness.

Reference: Roseanne Barr with Melody Krell, Roseanne Barr, You Tube, Uploaded 11202020 at 9:36PM PST.

  • Hellooooooo, we get to talk about things that matter. The lessons, 
  • We are watching two sides and in the middle of all that is the why.
  • Empathy seems to be completely devoid now.
  • Now we are finding out China is involved in all this.  
  • The holocaust people had 2 choices – ignore it or get involved. 
  • Totalitarianism works by creating the lie, coming up with the propaganda to support the lie.  The hatred is unwarranted.  We have a chance to get together.  Reuniting humanity.   Your neighbor is supposed to be your friend. Everyone is entitled to have rights. 
  • RB: about the awakening “it’s a continuum, evolution, spiritual nature of things, a new organ being developed and evolving inside the human mind and spirit.  It’s a growth.  We will be able to decipher information in a new way.  We are taking it all in.”
  • Coronavirus isolation and lockdowns, to deal with it living with depression livable. Lack of humanity, thoughtlessness in the choices being made.  We have been the true victims of the psyops.  
  • RB:   “The psyops was to remove empathy.  They have done it, been very successful. Torah says you’re supposed to treat your fellow human beings with dignity.  They forgot all the lies they told us over and over again and it doesn’t even occur that their lies affected us.  And they still think we believe them when they announce Biden as President, its an imperialist mindset, that no reality or intelligence compares.”
  • They have done it to all of us, they keep saying trust science, but it’s not different from Stalin, it’s the same tactics. 
  • RB They dont know that was about state side genocide of captured that were citizens of the state.  So the victim who lived through it tried.
  • Crimes against humanity is what we are dealing with now.  It’s a giant massive conspiracy.  People want to create their own facts.  All these people who really did steal our freedom by stealing our votes has decided that our humanity does not count.  Can look up Rockefeller plan, gates even, CIA, FBI, you can look up this stuff, but people don’t want to look beyond the surface.
  • RB:  “people have been trained to hate facts, they hate god basically, they hate everything that is good which is god.”
  • The UN has no God in it.  Their whole philosophy is based on Lucifer.  A man who said that people who live over 75 years of age are selfish.  
  • RB “Intelligence looks like sanity to imbeciles.  I’d like to know the percentage of Jewish that were put in nursing homes.”
  • “Cuomo sold out NY to reinvent NY.  Not only does he not trust the vaccine, but is going to close bars at 1000 PM and people find it hard to believe that they are targeting Jews, and walking around their neighborhood, these brown shirts, there are no cases from these neighborhoods.  
  • RB  “The majority of jews identify with the democratic party.”
  • The Antifa kids all look like runaways and they look alike. 
  • RB:  “they say a lot of them are CPS, their PTSD and MK Ultra. Americans have had their memory wiped.  
  • How are so many jews voting for Biden especially after the Abramic accords, bringing together muslim and jews.
  •     That is half waypoint.

Reference: Roseann Barr with Cynthia McKinney and Robert David Steele discuss the Georgie “election”, 11202020, Roseann Barr, You Tube, Uploaded 11202020 @9:34PM PST

  • RB “The people need you in Georgia.”
  • CM “Georgia has turned into the laughing stock of the United States. To see the corruption, the electronic voting machines, shows the real problems in our elections, back in 2006 when I was doing my own campaign, I had the same problem, and before that 2002 campaign, the same thing happened with the electronic voting machines.  People have been voting for all these years, and it belongs to Die..b.o.l.d. (spelling) and has become dominion.
  • RB “Look at how they do,”
  • CM “So I am not surprised TC Tucker Carlson, mistreated SP, Sidney Powell, because he did the same thing to me. And was just acting on the DS, Deep State.”
  • RB “Black Americans saved our country.”
  • CM “This is a moment when Blacks in the United States are looking at the Democratic Party and saying we can do better, and being alone is better than being abused.”
  • RB “Like a bad boy.”
  • CM “I had a friend married to one of those guys and sometimes she had a face all puffed up, and the bottom line is what he afforded by beating her up…….
  •  – so yes, this is what’s is about, spousal abuse, and more and more blacks are saying enough, we are going to walk away.
  • RB “Hey when you walk away please take a jew to walk away with you too.  You have to really be willing to hate yourself so bad that you sell out your people for profit, the pro, especially vaccines, and Monsanto donors to the democratic party.
  • RS “Herbert Cane was murdered because the ….
  • RB “I can say this prayer, and all the prayer warriors that pray for President Trump to include Cynthia Mc. in that circle because she has been racially abused by forces that are not citizens of the United States.  She knows the score and is in my heart so please include her.
  • RS “She is a pit bull”
  • RB “Cynthia can with just a few words can knock a whole city on their feet, she is a powerful woman.  No bloodshed at all.”
  • CM “Trump won big and he won black.”

Masculine & Feminine Balance, Michael Jaco, 11202020 You Tube, Uploaded 11202020 @2:48 PM PST

Reference: The dark and light forces and the battle for Masculine Feminine with Carmen Studer. Michael Jaco, 11202020 You Tube, Uploaded 11202020 @ 9:32PM PST.

  • Lightbody help people, student and teacher at the same time
  • Wide Angle Lens – keep an eye on everything particularly the periphery.
  • As I had my wide angle lens, I have been catching things.
  • That wide angle vision activates the alpha state.  We have delta theta brains waives, and can train our minds.  You start to see, more things are revealed to you, Actually learned The Wide Angle Lens in Combat.
  • More people in-love in the world dispels the loosh.
  • As you work through your ascension and vibrate higher doors open the beauty and beast door, the divine feminine as receiving something.
  • Combat Zones, things change. 
  • You can be both in balance male and female.
  • @28:00 he demonstrates surrender.
  • The Scenery is powerful.   The masculine is into something and ready to take it on.
  • The divine feminine works from truth.  
  • The Euphoria you feel, when you share, a lot of guys have that level guy instinctual level of consciousness.  Feel it in your gut.  Tough for a man to share your truth.  It feels good to share the truth and people start to get it.  As I shared my truth more came.  
  • Hero’s journey left the CIA and went into the wilderness.  So, I got “your going to go back.  As you develop these skills and start to share them. 
  •  People think your woo woo living on the fringe, accused of being extremely naive, and I have found I have to keep up, continue to study, keep that fuel running, bible app, have to share it or it will clog up.  
  • The other side of me cannot articulate that quite well, and it’s a constant battle for me to share, but once the sharing happens, more comes to me, like the universe says “nice job” it’s going to reward you.  It’s resistance, and learning to overcome resistance.
  • I really like speaking to Christians, because a lot are closed off on the word psycho, and the bible says the greatest way, the people who are truly connected to god, a resonance that feels so right that it is of god, and not of something evil.  
  • Connection with God on an incredibly deep level has allowed me to be effective. 
  • A lot of connections with source.. It is the bread and the wine. Amazing.
  • Pineal Gland, the Gland in our brain the window to God, it means pine cone, and if you look at the entrance to the Vatican there are two huge pinecones.  They know.  There are rods and cones in the pineal gland. 
  • Crystalline structure.  Also one in the inner ear.  You start to learn how to listen and how to do the connection. 
  • Joseph Campbells Hero With A Thousand Faces.
  • Star Wars theme

LOVEVOLVE heard this statement somewhere and felt it good information to share because KSAMA symbol in LOVEVOLVE is forgiveness and “Forgiveness for the past, for the parents, grandparents, great grandparents, washing the anger, a different kind that helped create illusions and stress.  Slowly let go and not blame ourselves and others.  It is what it is.  It is not your fault for being born into this madness.  The greatest job is looking after yourself.  Place to hang your head, provide the sustenance from which to live on.” Namaste, and may God bless you and your family with love, kindness, peace, charity, faith, hope. God Bless You!


Receiving a hug from AMMA is life changing. Why is her hug life changing? The act of preparation, through driving to the venue, parking the car in the deep underground parking garage of The Hilton LAX, taking the elevator up to the lobby and registering, receiving a ticket to sit in a grouping and move up into place for the hug takes about two (2) hours. It is worth every minute, because you are in meditation, prayer, of giving time and receiving, giving alms and receiving, giving good thoughts of others as they move about the room, saying prayer for others and praying for those thoughts of family letting our own inner worry go, trusting having faith that offering mental burdens is given to the angels or ascended master, like AMMA in real life. All the while, singing, music, is going on, relaxing the inner burdens and struggles let go containing more light by the time the hug is received.

Divine Balance, Divine Light, aligned in harmony with divine is the energy given through AMMA’s hug. However, Amma has live programs that allow you to participate on zoom, while you are in your sacred space, at home, or working you can turn the zoom meeting on, while you listen and multitask, at the same time. Your subconscious mind absorbs the vibration and frequency emitted. https://amma-live.amma.org

There is a Reiki symbol called The Divine Mother. This symbol invokes Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and The Divine Goddess. Inviting Mother Mary into your meditation space evokes blessed good energy. The symbol looks like angel with a round circle at the top and two lines flowing out below the circle as if in an outline of angelic robe and two small curved lines representing wings. See Art by Kat Kem Art


Just looking at the art you are receiving the energy of The Divine Mother, Mother Mary, Reiki I, Universal Life Force Energy and The Masters through The OSHO Reiki Symbol.

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Reference: Tune Inside to Receive the Signal of Grace – From Amma’s Heart – Series – Episode 37 – Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, 11122020, You Tube, Uploaded 11202020.

Listen to Satsang: Online Satsang and Q&A with Swami Dayritananda Puri, Mata Amritanandamayi Math, amritaworld, 04192020, You Tube, Uploaded 11202020 @ 6:23AM PST. https://youtu.be/566f5Av7_OM

Samasthiti Listening. Inviting The Divine Mother here, now.

Reference: Military Spec Ops action taking down deep state actors for transport to Gitmo showing up. Michale Jaco. You Tube, Uploaded 11192020 @9:07PST. https://youtu.be/sjZ1UD5KkFc

  • Helping Everyone by keeping your own EMF wave lengths frequency LOVE vibration, be in these higher states of consciousness.
  • Propose in Clark County NV, do another vote.
  • At a time for thousand of years we have been waiting for. We have done many life times setting this up.
  • Focus more and more on Love, Send Love to everyone.

Charlie Freak Live: What the hell Have They Done to Us and Why? FreakSense TV, 11192020 You Tube, Uploaded 11192020 @ 9:34PST.

  • Grande illusion.
  • Revel Now That Everything is Fake
  • Everything They are doing is to get the fullness of the plan to you, to awake as many people as possible to say “Something is wrong”.
  • Its a big movie and there are no longer key players that are in the movie.
  • Stress created in Families with money to make ends meet the people you love more than anything and this is the back bones of WWIII going back to WWII to achieve turning the entire world into a factory to provide the massive amount of children they needed to be able to satisfy their blood demand, was out of their mind, their physical senses to get by day to day. We all got hoodwinked when we got taken off the land, there were jobs waiting for them in cities. Relaxing under the stars, singing songs, there is no money. No struggle.
  • Usury an endless game.
  • Families were set upon with harsh economic realities.
  • To be able to control and pay off everyone everywhere to look the other way they had to print money
  • Demeaning of the self having to perform ridiculous tasks with no meaning.
  • Alcohol was made legal.
  • They create the game which was rigged against you.
  • Force you through certain pathways like to deal with your deep depression like alcohol is set to destroy you.
  • Realities in 1980’s single parenthood. Mothers left with raising kids on their own.

Reference: Empty Nesters Build Inventive Tiny Home n Yard: No Mortgage! Tiny House Expedition 11132020 You Tube, Uploaded 11192020 @11:08PM https://youtu.be/WEmb8sqKyic

Game Over The The Cabal: The Takedown of the Cabal from A to Z. 11182020, FreakSense TV, You Tube, Uploaded 11192020 @11:13PM PST https://youtu.be/0tC9KWhx8Zk

  • A production by bonfire guy, high res. Focuses on Trilogy that needed to be taken down first –
  • Its only 43 minutes and this is the one to watch.
  • Bonfire guy has created a high production. Huge Thank You to bonfire guy.
    • Trump said: “Transferring power from Washington DC and giving it back to you the people. You will find out.”
    • “Voting for the only leader to stand up to the Chinese Communist Party.”
    • “Bringing Israel together with the Arab nations.
    • “Creating harmony and peace.”
    • “NSA behind all this”. Continue to watch for yourself.
    • FROM LOVEVOLVE: The fruits of the Holy Spirit Matthew. 7:17-20 “Just so , every good tree bears good fruity, and a rotten tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a rotten tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire. So by their fruits you will know them.” “The tradition of the Church lists 12 fruits: Charity, Chastity, Faithfulness, Generosity, Gentleness, Goodness, Joy, Kindness, Modesty, Peace, Patience, Self-Control” (adapted from CCC 1832).
    • Namaste. May god be with you.

Kristave, The Christed Energy

Kristave is a Reiki Symbol. Kristave is round with a light S drawn down the middle with two (2) light crosses drawn in the middle and 14 spirals going out.

LOVEVOLVE KRISTAVE Symbol modifies the energetic complication of the two (2) light crosses in the middle to leaving them out. Suffering no more. We no longer suffer. We are just in the moment. Hence Kristave is a circle with a light S drawn in the middle and Twenty-Two (22) spirals flowing out. See art created by Kat Kem Art <a href="http://<a href='https://fineartamerica.com/featured/gene-r-o-s-i-ty-kat-kem-art.html'><img class='imageShare' src='https://render.fineartamerica.com/images/rendered/share/28460425&domainId=1&#039; alt='Sell Art Online' title='Sell Art Online' style='border: none;'>http://<a href=’https://fineartamerica.com/featured/gene-r-o-s-i-ty-kat-kem-art.html’><img class=’imageShare’ src=’https://render.fineartamerica.com/images/rendered/share/28460425&domainId=1&#8242; alt=’Sell Art Online’ title=’Sell Art Online’ style=’border: none;’></a>

https://fineartamerica.com/featured/gene-r-o-s-i-ty-kat-kem-art. This art piece is The Kristave with word vibration written in the middle “May Our Lives Reflect The Generosity of Jesus with Love Humility Charity.”

To reflect Generosity of Information for your listening and reflection:

Reference: MED BEDS WITH CHARLIE WARD OUT OF THIS WORLD, The Gesara Club, 11182020, You Tube, Uploaded 11182020 @1:02 PST

Reference: October 11, 2020 – 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Welcome to Mass, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Newport Beach, 10112020, You Tube, Uploaded 11182020.

Reference: Louise Hay Leaves The Audience Speechless / One Of The Best Motivational Speeches Ever, 11032020, Just Motivation, You Tube, Uploaded 11182020.

Reference: David Wilcock and Dannion Brinkley: Hidden History of Elections, David Wilcock / Divine Cosmos (OFFICIAL), 11172020 Live, You Tube, Uploaded 11182020.

Make The Deal You Mother Fucker

From LOVEVOLVE: You have had enough time to come forward with your truth in this transition of humanity. By Divine Decree: The Divine Mother with Archangel Michael IS invoked now to you. With LENSOMAI, The Holy Sprit and The Om and forgiveness as shown through the Sanskrit written language and is called KSAMA. May you feel the blessing of talking, releasing tension through communication and repression of your business dealings working for dark and nefarious frequencies of Human Trafficking. Yes, we know – So, come forward with grace. Jesus Loves You. Your Mother loves you. Your Father Loves you, Your wives love you. Release yourself from your prison of isolation and do the right thing for your children and your grandchildren. Thank You. From Katherine KMMED.

Following is a direct message to you Mother Fucker.

Reference: Robert D Steele ex CIA final warning “come forward and share the truth” or else. 11162020, Oz S, You Tube, Uploaded 11172020 @12:54 PST.

Witches & Warlocks

Reference: Witches & Warlocks, 11132020, New Earth Project, You Tube, Uploaded 11162020 @12:28 PST

Fascinating listening; talking about Soul Frequencies of Famous people like Joan of Arc, Nostradamus, Vangelia Pandeva, John D., Alister Crowley, Agnes Waterhouse, Martha Cory- really into her shadows and vibrating at joy. –

  • Every number they get for each level of life, measures resistance and Nostradamus had beyond love, joyous, anything related to finances, he had healthy relationship with finances. He channeled but did not have ego, he put ego aside and let the information flow.
  • Vangelia Pandeva @25:48.Babavanga was very special person. She was not blind when she was born, but had an accident with massive damage to her eyes. Her frequency was of peace. Six Hundred 600. She was born into 600 frequency. Her soul decided to remain at the frequency of peace. Creativity- 800, frequency-600, Personal Growth – 1000. Fully committed to person growth that came through her work. Philanthropy she viewed thru the lease of 850, generous, giving and serving in every way. Intuition – 810 – channeled divine information for humanity. Experience joy 90 percent of the time.
  • John D – frequency was 500 born at frequency of 250 the level of neutrality, a comfortable level. Health was at 500, creativity at 750, finances 200- relationships-400, level of reason, analyze very carefully, Personal Growth-950, Philanthropy-540 brought him joy through sharing his time, or money, Intuition-750 and was able to channel information from the divine field. 92% in the now, 78% was ego. So his life was essentially successful.
  • Alister Crowley – An occultist, founded a religion, married, his book declared “Do what thou wilt” opposite of “Thy Will Be done.” He came in to really stir up the soup. Getting people to align with their true will through the practice of magic. Gained wide speed notoriety by being a drug user, highly influencial figure over Western world. He incarnated at frequency of 250 which is neutrality, born at frequency of fear, finances, creativity-250, relationships he viewed thru the relationship of fear, personal growth he viewed thru the lens of practical- 450. He experience 62% joy, ego 93%, Integrity-84% below 90 there is sacrificing there, divine and personal purpose were both at 90%. He vibrated at the frequency of fear. We all have a choice to choose to shift out of a frequency.
  • Testing different healing modalities, devices, like Reiki and others. See you guys 14 days from Friday the 13th, 2020, the next show by diving up the votes, Alena (Elena, as spelled on cc @1:47:32) and Alejandro, They would like to do faces behind religious institutions like the theosophy society. Jesuitism, Saints and Sinners, Frequencies of Founders of big religions and spirituality movements and New Earth will make the announcement a week before broadcast.


From LOVEVOLVE point of view: This is good to listen to fill in all those questions and answers you may have and bring you a sense of balance and peace. Turn on the video and listen while you are doing your chores or what ever, but you can certainly multi task while listening to this video. The end of the video has good information that you need to know and then decide for yourself what to do. A few of the opening comments are bulleted, and then LOVEVOLVE has an opinion from Author Katherine KMMED.

  • It is always dangerous when you try to play GOD and the first time Charlie became aware of it, when it happened in China, for the Olympics, because he has been in Beijing and when the air gets dirty, it’s really dirty.
  • Wakadodo (Spelling? In Africa, when googled Ouagadougou came up)- the people are so warm and kind and so under pressure from having everything stolen from them. Peace agreements in that part of the World are coming together.
  • There is a war on JOY, CULTURE. Nightclubs are shutdown, the artist spark for humanity has been removed.
  • A teacher who wears a mask when teaching, the only reason when they get a Childs attention is to raise their voice and that is wrong, but with a look with the face, could correct a child’s misbehavior. (Very True – 30 Years of Public School Teaching having a stone face, or raised eyebrows, redirects behavior with a gentle suggestion)
  • Being able to read a persons facial expression is just part of human. We are not going to live like this infinitum.
  • Only in November/December last year was told that they were going to shut down the worlds economy. Using this purely as a smoke screen. Up against purely evil, between god and satan.
  • Friday the 13th is actually a good day, and the Satanists stole it in 1413, or something like that, and the female has 13 cycles a year, its a feminine thing of cleaning purity and what have you.
  • The Uplifting feeling of music, dance, communication, dance is a very positive thing..
  • Author opinion: Orthodoxy is really clearing, cleaning, washing, transmuting, transforming, balancing, harmonizing, and aligning with divine female and divine male in all fields, now. Thanking all past and present teachers. “Saturn, The Father teaches reality thru structure and limitation, the architect”, according to David Alexander English https://youtu.be/ogFxdeDjb9g Reference: ENOCH – The Movie – A Work-In-Progress : Chapter : Episode 1 of 40. 07282019, You Tube, Uploaded 11132020.

SACHA STONE in conversation with Dounne Orishua

Beautiful to listen to with calm voicing pacing of voice and message delivered as if god is speaking to you calmly through your active listening.

  • We are living in a time of great tribulation.
  • Corona Virus, crowing of age of stealing of souls, reconnecting, tribulation, revelations, and in light of that revelation it is entirely proper that the mask fall away.
  • Oracles in our midst begin to emerge.
  • Alpha and Omega.
  • Spiritualist Herbalist, Commissioner, recipient outstanding, 100 greatest influential black people of history, and has been instructed to deliver message.
    • Black Oracle, following my fathers instructions on how it should be on heaven and on earth. He is our father mother god, who will speak to you too. Eating energy rich alkalizing foods, drink purified water and colloidal gold, breath fresh air, do meditation and learn to relax.
    • Planting Seeds of Change, A Seed Of Change. Take good time to plant good seeds, love and nourish, master of masters, teacher, keeper of my Lords, no evil can penetrate. Shield of armor is essential. Power of the 7 Star and holds The Lords Star.
    • To obey means to accept. Sit back in quiet meditation. Make your confirmation to The Lord Personally. “Lord I accept.” Accept full responsibility for your actions.
    • He has sent millions of spiritual messages. Restoration of Love. Preparing a better picture for the greater Universe. Driven by a deep passion of genuine love.
    • Many have not been given authority by him.
    • Millions of people around the world continue the work of LOVE.
    • Caribbean Islands are Paradise.
    • Remedies and ancient practices.
    • Grandma’s. Taking care of people the same way grandma took care of me.
    • You are a true sovereign child of the universe, and especially being raised catholic, am aware of guardian angels, and communicate through telepathy. We can learn to communicate. Practice makes perfect.
    • Beautiful angelic singing coming out of the sky with a big star transformed into the figure of Jesus, hovering over, “Don’t you worry you will always be watched over.”
    • Sent to Serve. Remember: An obedient child is a blessed child.
    • Natural way of living provides the longest life.
    • Give freely that which was given to you freely.
    • It takes great imagination to dream.
    • Taught truth.
    • Started business. Instructed to use a special logo with special spiritual meaning. Became the highest profile entrepreneur.
    • Stress and constant work withdrew and decided to heal naturally.
    • After 3 days of mediation of prayers and fasting given 16 herbs to brew and give 3 times to a day.
    • Tea used on animals and humans on wide range. Powerful energizer, improves, maintains, and restores health.
    • Independent and health benefits herbal teas, grandmothers wisdom flame.
    • Beautiful voice said write all your messages, number 7 is when the force is greatest. Be still and you will hear my voice.
    • The coming together of Christ like minds.
    • First of July as the universal day of love. July 1, 2023 or 1 July 2023.
    • Only you can change for better of worse.
    • Reference: SACHA STONE in conversation with Dounne Orishua, New Earth Project, 11092020, You Tube, Uploaded 11112020

Melody K with Dr. Charlie Ward

Reference: Melody K with Dr. Charlie Ward More Amazing Intel. The Gesara Club, 11102020, You Tube, Uploaded 11102020.

By Divine Decree Invite The Kristave, The Christed Energy is here now, with The Divine Mother, Lensomai, Ksama, The Holy Spirit.

Propaganda and media against the American people. Legal Demons, Media lies, and Obama gave them permission to lie in preparation for the 16 year plan. Use mass media and news for mass confusion. (The China Demons living in Chinese people we come against you now in Jesus name, come against your non love linear thinking mind, you non heart of love. May all your suffering and control mechanisms you have perpetrated on others come on you now, and may you find the love of god and guidance through the Catholic Teachings in all your fields to infinity, now. By Divine Decree may the teaching of Catholic be upon your nation and peoples now to infinity. And it is so. Aho!)

American people over the years have been so tamed. 20 years of liberals taking over our universities.

Psychological Torture the media is playing on their own followers, and when they learn that Trump won in a landslide. Thank The Lord they did not succeed in the second amendment.

Main stream media has been completely anti truth, they are part of the deep state.

Keep an eye on leaders congratulating Biden, foreign interference.

Shipping packages found in Detroit and Pittsburg, Chinese ballets, filled out in AI Chinese concentration camps.

Ballots came in from China have serial numbers on them and can be tracked from outer space.

Interference from Iran and China.

Cognitive Dissonance. Liberal Democrats doing to their voters is a disservice because of one vote.

Poison of main stream media and what they have done.

TRYING to terrorize people.

Bill Gates is the one world order guy. (Bill Gates never went to University or Medical School)

Dumbest Criminals ever, the cheating is so blatant that the cover up is even bigger.

Amount of evidence. Nine (9) states that had more votes than the entire world.

Nothing will stop the deep state from deceiving the people, except for us. governments turned on us. The original constitution says “We the people are in charge.” The fact that it has become a blood sport. If Trump had not won it would be much closer to agenda 21.

Trump has had to let it happen to expose themselves. It will all come out. They have mountains and mountains of evidence. Its all been done properly. (Legally)

Gas Lighting the people into complete chaos. (Emotional Abuse)

Emotional Abuse is: Shaming, Criticizing, blaming, public name calling, threatening severe punishment, rejection, openly admitting dislike.

Iran does not want peace in the Middle East.

California politicians sold our country to China a long time ago. The same people with the blood lines with the bankers and the fed.

Miracolo del solo

Sit facing the sun and feel your heart center receiving the cleanse. Magnificent feeling! Solar. In memory of Jacob Piasecki. (d10202016.)

Reference: Trevigiano Romano – 17 Settembre 2019 – Miracolo del solo, 09192020, Apparizioni Madonna di Trevignano, You Tube, Uploaded 10202020.