God is Speaking-But Are We Ready to Listen?

Reference: God is Speaking-But Are We Ready to Listen? – Bishop Barron’s Sunday Sermon. 01172021, Bishop Robert Barron, You Tube, Uploaded 01172021.

Have returned to Ordinary Time.

-First Book of Samuel

-Eli discerning the voice of god.

-Samuels mother, Hannah, married to Elkinah but is childless and year after year she goes up to the temple and prays. She prays with moving lips, and was accused of being drunk early in the morning.

-The Lord eventually hears the prayers of Hannah.

  • Once Samuel was weened she returned him to the temple. What god had given to her, she had given back to god. The loop. Divine light increases in us.
    • Samuel being raised by Eli.
    • Sleeping in the temple of The Lord.
    • Sleep is a symbol of lack of spiritual attention.
    • Embodied by Eli and his not being very spiritually alert. Eli has 2 sons who abuse the people who are meant to serve. Corrupt sons. A time of secularism and corruption.
    • Because Eli’s sons are corrupt and does nothing to solve the problem and could this be the reason they are not hearing the voice of god? It is bit alike our own time, secularism, corruption in the church.
      • Sasha Stone says (Sacha Stone on Near Term Good News For Homo Sapiens, Bitchute, 01162021) “Praetorian Guard is what matters. Joke will be on Luciferian deviants. After April this is the first time in history when we are able to have and see a clear picture of how we got here, how we got here as plantation slaves and its a direct line to Babylon, The Pharaohs to Caananite straight to the Vatican, Council of Nicia, weaponizing Christianity turning the cross upside down. 325-328 AD Judeah and The Roman Empire, The Kazarians spun off that issued off that Vatican consolidation and The Templars, so banking and mafiosio set into play and amalgamated into Switzerland 1300’s Black Nobility is where it really got dark and dirty with the Jesuits, the Masons, the Illuminiati 1776 the birth of America. America was always about preserving the Luciferian Sabbatian Escelan. It is all about going to be flipped, The Christed flame going through middle America, we are paying far too much attention to what is weazing out of Silicon Valley.
      • Go back to the quittance of all faiths and the mystical traditions, Rome is burning, The Vatican is falling, cardinal complex is not standing in the light, The Christed message, the true Christian faith will not die with the collapse, the Benedictine Monks are aware of the horror gone on at the Vatican.”
    • God is not one voice among many. God is a hidden voice, it is hard to discern and on the 3rd attempt Samuel goes to Eli. Eli figures it out, Samuel understands Speak Lord your servant is listening. God says to Samuel, disaster is going to be visited upon Israel, predicts the death of and then it comes true. The Philistines and Israel fall into battle the ark of the covenant is taken, stolen. Yes, in deed this disaster was visited upon Israel.
    • So when a time when high priests are corrupt financially abusive, sexually, and not responding to the people disaster visited Israel. The church has been passing through a period of corruption and last 25 years disaster has visited upon our church. The church has been passing through a terrible time of chastisement. It is a bleak difficult message.
    • In the midst of all of this god is raising up Samuel, becomes of age anointing providing over the spiritual revival of a nation. God is about his work of salvation and that is why he called Samuel. Great teachers, great saints who will carry forward the life of the church.
    • God continues to raise up Samuels. Find them in our time. God bless you.”
      • According to (bitchute Biden To Surrender U.S. To China, Psyop Revealed Washington Preparing For Large Scale War, 01162021 by wil paranormal) “Gates, Amazon buying up land. Billionaires are building up massive lands. Engineered coming. Billionaires know their value of dollars will plunge go near zero and the Billionaires are converting their dollars to things that are real, which is gold and silver and land. War coming in The United States. Online personalities promising you Trump is going to win is a CIA Psyop. They use it to lull people into inaction while the hammer is being dropped all around them, looks like the United States is about to be a military operation and Chinese occupation of the United States is the next move. PRC Under CCP remains free to target the United States government for espionage. PRC poses as the single threat to America. Targets information systems, exploitable data through cyber means. Chinese infiltration of the departments of the US government. We are under attack of the Communist Chinese Government. We are in a time of war.
      • There are fake accounts, massive AI super computers, AI systems that are running the disinformation ops on social media. They are able to mimic human emotions, a neurolinguistic model in order to tie into peoples emotions to campaign bad actions. Trolling, attacking to cause massive confusion.
      • Project Marteyr False flag assassination plan to Assassinate Biden and blame it on conservatives. Goal is to cause chaos, destruction and have trumps people blamed.
        • Marxist radicals and communists plan on taking the guns. They don’t want Biden in office, they want Harris and it would prohibit election fraud.
        • Militarization of DC is only the beginning. Planning to set up the United States for Militarianism.
        • FBI trying to recruit people for Project Marteyr. Recruiting scapegoats right now. Use it for nationwide gun confiscation.
        • If Trump has a plan to save America, he is not going to put it on You Tube.
        • Expect FBI to bomb big tech and blame it.
        • No free speech, total lockdown, vaccines across the country, rush to people 65 years of age and older.
        • Vaccine genocide and military takeover is scenario we are dealing with.
        • Trump declared fema emergency January 11.
        • Trump is in charge already. Blue states are sending National Guards to DC. 10 x’s military presence than Afghanistan. DC in lockdown, under electromatic jamming.
        • Joe Biden may be planning to surrender to Communist China and the minute he is sworn in The United States is surrendered to Communist China.
        • Expecting incoming airborne attacks.
        • 42,000 National Guards in DC with 7′ tall Fence.
        • Tennessee, North Georgia, 40 Foot containers from COSCO showing up in Colorado, the club k containers that house cruise missiles from China. The top opens up and they can launch cruise missiles via China. China sends out a missile command. These containers are showing up and DC is being locked up like war is coming.
        • Martial Law in America if necessary.
        • Declas is coming. Trumps big high stack of documents released.
        • 2016 Leftist outraged about Trump election. hardly any security compared to today. Why the build up?
          • Theory all these troops arrest deep state players.
          • Or Orwellian show.
          • 75,000 Chinese Troops stationed in Canada and 250,000 in Mexico and they will rush in once Biden is sworn in. They would come into occupy. that would cause a massive uprising of patriots across the country and we would be at war. Chinese troops won’t make it that far but it doesn’t mean they won’t try it.
          • Communist Party loyalists that are ready to be activated. Students at Universities Chinese subs setting off missiles and remember we have all been manipulated into this by communist Chinese sympathizers and CNN.
          • Antifa members ran the whole thing. To create anarchy in the country.
          • Democrats wanted to make sure Biden is in so the country gets turned over to Communist China. China is the greatest threat. Have to cut off economic ties and stop funding chinese companies that funnel their money to their military.
          • Pompeo is recognizing Taiwan as its own independent country.
          • Undeclared war between the United States and China.”

Reference: All Will Be Revealed – Sedona Psychic Speak 1/15/2021, Joseph P Anthony, You Tube, Uploaded 01172021.

  • Don’t dip into fear and lose faith and derail the promenade timeline we are on.
  • Keep your light high. Hold onto the faith.
  • If you are still in the mindset that Biden is a good guy, then zip your lips and if you haven’t figured it out yet, that’s fine because its all about to be revealed. willful ignorance of the people is about to be shattered.
  • Liberals Biden supporters we still love you, you got to see this about liberty freedom, big tech is suppressing everything. The astrology is indicating humanity is going to break free from something. It is already happening it is taking place.
  • Lots happening. Italian secret service. All roads lead to Vatican corruption starts there.
  • Troops in DC, about 12 states heavily stationed.
  • Megan is a prophetic dreamer. Vision of 3 giants caught red handed. The Crown, Vatican, and Washington DC that have been collaborating in election fraud.
  • Antifa Militant arm.
  • Cabal issued deep state lap top secret places around the globe.
  • Confess their sins to the group, their true sexuality and then the people would vote on whether they are sincere and whether they would be forgiven.
  • Timelines.
    • Things shifting on a daily basis.
    • Hope is not lost.
    • This is not the end.
    • Powerful New Moon rocks DC possible scenario the military takes over.
    • Strong possibility they will go ahead with the inauguration in the Supreme Court. They use sound stages with actors. They have used professional cameras and sets to alter reality. Hologram of the Pope.
    • Hologram looks like the person is in the room with you. Nothing is as it seems a big show going on right now.
    • Patriots and ones on the right are literally trying to get this country back on track. Don’t see Biden being president. So there is an event that takes place. Date to watch is the 19th. Internet could go dark or these 12 states and cities go dark. We have already had power outages, Berlin, Afghanistan. Before everything would go dark broadcast all the evidence and then let everything go dark.
    • Executive order that had to do with Chinese companies and the Communist Chinese companies influencing. Misleading the public, committing acts of treason.
    • Breaking down Republic of China. Hong Kong proximity to China, Biden paid so handsomely by Communist Chinese Party invade Taiwan and US sit on their hands.
    • Dates to watch the 19th, the 20th and all the way through January.
    • Emergency Broadcast System.
    • Trumps not going anywhere. In the shadows. Military running the show.
    • Many people are brainwashed. Doing this quickly could lead to a lot of civil unrest, and we want a quiet revolution returning the power back to the people without innocent lives lost.
    • Yes the financial system is changing. Biological blockchain.
    • There is no intention to decimate the economy or erase anyones debts.
    • Do not go spend money. You will get burned. No more speculation over the currencies. You do not need to be a Billionaire to be in service to the light. Adopt and innerstand reciprocity. If you are not producing, how can you be of service.
    • Don’t go out and charge up massive credit cards.
    • Plan for the future of America is very strategic.
    • Until you are vibrating at the frequency of wealth and rethink your relationship with money and why you think you need that much money.
    • Getting rid of the criminal cabal. Military is in control. Keep the faith. Schuman resonance is really high right now.
    • January 17, 20, 24 look for events. Based on astrology.
    • Mightiest Military on the planet.
    • Don’t get involved and put yourself in danger. Component of deep state is very dark and would sacrifice someone and blame an orange man or blame the military.
    • Uranus energy squaring Saturn and Jupiter. Heavy energy. Meditate, Pray, you are a spiritual being going through massive light. The light demand perfection. In order to stand in the light the shadows must be revealed.
    • March the resurrection of the light.
    • Protect yourself from the energy of others. Be kind. hold the vibration high, hold the light and have faith. Keep your heart open and lets get through this.

Dr. Charlie’s Weekly Live Update Webinar 12-30-2020

Reference: Dr. Charlie’s Weekly Live Update Webinar 12-30-2020, Mike The Marketer, 12312020, You Tube, Uploaded 01012021. https://youtu.be/41KD0DZSci8

The following is within the first 15 minutes:

  • “The virus
  • The vaccine
  • The 5g
  • The riots
  • All Theatre created a smoke screen to cover up the global financial reset. It is all about creating fear.
  • Bombings about erasing evidence, explosions.
  • Deep State is all part of big Pharma.
  • Money comes from George Soros, Zuckerberg, Big Pharma, Bill Gates did with the computer Creates the virus, the antivirus, the money he can create by creating a virus, and anti virus, and once he has you by the money, you will need one and then another until you die and it will kill you sooner.
  • This is a war between God and Satan and Satan is far more evil than you will ever give him credit for.
  • The battle has already been won, but there are still far too many people fast asleep.
  • Lots of different questions and the answer is very simple:
    • Once the financial reset is complete everything else will fall away – the virus, vaccine..
    • We have all been caught up in the danger and this is what is possible about doing the financial reset.
    • January 1
    • Reality – For the last 10 years had much rather taken cash and take it on a private jet across the world because its a lot faster. Far easier to do that way, than millions of questions and sell your soul to the devil.
    • Blockchain
  • Use common sense.
    • There will be resistance
    • Military are already out there.
    • Moving out of darkness and into light. Evil has been in control for all of your life.
    • Reconnect with God and ask him for his protection and keeps you away from evil.
    • The whole idea was to create confusion and fear because they needed to do this for the financial reset.
    • At the start of this journey, the new world order was going to reset the worlds economy but for their own control, so they were going to take every thing you owned, and if you behave yourself you can continue and everything would be controlled. The information is out there. They could reduce the population of 2 billion at the flick of a switch. Go look for yourself and find out for yourself. It is public knowledge. It is fact. Donald Trump and team fighting for us to have sovereign and not be controlled by evil.”
    • From LOVEVOLVE The Lords Prayer from memory the Catholic way:
      • 1. Make the sign of the cross and
      • 2. Say out loud: “Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, they will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Thank You for giving us this day, our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.”

Merry Christmas Blessings Sending You 3 Celebrations: Catholic, Presbyterian, Episcopalian

https://youtu.be/dgPwtYJ1O6o December 25, 2020 – Christmas Mass – Merry Christmas and Welcome to Mass! 12242020, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Newport Beach, You Tube, Uploaded 12252020


https://youtu.be/FrTqJZxxWqQ Merry Christmas / Christmas Eve, sapres, 12242020 You Tube, Uploaded 12252020
https://youtu.be/MUJkNwKEfgY Service Of Carols and Readings Christmas 2020, Church of St. John & St. Philip, 12232020, You Tube, Uploaded 12252020

Psalm 91. Chinese Communist Party Attack on United States.

Joshua Philipp Interviews Lin Wood, Eaglefortonight_2, 12202020, You Tube, Uploaded 12212020. https://youtu.be/RcXbJfdfEl4

“Mr. Wood you are representing different lawsuits on election fraud.

 LW – Focus on Georgia.  Law is clear:  In a federal election the state cannot change procedure except by an act of a state legislature, that was not done in Georgia.  Unlawful, illegal unconstitutional election.  This country should not willingly participate in a rigged election.  Actual fraud took place in the election.  Evidence is massive and authentication has been ignored by the court.  Something is wrong with our judicial system in this country.

  • Constitution Crises.  Whether we live as a free people or live under tyranny.
  • China attacked this country with Covid virus
  • China attacked this country by interfering in election
  • Iran is involved
  • We are in a constitutional crises
  • The President has got to use Martial Law
  • The laws were not followed in this election, blatantly violated
  • Illegal elections in several states
  • Fraud perpetuated through out the country
  • Follow the rule of law 
  • China Attacked This Country time to get angry about China 
  • Indoctrination pandemic was a plandemic it was planned
  • There was a virus every year since 2000 because they were grooming us
  • China said they would take over our government 2049, now they moved it to 2020 our legislators, corrupted with China money.
  • 1776 are we going to live free or are we going to live with tyranny.
  • If we don’t stand up now and fight for our freedom it’s going to be Communist (Godless soulless) China and the Globalists.
  • Hillary Clinton is a crook.  Career politicians bought off with money who are interested in themselves only and not the people and we need to shake up and that is what Trump is doing.
  • Our government has been corrupt for decades.
  • Justice Roberts –  The country has got to start asking questions.  Strange things with Justice Roberts went to such an extreme to uphold Obama Care.  He came into the court as a conservative, and key decision he has ruled as a liberal.  We are entitled to know we are being governed by fair.  Maybe he has problems in his life.  Epstein flight logs with John Roberts.  One day the truth will come out about all those people about what they were doing on that jet and that Island.
  • Americans want truth about this election
  • President Trump won a historic landslide reelection and Biden and the people who are trying to take over the country are trying to steal, the evidence is overwhelming to being conclusive.  President Trump won over 80 million votes with 410 electoral votes.
  • They flipped computer software votes for Trump to Biden.
  • Why is judiciary refusing to hear:   Our state has been infiltrated by communism and its influence, corrupted with money.   Judges are scared.  People are being threatened, their lives, their families are being threatened, we need judges with courage, do the right thing, put the good of the people first, put the law first. They do not mention the fraud.  They are trying to do mainstream media lie.  50% of the country does not even know there is election fraud.  
  • Covid 19 mess, Communist China Virus. 
  • Speech has been censored, valid information and ideas as facts have been taken out.
  • Playbook – violence in the streets. Revolution.  They divide us and try to make us angry with each other but we are fighting Communist China who killed over 200,000 people with that virus.
  • Do not buy China products.  Do not let China’s communist party totalitarianism regime, millions of Chinese are repressed, put in jail, why would you do business with anyone in China.  They are traitors. 
  • We are a nation founded under God.  Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, son of God, not pretty lights.  Spiritual standpoint we are in the second harvest.  Our country has gotten so corrupt, we are worse than sodom and gomorrah but God will give us a second chance.
  • Prepare for what the enemy might do.  
  • Follow the lead of Dr. Martin Luther King.  Engage in nonviolence and stand up for your rights.
  • China wants our land to use the land to feed their people to grow their food.  (They need to use their own land.)
  • Fight Back.  Look for them – the communists.
  • Look for ties to China, influence.  Communist party has taken over large segments of government and business.  We have been asleep. 
  • We need a party of the people.  
  • Biden Crime Family, Obama Crime Family, Clinton Crime Family, Bush Crime Family
  • Entrenched Bureaucracy Deep state
  •  Time for the Mitch McConnels to leave
  • Leftist Militants Communists Street Violence.” 

LIN WOODS MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE OF THE YEAR. 12202020, Eaglefortonight_2, You Tube, uploaded 12212020.  https://youtu.be/O0mDxnJMi_Q

  • “Psalm 91.
  • Attack on the United States that will have to be responded to.
  • Everyone must face the truth of their lives.  Live a life of truth.  Admit when you are wrong and ask for forgiveness.  We are all sinners.  God is real.  Every word in the bible is true.  In the coming weeks God almighty will show that he is real. 
  • Our country will return to where it started, one nation under God.
  • Country was attacked by a deadly biological weapon from Communist China.  Communist China attacked us a second time, our Presidential Election.  President Trump won in a historic landslide.   Some of the violence will occur in the streets.  
  • Common foe – Communist China and maybe Iran.
  • Votes tabulated by foreign actors.”

Chinese Communist Party Has Been Invoked The Kristave The Divine Mother Lensomai KSAMA HonshaSheZoNen

Chinese Communist Party is CCP. The :KRISTAVE-is-INVOKED: here now. The Kristave is a Reiki Symbol. The symbol is round with a light S drawn down the middle of the circle. Spirals flowing outward from the circle as many spirals as you like because this is The Christed, The Christ Light flowing out.

Reference: Pompeo delivers remarks on China challenge to US National Security, Fox Business, You Tube, Uploaded 12202020.

“Professor Wong was scooped up, interrogated, held for 2 weeks in China. they though they could intimidate him because ethnicity is Chinese. The Chinese Communist Party WANTS what we (United States) have and they will do whatever they must do to TAKE it. They will do whatever it TAKES. Americans must know how the Chinese Communist Party Is poisoning the Education system of the United States for their own ends. Trajectory. Thought is by trading and engaging with Chinese Communist party would reform itself, loosen up, embrace economic and political freedom and present less risk to freedom around the world, but that is not what we got. Instead the Chinese Communist Party used the wealth to tighten their power and build a high tech repressive power. General has made it known for China to be the number 1 power abroad. Manipulating for their benefit. Engaging in a vast influence campaign all around the world. Has eye on everyone of us. Tech Leaders in Silicon Valley, Schools, especially research institutions. Chinese Communist PartyScientists are not pioneering cancer cures, we are, and instead they are not providing safe Covid vaccines, but we are (United States). We have an obligation to protect to Ten to Fifteen to One Hundred (10-15-100) years from now. Look the Chinese Communist party can never match, thats why they send 400,000 thousand students a year to study in our country, (United States) It is no accident. Much of the high end is stolen. After their training they want them to come back for the single purpose of serving the mother land. The Chinese people can actually flourish when they are in free societies. We value our Chinese people who live in the United States we want good things for them.

The good news is the FBI nabbed Chinese Communist Party Scientists posing. Many American dollars funded by American tax payers and Chinese uses brain power for their own state. Harvard Chemistry head was caught up in that. Rob, Replicate and Replace, and we add Repress for Vibration the Chinese communist Party instigates.

Chinese Communist Party have harassed Chinese Students repeatedly and asked for information on Wiggers and Tibetans, some of the biggest victims of Chinese Communist Party are Chinese students. They are to use code words, draconian security laws. Students from China live in fear that their family back home will be tortured, arrested because of the things they say in the American classroom. Chinese Communist Party wants to influence American students, professors and administrators too, and knows Some American Colleges are rife with Anti Americanism, and provides easy targets for their anti americanism thats why they implanted and instituted Confusicious institutes. Chinese Students need safe spaces to learn what they love. Scholar always funded by Chinese embassy, local Chinese to keep tabs on students….. Many of our (United States) Colleges are bought by Beijing……”

From LOVEVOLVE – Pompeo succinctly summarizes every control mechanism The Chinese Communist Party instigates within our country United States.

I Invite the Divine Mother. This is a Reiki Symbol. This Reiki Symbol represents the three (3) in one (1), The Mother Mary, The Mary Magdalene, and The Divine Goddess. The Divine Mother Reiki Symbol begins with a round circle at the top of a page. Below the circle are two (2) lines flowing out into a 1/4″ half circle long shape toward the bottom of the page and these two lines begin from the bottom of the circle at the top of the page. The circle at the top of the page represents The Divine Mothers head, with her flowing garment billowing serenity. There are two (2) 1/4″ Circles half moon shape. Ariel F. Hubbard http://arielhubbard.com Reiki Divination Card Deck.

<a href="http://<a href='https://fineartamerica.com/featured/lensomai-mary-kat-kem-art.html'><img class='imageShare' src='https://render.fineartamerica.com/images/rendered/share/29475635&domainId=1&#039; alt='Canvas Art' title='Canvas Art' style='border: none;'>http://<a href=’https://fineartamerica.com/featured/lensomai-mary-kat-kem-art.html’><img class=’imageShare’


The Art created by Kat Kem Art represents The Divine Mother among many other really good vibrating reiki symbols. Artist Kat Kem places reiki symbols in some of her art pieces. In the art piece titled Lensomai Mary, you see visibly drawn reiki symbols. These symbols are The Honshashezonen which means The God in me sees the God in you and is drawn to the left of The Divine Mother as you look at the piece of art, but is energetically on The Divine Mothers right hand side of her body. The Universal Life Force Energy Symbol means exactly what the title is and is drawn in the heart center of The Divine Mother. The Lensomai means Unconditional Love represented by 4 magenta pink colored petals of flowers drawn from the middle of The Divine Mother to below the bottom of The Divine Mothers Robe to the bottom of the page benefiting energetically vibrationally Mother Mary, The Mary Magdalene, The Divine goddess, forward movement vibration energy being Unconditional Love. The Bodhi Sattyha Reiki Symbol is on The Divine Mothers Right Side as you look at the Art. This symbol represents Divine Purpose and is energetically on Mary’s left side and overlapping her left arm side of her robe. Above The Divine Mother, at the top of the piece of art, is drawn: KSAMA : a Sanskrit language symbol representing : Forgiveness :

As written in the description Lensomai Mary:

“Sanskrit FORGIVENESS LENSOMAI Divine Mother Mary representation through the reiki symbol MARYAM/AMMA represents the 3 in 1 by invoking inviting asking The Divine Mother Here Now, while drawing the symbol in the air. Follow the outline of The Mother representation. When invoking Brings in The Mother Mary The Mary Magdalene and The Divine Goddess energy. Other symbols in the art are: HONSHASHESONEN, LENSOMAI, KSAMA, THE POWER symbol representing Universal Life Force Energy and The BODHI SATTYHIA representing Divine Purpose. The purple Blue colors represent the divine with golden yellow background representing The Christ. Namaste. RAKU.” 

Kat Kem Art

“Sanskrit FORGIVENESS LENSOMAI Divine Mother Mary representation through the reiki symbol MARYAM/AMMA represents the 3 in 1 by invoking inviting asking The Divine Mother Here Now, while drawing the symbol in the air. Follow the outline of The Mother representation. When invoking Brings in The Mother Mary The Mary Magdalene and The Divine Goddess energy. Other symbols in the art are: HONSHASHESONEN, LENSOMAI, KSAMA, THE POWER symbol representing Universal Life Force Energy and The BODHI SATTYHIA representing Divine Purpose. The purple Blue colors represent the divine with golden yellow background representing The Christ. Namaste. RAKU.” 

Kat Kem Art

Kat Kem says, “The reiki symbols give the energy vibration through intention of the meaning of each symbol. These symbols are known throughout Reiki Lineages and bring high vibration energy to any spiritual path. Kat continues by stating: The art pieces I create with the visible symbol is intended for my own personal healing, so I remember exactly which vibrational energy I am working with to heal my soul with the birth family elements I came through to all paths I am experiencing on earth school.”

LOVEVOLVE wishes to send The Chinese Communist Party Lensomai Mary. with this message: “Everything is going away anyways so be love, and embrace the prayers of The Saints of faith, hope, love, and the greatest of these is love: I Corinthians 13:13. Many centuries and years Christian Workers have been in your country of China assisting Christ in spreading her good news of love through Christ. By the Christian workers conscious relationship of choosing grace and compassion over stubbornness, they leaned to generosity, mutual respect, and consideration to you, your soul. The Catholic Church, her Church, the only True Church can help you with assimilating the Christ energy into your soul, your vehicle, the person you embody at this time in your soul’s journey. You have been given grace through these conscious Christ Christian Workers. You have good information to overcome your hostility of self and find your own true inner harmony of being. You have help. You have been offered this help over centuries. Turn to Christ, allow her church to educate the hearts of your people. Namaste.”

Master Your Life #2

We are recreating our selves every day.

Sabbatean https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabbateans Logic Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse. Beautiful transition from darkness to light within the portals of power. UV light influx reveals within us. Patent number 666, they have to give public notice with creepy, inshrine, within ritual magic, hashtags, zombies in petro bombs, zombie class liberalists, against the criminal state, engineered, good policing is a rarity, good judges are even more rare, but they do exist, keep our eyes and hearts trained on the judges, antifa and blm black magic, creepy creatures. Black magic creates thrall is very very dangerous, lower astral, using blood ritualism, sex magic, lord o the the rings, creates zombie that trys to destroy all that is good. Canada has already surrendered their guns.

Catholism emerges on the back of The Cathars, catholism emerged as a political blueprint, harvesting technology, with ritualism, boring stuff, eating of babies, pre-christian times, atlantean logic steeped in Catholicism. collectivism, essential harvest, a means of the Babylonian mysteries cult to harvest. Franchised to the whole of the world and rotten to the core, spiritual essence, Saturnian to the extreme. Those goodly people who were harvested and maintained within, they were always good people, spiritually engineered. Those awaken within the dream spell will be the most dynamic. Good catholics of the world better get out of the house, consciously, willfully. Now we are being required like good protestants, religiosity was never the message of the master. Diabolical stuff. Conscious people waking up will be stepping out of the church.

  • Money lenders
  • Photon light coming in that is helping raise the light of the people, UV light is bombarding our plane of existence now.
  • Ultra violet light is changing the atoms.
    • An invitation to a hyper dimensional upgrade.
    • Influx is the grace of god.
    • At astrophysical level eminence immortal blueprint.
    • Growth prosperity of abundance. Language encoded within the human cells all the time, but we had the false light luciferianism. Time is not money, never was money, that was a thought, a really bad thought, engendered the parasite.
    • The more we harmonize all living systems is the flaming at the planetary gestalt, invites our ascension, but it was never an upward movement. An anchoring or patterns of perfection within the mortal realm.
    • Intervention belief that it comes from out there.
    • 9-11 onset of black magic. Shroud of terror thrown at us. God and Magog. Moved into a virus we cannot even see. Covid-19 certification of vaccine is a sabbatean black magic spell. Moderna the genius of the vaccine – vaccine to tamper with our human RNA. Modify chromosome 8 removes our capacity as humans for empathy. Systemic removal. Just knowing this black magic trick against us is piercing the veil.
    • Medical Facism
    • Canadians have innate tendency to roll over and acquiesce to the most erroneous tyranny, but there is a fierce intelligence that will emerge within a few days months.
    • The beast is here, crawled out of the ocean and onto the land. For many people it is difficult to calibrate. Especially men and women in costume have the most onerous and are the most disposal of society, the robotism, the policing of society, the status quo know you people in costume a glowing invitation to make yourselves heard right now.
    • Godless exchanges.
    • Incrementally being programed engineered.
    • The godless cannot.
    • How to step into the knowing, being is our super nature right there.
    • From 22 December be anchored in the new birthing, the Christed. – Easily invoke The Kristave Reiki Symbol. This symbol is round with a light S in the middle with spirals going out. See Art of Kristave symbol around The First Step In The Hoffman Process: https://render.fineartamerica.com/images/rendered/social-media/28549883?domainId=1

Genetically modify our human DNA – Chromozone 8 that removes our capacity for empathy through the covert corona 19 vaccination program.

  • Piercing of the veil. Black magic being perpetrated against us now.
  • The Death Of Mortality and 5g Apocalypse. Two (2) Films.
  • Reference: MASTER YOUR LIFE #2 with Sacha Stone & Leaha Mattinson, Sacha Stone, 12182020, You Tube, Uploaded 12192020.

5 FIVE Generous Information

Reference: Juan O Savin destroys the deep state with his in sight and gives us hope for an amazing future. Michael Jaco, You Tube, Uploaded 11202020 @ 940Pm PST.

  • Tie to Arizona crowd cooking.  A person not a fan of President Trump has a different viewpoint.  Many Americans will have to rethink how they view the world.  Here you have a person who is very well connected and he is beginning to see and he cast aside his being to do something very important for the people. To expose how cooked how captured the American system and get up back to real vote and away from this stolen captured American back before President Kennedy was assassinated.  
  • So many aspects of our country that have been shut down and moved offshore.  They see America being industrialized and shut down.  They are called The Globalists.  And this guy with the private jet flying around helping is seeing the truth.  It’s very exciting to see people waking up and doing whatever it takes to get the country back on track.
  • Number 17.  Numbers in various actions.  Once you start to see it, it’s everywhere.  11 33, 113, it is just over and over everywhere.  Everyone sent their messages out at the same time at 11:03.  They are so blatant, they are slaves to the numbers.  They have to have that symbology.  Also Astrology how the celestial alignments are.  Certain events are critical to them.  What they consider winning.  Occult idea to time things in that way and get extra power.  These people we are fighting are certifiable insane.  You have to understand how they think to get ahead of them.  They are so locked into symbology that they cannot help themselves. 
  • We have been twisted on the whole Global Warming thing, the Carbon Thing.  The shutting down deindustrialization of America does not help.  There is a conversation to be had to get there.  Guys need their wives input because that saves you.  One part does not work.  Having somebody with another view is beneficial.  
  • Bring in intuition and higher levels of consciousness.  Strong push back, cannot have sympathy for them. Have to be a warrior.
  •  Clark County, Las Vegas, Nevada, is a big deal.  A recount will only give you the same number because somebody was in there cooking the books, but in Vegas, Clark County there were specific things that were signed, read, .. envelopes separated from the ballets. If we have a revote, all eyes will be on it, and the mischievousness will not happen. The template works in Vegas even though they have 6 electoral votes.  The real push started right in Las Vegas, and has been the hub for a lot of templates unique in the way the game has been played.  We are proving that and the country should stay focused.  There is a very strong contingent of folks who are pissed off about the Harry Reid crowd, there are a whole bunch of good people in Las Vegas.  The country is waking up that it is not what we were told, and it’s not just a political thing.  People know it intuitively that they have been sold a bill of goods.  We are being scammed by these people as though they are the real america and they are not.  We are going to get them.  Trying to fool people into believing about the vote is such a cooked scam.  People are embarrassed by the whole cheating thing.  That is not America that is mob stuff.  I don’t even think the democratic party will exist after 2022.  Think about the technology shipped offshore, the patents that have been given up.  How are we going to restart America?  
  • We are building for the next 150 years.  Starting clean.  All the promises in the 60’s with technology and space, and yet we have been locked up, trapped, cut off from growth from technology.
  • The planet has so much oil, and we don’t need it only for plastics.  First we are going to lock up a bunch of scumbags, because they want to control us, they are mad and we are going to get the madness locked up.  
  • We are going to get our country back on a trap to provide for our future.  
  • When these deep state assets are actually seized. 
  • Everything they say is dark, vaccines to the moon, and ships, thats somebodies else view for the world, we are going to have a bright future, places to go and do things, this pursuit of the happiness that is part of the American way and get out of this mental slavery, the cult, the MK of us, the people of the planet, and get out of this, cool jobs, solar system, big stuff is coming, with four 4 more beautiful years with greatest growth.  Stuff coming out over the next several years.
  • The people will choose against these slave masters.  Let’s go build a real future. It is not as dark as they like to paint it. 
  • Technology is through the roof and they have kept us in the dark about a lot of things like education.  
  • School yourself up, then talk to your neighbors, and get on the same page, it’s a conversation.  If they have a different viewpoint have a conversation.  At some point you have to move from theory and move into practical.  Applied Sciences. Jump Start the world and get it back on track.  It’s a big world out there, if were are all going basically in the same direction that’s a good thing. 
  • These people that have been hijacking us for so long are definitely being taken out of the picture. 
  • Everyone in the world should read this book.  
  • We are having great success kicking these people in the ass, and we will all come together and will share some things over the next many months in the right context, as we clear some of these things out.  We are going to have some great conversations like in the 50’s and 60’s.  We have to educate the people around us.  That’s why I made the book to give you a tool.  Go have some fun.  Then when your an old man or woman when your grandkids say, what did you do?  “I was a digital warrior, an educator.”  

Reference: Jay Campbell and I talk Archon demonic evil influences impending consciousness shift to 5D.  Michael Jaco, You Tube, Uploaded 11202020.

  • Have to keep that high love vibration.
  • When you’re into  ‘prove it to me’, you don’t have any heart based energy. 
  • Shrill screeching cannot handle the energy coming from the cosmos, and the blocked heart. 100’s of thousand people that are still demonically possessed.  
  • Put your energy with beautiful people.  
  • Right on the edge of consciousness.

Reference: Roseanne Barr with Melody Krell, Roseanne Barr, You Tube, Uploaded 11202020 at 9:36PM PST.

  • Hellooooooo, we get to talk about things that matter. The lessons, 
  • We are watching two sides and in the middle of all that is the why.
  • Empathy seems to be completely devoid now.
  • Now we are finding out China is involved in all this.  
  • The holocaust people had 2 choices – ignore it or get involved. 
  • Totalitarianism works by creating the lie, coming up with the propaganda to support the lie.  The hatred is unwarranted.  We have a chance to get together.  Reuniting humanity.   Your neighbor is supposed to be your friend. Everyone is entitled to have rights. 
  • RB: about the awakening “it’s a continuum, evolution, spiritual nature of things, a new organ being developed and evolving inside the human mind and spirit.  It’s a growth.  We will be able to decipher information in a new way.  We are taking it all in.”
  • Coronavirus isolation and lockdowns, to deal with it living with depression livable. Lack of humanity, thoughtlessness in the choices being made.  We have been the true victims of the psyops.  
  • RB:   “The psyops was to remove empathy.  They have done it, been very successful. Torah says you’re supposed to treat your fellow human beings with dignity.  They forgot all the lies they told us over and over again and it doesn’t even occur that their lies affected us.  And they still think we believe them when they announce Biden as President, its an imperialist mindset, that no reality or intelligence compares.”
  • They have done it to all of us, they keep saying trust science, but it’s not different from Stalin, it’s the same tactics. 
  • RB They dont know that was about state side genocide of captured that were citizens of the state.  So the victim who lived through it tried.
  • Crimes against humanity is what we are dealing with now.  It’s a giant massive conspiracy.  People want to create their own facts.  All these people who really did steal our freedom by stealing our votes has decided that our humanity does not count.  Can look up Rockefeller plan, gates even, CIA, FBI, you can look up this stuff, but people don’t want to look beyond the surface.
  • RB:  “people have been trained to hate facts, they hate god basically, they hate everything that is good which is god.”
  • The UN has no God in it.  Their whole philosophy is based on Lucifer.  A man who said that people who live over 75 years of age are selfish.  
  • RB “Intelligence looks like sanity to imbeciles.  I’d like to know the percentage of Jewish that were put in nursing homes.”
  • “Cuomo sold out NY to reinvent NY.  Not only does he not trust the vaccine, but is going to close bars at 1000 PM and people find it hard to believe that they are targeting Jews, and walking around their neighborhood, these brown shirts, there are no cases from these neighborhoods.  
  • RB  “The majority of jews identify with the democratic party.”
  • The Antifa kids all look like runaways and they look alike. 
  • RB:  “they say a lot of them are CPS, their PTSD and MK Ultra. Americans have had their memory wiped.  
  • How are so many jews voting for Biden especially after the Abramic accords, bringing together muslim and jews.
  •     That is half waypoint.

Reference: Roseann Barr with Cynthia McKinney and Robert David Steele discuss the Georgie “election”, 11202020, Roseann Barr, You Tube, Uploaded 11202020 @9:34PM PST

  • RB “The people need you in Georgia.”
  • CM “Georgia has turned into the laughing stock of the United States. To see the corruption, the electronic voting machines, shows the real problems in our elections, back in 2006 when I was doing my own campaign, I had the same problem, and before that 2002 campaign, the same thing happened with the electronic voting machines.  People have been voting for all these years, and it belongs to Die..b.o.l.d. (spelling) and has become dominion.
  • RB “Look at how they do,”
  • CM “So I am not surprised TC Tucker Carlson, mistreated SP, Sidney Powell, because he did the same thing to me. And was just acting on the DS, Deep State.”
  • RB “Black Americans saved our country.”
  • CM “This is a moment when Blacks in the United States are looking at the Democratic Party and saying we can do better, and being alone is better than being abused.”
  • RB “Like a bad boy.”
  • CM “I had a friend married to one of those guys and sometimes she had a face all puffed up, and the bottom line is what he afforded by beating her up…….
  •  – so yes, this is what’s is about, spousal abuse, and more and more blacks are saying enough, we are going to walk away.
  • RB “Hey when you walk away please take a jew to walk away with you too.  You have to really be willing to hate yourself so bad that you sell out your people for profit, the pro, especially vaccines, and Monsanto donors to the democratic party.
  • RS “Herbert Cane was murdered because the ….
  • RB “I can say this prayer, and all the prayer warriors that pray for President Trump to include Cynthia Mc. in that circle because she has been racially abused by forces that are not citizens of the United States.  She knows the score and is in my heart so please include her.
  • RS “She is a pit bull”
  • RB “Cynthia can with just a few words can knock a whole city on their feet, she is a powerful woman.  No bloodshed at all.”
  • CM “Trump won big and he won black.”

Masculine & Feminine Balance, Michael Jaco, 11202020 You Tube, Uploaded 11202020 @2:48 PM PST

Reference: The dark and light forces and the battle for Masculine Feminine with Carmen Studer. Michael Jaco, 11202020 You Tube, Uploaded 11202020 @ 9:32PM PST.

  • Lightbody help people, student and teacher at the same time
  • Wide Angle Lens – keep an eye on everything particularly the periphery.
  • As I had my wide angle lens, I have been catching things.
  • That wide angle vision activates the alpha state.  We have delta theta brains waives, and can train our minds.  You start to see, more things are revealed to you, Actually learned The Wide Angle Lens in Combat.
  • More people in-love in the world dispels the loosh.
  • As you work through your ascension and vibrate higher doors open the beauty and beast door, the divine feminine as receiving something.
  • Combat Zones, things change. 
  • You can be both in balance male and female.
  • @28:00 he demonstrates surrender.
  • The Scenery is powerful.   The masculine is into something and ready to take it on.
  • The divine feminine works from truth.  
  • The Euphoria you feel, when you share, a lot of guys have that level guy instinctual level of consciousness.  Feel it in your gut.  Tough for a man to share your truth.  It feels good to share the truth and people start to get it.  As I shared my truth more came.  
  • Hero’s journey left the CIA and went into the wilderness.  So, I got “your going to go back.  As you develop these skills and start to share them. 
  •  People think your woo woo living on the fringe, accused of being extremely naive, and I have found I have to keep up, continue to study, keep that fuel running, bible app, have to share it or it will clog up.  
  • The other side of me cannot articulate that quite well, and it’s a constant battle for me to share, but once the sharing happens, more comes to me, like the universe says “nice job” it’s going to reward you.  It’s resistance, and learning to overcome resistance.
  • I really like speaking to Christians, because a lot are closed off on the word psycho, and the bible says the greatest way, the people who are truly connected to god, a resonance that feels so right that it is of god, and not of something evil.  
  • Connection with God on an incredibly deep level has allowed me to be effective. 
  • A lot of connections with source.. It is the bread and the wine. Amazing.
  • Pineal Gland, the Gland in our brain the window to God, it means pine cone, and if you look at the entrance to the Vatican there are two huge pinecones.  They know.  There are rods and cones in the pineal gland. 
  • Crystalline structure.  Also one in the inner ear.  You start to learn how to listen and how to do the connection. 
  • Joseph Campbells Hero With A Thousand Faces.
  • Star Wars theme

LOVEVOLVE heard this statement somewhere and felt it good information to share because KSAMA symbol in LOVEVOLVE is forgiveness and “Forgiveness for the past, for the parents, grandparents, great grandparents, washing the anger, a different kind that helped create illusions and stress.  Slowly let go and not blame ourselves and others.  It is what it is.  It is not your fault for being born into this madness.  The greatest job is looking after yourself.  Place to hang your head, provide the sustenance from which to live on.” Namaste, and may God bless you and your family with love, kindness, peace, charity, faith, hope. God Bless You!


Receiving a hug from AMMA is life changing. Why is her hug life changing? The act of preparation, through driving to the venue, parking the car in the deep underground parking garage of The Hilton LAX, taking the elevator up to the lobby and registering, receiving a ticket to sit in a grouping and move up into place for the hug takes about two (2) hours. It is worth every minute, because you are in meditation, prayer, of giving time and receiving, giving alms and receiving, giving good thoughts of others as they move about the room, saying prayer for others and praying for those thoughts of family letting our own inner worry go, trusting having faith that offering mental burdens is given to the angels or ascended master, like AMMA in real life. All the while, singing, music, is going on, relaxing the inner burdens and struggles let go containing more light by the time the hug is received.

Divine Balance, Divine Light, aligned in harmony with divine is the energy given through AMMA’s hug. However, Amma has live programs that allow you to participate on zoom, while you are in your sacred space, at home, or working you can turn the zoom meeting on, while you listen and multitask, at the same time. Your subconscious mind absorbs the vibration and frequency emitted. https://amma-live.amma.org

There is a Reiki symbol called The Divine Mother. This symbol invokes Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and The Divine Goddess. Inviting Mother Mary into your meditation space evokes blessed good energy. The symbol looks like angel with a round circle at the top and two lines flowing out below the circle as if in an outline of angelic robe and two small curved lines representing wings. See Art by Kat Kem Art


Just looking at the art you are receiving the energy of The Divine Mother, Mother Mary, Reiki I, Universal Life Force Energy and The Masters through The OSHO Reiki Symbol.

Sign up to be on AMMA’s mailing list:


Reference: Tune Inside to Receive the Signal of Grace – From Amma’s Heart – Series – Episode 37 – Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, 11122020, You Tube, Uploaded 11202020.

Listen to Satsang: Online Satsang and Q&A with Swami Dayritananda Puri, Mata Amritanandamayi Math, amritaworld, 04192020, You Tube, Uploaded 11202020 @ 6:23AM PST. https://youtu.be/566f5Av7_OM

Samasthiti Listening. Inviting The Divine Mother here, now.

Reference: Military Spec Ops action taking down deep state actors for transport to Gitmo showing up. Michale Jaco. You Tube, Uploaded 11192020 @9:07PST. https://youtu.be/sjZ1UD5KkFc

  • Helping Everyone by keeping your own EMF wave lengths frequency LOVE vibration, be in these higher states of consciousness.
  • Propose in Clark County NV, do another vote.
  • At a time for thousand of years we have been waiting for. We have done many life times setting this up.
  • Focus more and more on Love, Send Love to everyone.

Charlie Freak Live: What the hell Have They Done to Us and Why? FreakSense TV, 11192020 You Tube, Uploaded 11192020 @ 9:34PST.

  • Grande illusion.
  • Revel Now That Everything is Fake
  • Everything They are doing is to get the fullness of the plan to you, to awake as many people as possible to say “Something is wrong”.
  • Its a big movie and there are no longer key players that are in the movie.
  • Stress created in Families with money to make ends meet the people you love more than anything and this is the back bones of WWIII going back to WWII to achieve turning the entire world into a factory to provide the massive amount of children they needed to be able to satisfy their blood demand, was out of their mind, their physical senses to get by day to day. We all got hoodwinked when we got taken off the land, there were jobs waiting for them in cities. Relaxing under the stars, singing songs, there is no money. No struggle.
  • Usury an endless game.
  • Families were set upon with harsh economic realities.
  • To be able to control and pay off everyone everywhere to look the other way they had to print money
  • Demeaning of the self having to perform ridiculous tasks with no meaning.
  • Alcohol was made legal.
  • They create the game which was rigged against you.
  • Force you through certain pathways like to deal with your deep depression like alcohol is set to destroy you.
  • Realities in 1980’s single parenthood. Mothers left with raising kids on their own.

Reference: Empty Nesters Build Inventive Tiny Home n Yard: No Mortgage! Tiny House Expedition 11132020 You Tube, Uploaded 11192020 @11:08PM https://youtu.be/WEmb8sqKyic

Game Over The The Cabal: The Takedown of the Cabal from A to Z. 11182020, FreakSense TV, You Tube, Uploaded 11192020 @11:13PM PST https://youtu.be/0tC9KWhx8Zk

  • A production by bonfire guy, high res. Focuses on Trilogy that needed to be taken down first –
  • Its only 43 minutes and this is the one to watch.
  • Bonfire guy has created a high production. Huge Thank You to bonfire guy.
    • Trump said: “Transferring power from Washington DC and giving it back to you the people. You will find out.”
    • “Voting for the only leader to stand up to the Chinese Communist Party.”
    • “Bringing Israel together with the Arab nations.
    • “Creating harmony and peace.”
    • “NSA behind all this”. Continue to watch for yourself.
    • FROM LOVEVOLVE: The fruits of the Holy Spirit Matthew. 7:17-20 “Just so , every good tree bears good fruity, and a rotten tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a rotten tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire. So by their fruits you will know them.” “The tradition of the Church lists 12 fruits: Charity, Chastity, Faithfulness, Generosity, Gentleness, Goodness, Joy, Kindness, Modesty, Peace, Patience, Self-Control” (adapted from CCC 1832).
    • Namaste. May god be with you.

Kristave, The Christed Energy

Kristave is a Reiki Symbol. Kristave is round with a light S drawn down the middle with two (2) light crosses drawn in the middle and 14 spirals going out.

LOVEVOLVE KRISTAVE Symbol modifies the energetic complication of the two (2) light crosses in the middle to leaving them out. Suffering no more. We no longer suffer. We are just in the moment. Hence Kristave is a circle with a light S drawn in the middle and Twenty-Two (22) spirals flowing out. See art created by Kat Kem Art <a href="http://<a href='https://fineartamerica.com/featured/gene-r-o-s-i-ty-kat-kem-art.html'><img class='imageShare' src='https://render.fineartamerica.com/images/rendered/share/28460425&domainId=1&#039; alt='Sell Art Online' title='Sell Art Online' style='border: none;'>http://<a href=’https://fineartamerica.com/featured/gene-r-o-s-i-ty-kat-kem-art.html’><img class=’imageShare’ src=’https://render.fineartamerica.com/images/rendered/share/28460425&domainId=1&#8242; alt=’Sell Art Online’ title=’Sell Art Online’ style=’border: none;’></a>

https://fineartamerica.com/featured/gene-r-o-s-i-ty-kat-kem-art. This art piece is The Kristave with word vibration written in the middle “May Our Lives Reflect The Generosity of Jesus with Love Humility Charity.”

To reflect Generosity of Information for your listening and reflection:

Reference: MED BEDS WITH CHARLIE WARD OUT OF THIS WORLD, The Gesara Club, 11182020, You Tube, Uploaded 11182020 @1:02 PST

Reference: October 11, 2020 – 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Welcome to Mass, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Newport Beach, 10112020, You Tube, Uploaded 11182020.

Reference: Louise Hay Leaves The Audience Speechless / One Of The Best Motivational Speeches Ever, 11032020, Just Motivation, You Tube, Uploaded 11182020.

Reference: David Wilcock and Dannion Brinkley: Hidden History of Elections, David Wilcock / Divine Cosmos (OFFICIAL), 11172020 Live, You Tube, Uploaded 11182020.