“Hybrid reptilians infiltrated all religions, races and cultures … industry and entertainment … all are being used now to unwind the sins of an alien race with zionistic designs to control the earth
You are witnessing the unwinding of aliens constructs in society”. Reference: “The Angel Network” – #637, Wednesday Oct 26, 2022.

Yes, it is shocking to learn the World Was Controlled by The KarZarian Mafia and They Infiltrated Everything. Looking back over my working life, my married life, and my life as a daughter growing up in the Karzarian controlled Mafia World. We knew intuitively something was going on.

I remember back in 2011, Dr Narayan, from Seattle, who was rooming with Dr. Althea Gray, in New Mexico, looked at my husbands picture and said “You might need to separate from him, because of what they are asking him to do.!” Well, I did separate, and it was painful. But through the years, The Lord, guided myself and showed me not the entire picture, but just enough to know, my husband, who I dropped off at the FBI office in Las Vegas, during the year of 2005, was working.

In 2006, I saw a psychic reader on Coast Highway 1 in Corona Del Mar, who said my husband was with “girls, girls, girls, and driving a fast car.” after seeing this psychic reader person, she showed up in in the local newspaper as being a con artist, and of course being raised in the Christian Church, was not allowed to visit psychics, but I had to know, what was wrong with my husband, and what went wrong with our love?

The “Fast” car, my husband drove, was a 500 S Mercedes, which he bought with my credit card, paying $40,000.00 down for the car. Then I had to pay on this monthly, while trying to make all the other bills work and deal with husbands bad attitude and disrespect because he couldn’t talk to me about what he was doing for business. While everyone else made money with my husbands work effort, including, possibly, this Karzarian Mafia, I was paying the bills, making sure the lights stayed on. I worked as a public school teacher! And because of my age being over the age of 44, I could not obtain full time paid public school teaching work, except for Substitute Teaching, which carried me through until Covid 2020.

During Covid, I imagined a business of giving folks a foot massage, with a warm water bath for the feet, as a mobil healing massage business. And in 2022, We have a Mobil Healing Massage Business working out of a small van. This will include a Human Touch Full Body Massage Chair, and PEMF Mat. Have you ever sat on a PEMF Mat? This will change your life. Also sitting in a Full Body Massage Chair will release all the tension and stress balancing the body out, especially after a night of sleep.

So, I touched on a few points, and in the end, have a viable business ready to go, just need a few more things, but this is ready for sale now.

Write to me at if you can purchase Mobil Healing at $40,000.00 now in this month of October 2022. Includes the van, the human touch massage chair, and PEMF.

After the new year this business will be higher, because of my working it, and added touches.

If You Walked Away This Is What They Want You To Know.

Invite Divine Mother Mary Mary Magdalene here now. By Divine Decree All Fields Imbued With Divine Feminine Reiki, Now. “It is simply energy”

-This person is feeling very lonely. Regretting a lot. Unhappy. Feel very frustrated with themselves and also with you. There is so much love admiration respect for you, this person does not know how they. did not see this, so they are very unhappy with themselves, with their current circumstances with whatever is going on in their life.

-They have a lot of feel, overwhelmed, they want to be that Prince Charming, tap into that vulnerable side and be very healing but there is a lot of fear that is surrounding those emotions from this person reaching out to you.

  • Something to do with Throat Chakra.
  • Not Able To Speak Their Truth
  • Discovering the way that they feel through the separation through the non communication has given them a safe space for them in their head. Turning off the thinking and tuning into the heart. Some of you have a family together, contract with souls. This person has had an ephinany.
  • They suffer from co-dependency issue.
  • They are very bored with anyone else they are with. Not feeling fulfilled. Playing the victim but on a deeper level these are the consequences of the choices and action they have made. They are the ones that got them into that situation. They are very aware of that.
  • This person is getting a higher calling to come back to you. They are finally facing you. That fear energy coming through. There is an immense amount of fear. Its done nothing but just continue and to grow every single day that you are not in communication there is a fear that things will not work out that you will not come to gather.
  • What Have I Done?
  • The energy of that anxious and there is so much fear surrounding this person and their connection to you. They have very much stuck in their head. Wanting to communicate this to you, but a lot can happen how are you going to receive them?
  • Why Talk When You Can Stalk?
  • They are watching you, thinking of you, dreaming of you you you.
  • How else is this person in their head space? Could be a water sign, this person still looks at you with unconditional love even if they choose to be bound by their ego, and choose someone else, this person has acted like they haven’t seen you and they have always seen you. In their 3d ego they rejected it, they are at a cross roads but the fear is very crippling very hard for them to move. Stuck in the mud, not sure how to go back to the start to have a new beginning with you to get you to come back.
  • More decisions that need to be made.
  • You are frustrated with the person and they waited they thought you would move on, what they believed about the connection with you is their being enlightened. They are awakening to the knowing of what they feel. They have not told you the truth, they have been deceptive, they have lied, they have protected themselves, they want to be 100 percent honest with you but there is a bigger fear that you make them feel. This person is very cold distant closed off, and you made them feel.
  • If this person can be a player this obviously is not for you. The light will illuminate the darkness. Its almost as if they tasted enough fruit to know that you are the ripest on the tree and every thing is overacted with their mind.
  • They feel justice will prevail. In their head overthinking.
  • How is This person feeling in their heart space? More anxiety, sleepless nights, nightmares, just, sigh – what have you done? What have I done?
  • The Lovers. Should I? Souldnt I? Willl I? This is the year taking that step of faith overriding their fear for the attraction they feel from you, the reciprocated emotions, express how much they feel for you, they are desperate for that someone to speak their soul language.
  • The wanting to come together for the family.
  • The Ephipany.
  • For some of them its not even a huge tada. Its something they have always know may they don’t feel lovable.
  • More of the fear is seeing you have done so well for yourself that you really don’t need them. They view you to be very independent and what if you don’t even need them, what if there is no opportunity for a second change. The Ephipany.
  • Some of them at some point could have been deprived from some of the measures, which is really forcing them to go into a deeper space. To send you a message to let you know how they are really doing.
  • Self Sabotage. Its hard to articulate how intense this is. Its staggering, it is just so overwhelming to this person it is over riding all the other feelings they have and intuitive side and spirit kicking their ass and they are so stuck in this fear based energy.
  • Soul flame and twin flame energy coming out. Twin Flame this person is reevaluating. Very deeply rooted in this silence. _Door with light and door open and they are still holding themselves back.
  • Feeling like they damaged this connection but they still have this doubtful energy not knowing if you have had enough patience to let them fuck around.
  • A lot of excitement and curiosity of a new view with you. Sun and Moon. Sun coming out again. You know so much about this person and what is going on with them, that is going on as well. especially is they are having a 3rd party. the anxiety and some of them knowing that you know.
  • Deception.
  • Desperately wanting to make romantic gesture.
  • Even is you never meet this person again they really feel you hold the key to your heart. They ran away they were overwhelmed. The intensity of the feelings they have for you is absolutely terrifying.
  • For someone who has not always opened and to not be able to open up, their biggest regret is letting you go and not telling you how they feel. The time you have been a part has brought so much clarity to them.
  • We all have contracts. They can feel these things and still not take any action. Feel like they need to apologize.
  • It’s always been you. you influenced them in ways no one else ever has. Things that they normally do on a daily basis they no longer want to do that. Some are tapping into spiritual aspects, praying, going to church, meditation and why is it they run away from love.
  • Before the end of the year there will be communication. Potentially a new beginning. Have to get over this 3d scared being afraid. They know they don’t have to be afraid when it comes to you.
  • Anything meant for you cannot be stopped. Keep focusing on yourself.
  • If You Walked Away, This Is What They What They Want You To Know. Lunar Eclipse Tarot, 07212022, Uploaded 07232022 @ 6:25 PM PST.

:Mary-HolySpirit-Mary-Holy-Mary- Mother-Of-Jesus.


LOVE so you can EVOLVE.

“The Demons are ever anxious in their pursuit of soul. However, they quickly abandon their prey at the sole Name of Mary.” (P.108)

Prayer.”O Mary, by God’s Will your Name is a powerful remedy against sin and evil-LIVE. By Divine Decree I Invoke Mary at all times to tell the demons they are healed and forgiven, lifted and enlightened and to take the hand of Mother Mary Holy Mary Mother Of Jesus to go to your perfect place away from Earth, away from manipulating and controlling people for all nefarious purposes. O Mary, hear our prayer and thank you in advance for helping those demons who are in the most need of your care to release dark from planet Earth, now and be gone disintegrate now, forever. We invite the presence of the Divine Mother here now, we ask for your help in imbuing your energy all through planet Earth through the Divine Feminine Reiki Symbol called The Divine Mother.

Reference: Mary Day By Day. Catholic Book Publishing Corp., New Jersey, 1987, P.108.


By Divine Decree, Divine Feminine Reiki Imbued All Fields with Gregorian Chants to fill your soul. Gregorian Chants by Angelic Choir @432Hz / Powerful Positive Energy Music. Meditative Mind, 11072018, You Tube, Uploaded 07222022 @ 7:51 PST.

Divine Feminine Reiki is a powerful shamanic tool for Forgiveness and Love and Christ Energy, among other super fabulous vibrating energy such as Divine Sweetness. Divine Sweetness Symbol is on your credit card. But Yes, This is Also a Divine Feminine Reiki Symbol! This shamanic tool weaves magic of delicious vibrational energy.

Did you know that Fraud Vitiates, cancels every contract, every spell, every written word? You Do Not Have To Wear A Mask, because it is based on Fraud.

You Can Go Back To Your Birth Country, Now. You Can Please Leave The United States, Now Because You Are Cancelled. You Are Not Born In The United States, Please Go Back You To Your Own Home Land Country, you fraudulent Extra Terrestrial Draco Lizard. Go Back To Your Own Planet.

The Mother is Disgusted With Your Lying, Cheating, Taking Stealing, Fraud of Your Money Making Schemes, and may all your theft your stealing, your Extra Terrestrial Being your lizard ugly Draco be gone, now. ALL Your Theft of Humans Energy including money making of the Children, may their grief and anger RAGE be upon your wretched soul, your ugly wretched being, now, and in all your fields, for the horror and grief you have brought in negativity energy world wide. You are an abomination against The Lord God, and may you die, leave your body, now. May your continued enforcement Of Communist China Asian Arrogance Against God Your Abomination Against God Your TransGender Your Gay HomosexualABOMINATIONAgainstHolyJesusHolyMaryMotherOfJesusChristHolySpiriitand Taking Of Human Life Through The Eating Of Children Around The World McDonaldsFastFoodDieNow -May what you have done to the children may it trail you your entire life through eternity and the life Celene Dion of your children you abomination to the Lord God Of Hosts, the Most Holy Of Holy, and through the Holy Spirit’s kindness pray this upon you now. May you be banished from EARTH forever.

:By-Divine-Decree-ALL-DRACO-LIZARD-MONEY-MAKING-Schemes-be-revealed-now-to-all-humanity-Thank-you-And-May-The-Lord-Christ-Jesus-Mother-Mary-Holy–Mary-Mother-Of-Jesus-Mary-Magdalene-be-with-the-people-of-Earth-and-ancestors-now-Namaste-LOVEEVOLVE-LOVEVOLVE-LOVEVOL-DIVINEFEMININEREIKIIMBUEDALLFIELDSTOINFINITYNOW-REMOVE-YOUR-MASK-NOW-MASKS-ARE-BASED-ON-FRAUD-AllForeignPeopleLeaveUnitedStatesNow-GoBackToYouLandOfBirthNowYouAreDeleted. :NewportBeachCityHallCommandsAllMasksBeRemovedNowAllSupportingCommunistChinaBeDeletedAndDieDeathLeaveBodyNowYourFraudLieZeroToleranceIsSupportOfCommunistChinaDieNowMayAllBeSeenToTheWorldYourSupportOfCommunistChinaLieNowLoveEvolveLovevolveLovevolandFuckYouFinanceOfNewportBeachNowMayALLSatanistSatanistBeFoundOutHaveChristPortalShineDivineMotherLensomaiNOWInAllFieldsAndMayYouReceiveInRturnWhatYouPutOutDeathDieToYourBodyNowAndWorldWide.

Love Letters Of Mother and Father

Invite The Divine Mother, Lensomai, The How, Divine Sweetness, Holy Spirit, The Kristave, The Masters – OSHO, The Chokurei – Power.

Inhale as you sit up tall, and release the breath. and just breath in and breath out a few breaths adjusting your spine so you are sitting tall but relaxed. Shoulders are relaxed. You inhale another breath and begin reading.

Hi Sweetheart!

Home 10:35 PM 23 April

My own Darling Sweetheart Julie Ann:

   The above makes quite a long expression but I like to be truthful and that is what you are.  I hope that headache went away with sleep and that your rest was refreshing too.

      I was in bed by 12:15, everything went good, only I left half of me there!  One of these days sweetheart that won’t be.  You just be sure to keep track of all the interest and any special assessments that might come up and I’ll fix things up when I’m able too! Ok!

    The day has gone quite well here.  All 3 new classes started right so there is no one or two day breathes period.  This term will probably be quite a bit harder than the last.  I know time will be short so must prepare at the very beginning to really ectilige the moments.  Of course that doesn’t mean I’m not going to force my sweetheart as much as I can.  Fact is were you are biting (ha) distance I would surely like to be close to you.

     Let’s plan to attend the ice follies this year.  That will probably be in the next couple weeks so you watch the papers for that.  Sat.  Night is probably the best time.  I’ll take you and your mom and then I wouldn’t come up that weekend.

     I’ve got to do some school reading so will know what they are talking about.  Sure do love you sweetheart.  And you know you make that love grow a little deeper each time we are together.  You see sweetheart the Lord is so good and I’m so glad you know the Lord as you do.  

  May your week be full and good there and we look forward to each time we can spend together.  I’M IN LOVE WITH JULIE ANN.  Whatcha going to do about it!!  The Lord’s love and Blessing, yours, Love Fred.

Nov. 14, 1954, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois

Dear Fred:

   It was a great joy to have my parents and brother here this last weekend.  It was such a moment, but a lovely one nevertheless.

   I’m glad to hear that you are in school  — I hope that you really feel that you are in the center of the Lord’s will.  I suppose your subjects are technical in scope – It was wonderful for your sake that you were released from the service early.

    How to tell you, Fred, so as not to sound unkind or reporving and un-understanding and yet allow your to understand what my reactions are, I do not know.  I have weighed the matter seriously and presented it before the Lord, and feel constrained to tell you it is best that we go our separate ways.  

     I appreciate your friendship and esteem you as one who loves the Lord with all his might and strength – IN all fairness to you, I do this.

    The weather here is beautiful since you’re interested in football, you’d be interested in knowing that we have won every game this season.  Yesterday’s game was completely off balance 35-0.  Of course that was not a fast game!

      This is the Lord’s day.  I have spent the day in my room.  Am studying Galatians, a good study in the meaning of the law and the law of grace.   God bless you Fred, enjoy your studies and may he guide you all wisdom, sincerely, Julie Ann.

Dearest loved one Julie Ann,  Home, 10:40PM, 2 May.

     Have just read your mon and tues. Morning letters.  Good to hear from my sweetheart.  

     The trouble with writing back is the hour is late and there is study to do and rest to seek.  I seldom have trouble resting, the only thing is, some mornings it feels like the night has been awful short.  Actually everything is fine down here except for insufficient time and of course my beloved one isn’t here to have and the hold and help.  I’m sure the remaining days will click off quite fast so maybe my beloved will be here sometime ok.  I’m glad you are looking ahead for that furniture.  I’ll pay for that the next time up.  

    If I don’t phone thurs nite don’t be upset.  You will get this on Friday.  I will plan to leave here about 6 or so Sat eve.  That way we have a good time together and also we each can accomplish our assigned tasks.  

    Well sweetheart I’m in love with you and I don’t even give you any space.  Watcha gonna do with me? Save it for this weekend.  Love always, Fred.

Wheaton College, May 8, 1955

Dear Fred:

     Thank you for your interesting letter – at the time you were adjusting your clocks in California, I was away on retreat.   We had a blessed blessed time in the word.  How the Lord met us there.  How he continues to meet us a swe feed on the living bread.

      I see you are busy as ever.  Enterprising person. No less!  But one must work if one would eat, isn’t it so?

      IT was kind of you to visit the folks last week and take them out to dinner.  I know mother appreciated it greatly.  This spoiler youngster was feeling a bit homesick for home and the desert last week and she called her mother.   We had a nice chat and settled the question of how I would travel home for the summer.

     The Lord has graciously opened the way for me to go home.  I will have to study during the summer in order to manage my maximum load.  I would hesitate if it were anything but bible and literature but god has begun a work which he will continue to perform until our expected end.  

     I am coming home at the end of May, or very early in June.  Probably the 1st.  I will be flying home, as I am leaving the greatest part of my things here.  My books I’ll send home in ample time, to facilitate immediate study.

    Speaking about the midwest weather – I am afraid the desert is my first love for living – It is beautiful here, as all of God’s great handiwork.  The budding trees, flowering magnolia trees, flowers bushes, birds, blue skies, zephyr winds blowing through the tops of trees, just rustle the leaves nicely – Yet, it chokes me!  I feel crowded and closed in – And I long for the wide expanse of the desert. The beautiful barren mountains changing shades and shadows as the sun moves in the sky.  Yes, the lonesome spots, and barron places are for me.  How blessed are the words of my savior, that there are streams in the desert, fountains in dry places.  Christ is that spring out of whom flows the richest of living waters.  Blessed thought!

    It was so pleasant to see daddy and my splendid brother for a few moments.  It was so short, it seemed like a few moments – (Stopped b4 p.2)  Julie Ann