Sweet Kind Loving Energy Very Balanced Feminine with a cold shifty female coming against her and King regretful.

Reaction and it has to do with you and you are in a good place. Something to do with your fortune and you being independent. A feminine Energy Involved that is definitely a hater and a spiritual hater. Someone is challenged by your independence. Someone is challenged that you are not rejected. AdJudication. Locked in based on previous actions. More than one Masculine Energy Here. – Subconscious and Past. Also this Matriarch. Someones Matriarch and a Karma Feminine That is a spiritual hater and another masculine, have a fear around you that you are doing fine, there is love and romance here, reunion, marriage, knights, people who are challenged by you doing fine. Them dealing with some type of Karma and some type of Romance. Something to do with Work here. King Of Pentacles Reversed. Someone using your gift for lifestyle and appearances. Shapeshifter. Project any image that serves their personal agenda at the moment. KOP Reversed can be very corrupt and materialistic something about you not being rejected and being able to come after you is a big deal, this person has a false sense of vulnerability and entitlement. Poet. This person is good with words. Storyteller in some form of other or they can also make up tales that can harm others. This person is a bully. Hides deep fears. Using lack of money as an excuse not to move forward with life. Not making the right decision, they are using money, not doing well, could be in a relationship. Or they have some type of self destructive devotion. They could be obsessed with you. Delusional Mystic, Detective, voyeuristic, falsifying information, misusing business legal or Criminal authority. A masculine voyeuristic feels vulnerable entitled and they are a shapeshifter. They were trying to march you to the gallows and now they can’t do that. Now they are dealing with Karma. What ever they did its stuck they can’t take it back. Something about the Spiritual Hater, you innocence you fortune, your fresh new start. They wanted this high priestess to do something about your fortune and your independence.

Another Masculine is feeling rejected. King of Pentacles Reversed. Tea Leaf. Waiting for some type of news. This shapeshifter who feels invulnerable. Health. Someone in bad health here. Waiting for news. something is anchored in and for this person its not good news. Could be this Karma, waiting for news. About you, you’r not rejected they can’t keep coming after you. They are challenged because of the spiritual hater. not knowing what they are doing They went to a high priestess in reverse but they don’t know what they are doing in regards to you. Fire strong emotion passion or hate. Someone has passionate hate or passionate love in regards to you and this high priestess energy in reverse and this fortune regarding you they are challenged by that. A problem has to be resolved about passionate hater it all needs to be resolved in regards to this spiritual hater who has passionate love or hate for you. A problem in regards to passionate love. This masculine can’t keep doing something because your not rejected, now they are waiting for some type of news that has to do with spiritual hater or some type of passionate love in regards to you and your great fortune. They are waiting for news to solve this problem. In the subconscious in your past, something about running out of luck. They might be feeling they are losing this persons interest. Or this person feels they need to work harder because they are running out of luck.

In recent past someone tried to let go. This masculine energy is up to no good. Devilish energy. Someone is trying to let go of this devilish energy. It’s sick. They need to let go of this toxic situation or person. Someone holding a grudge. Doesn’t have any money. They want reunion or stop reunion. Someone is seeing someone having this reunion total joy and love. Someone is feeling grudge, this person is losing all their money. They see someone heading to new opportunities.

Whoever this shapeshifter is a masculine from your past. Holding grudge. See this masculine moving forward toward happiness. Definitely some type of manipulation – fake smiles, scares tactics, has to do with marriage, you getting married or someone trying to marry you. Triumphant. Scarcity tactics, you a unbothered. Someone with fake smiles because you are highly though of. A lot of people pretending to be your friend because things are working out for you. You are highly thought of. Someone can’t seem to get out this storm, losing a lot of money, can’t get out of poverty. Apple, temptation will tempt you. Devilish energy magnetic pulling them in. Temptation. They are trying to get out of poverty can’t seem to get away because of the karma.

Birth or Business Opportunity. These people could entice someone with the next best thing. Enticing but they keep returning to the same thing. Someone can’t transform they are in regret. Reconciliation. Someone wants to reconcile with someone they regret. Maybe they regret ghosting you or they are being ghosted. Someone is worried about you, a group, doing something unorthodox. A GROUPY Energy. Someone worried that you use your beneficial intuition to make beneficial changes.

Someone has obstacles to overcome, seek out information that will help you. There is some lie going around. Someone in this energy watching you thier a thief they are stuck. Someone else is watching you moving forward, the thief is having unsettled times needs to plan ahead. This person is waiting for news. Something about news coming. Maybe a lot of this stuff doesn’t make sense at the moment. Definitely a lot about marriage, this is a lot of information so as we get closer, we can get more details – a lot of people involved. Marriage or Business works out. Other people around you , a lot of dysfunction and people trying to overcome based on what they didn’t get after they tried to manipulate and they didn’t get something.

King Of Pentacles Reversed in your energy. Losing money, they are not doing well. A business person failing not managing things, business not going well. very materialistic, corrupt, animalistic, a real antagonist not a good person. Challenge: 9 of pentacles in upright and high priestess in reverse. Someone with a hidden agenda secretive, something having to do with a feminine that is very independent or someone building live well they take care of themselves very independent living a very nice or heading in that direction luxury in this persons life they worked for this they worked for what they have and they applied their skills. As a challenge high priestess reverse is someone who comes across or intuitive they tap into lower vibrational energies someone could do that for someone minding their own business building their own wealth. Something to do with you. Your minding your own business. You have hit certain milestones.

By Divine Decree all fields Be Imbued now with Holy Spirit, KSAMA-Forgiveness, LOVE-4petal Flower Doubled and The Om. By Divine Decree All Fields Be Imbued with Divine Holy Mother Mary Blessed Holy Mother Mary, Mother Mary, Holy Mary Magdalene, Holy Mother Maree, Holy Mother Mary JulieAnn, Holy Mother MaryIrene Holy Mother MaryVirjean, Holy Mother MaryGrace, Holy Mother MaryJoyce, Holy MotherMaryGloria, now. Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord.

Reference: Thieves desperate it’s all backfiring, plotting with old tricks that won’t work & mad your good :). Astraea 5D. You Tube. Uploaded 03192023 @2:56 PM PST. https://youtu.be/TjxhkMZ3Meg

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