“Relax into joyous energy. Imagine that you are physically there right now. Let your memory be as real as this present moment. Feeling brings out a deeper feeling that is happening right now. Sacred pool of energy. Pleasure meditation is like a super spring board. The source of god. The greatest pleasure. Go Deep within the mind surrender to the stillness. Limitless without boundaries, found in a state of being. Requires no thought no memory, simply a deep state of surrender profound relaxation. Without concepts efforts. Do not have to do anything to attain it. Arise at the moment we feel into our lives. Letting go into softening and being. You’ve been conditioned as something that comes from outside the body. The ultimate pleasure comes out of its own accord, when you are ready to receive it. Simply be quiet. Chose to relax your face.”. Reference: Jared Rand, Younglightworkers, You Tube, 12052022, Uploaded 12062022 @6:34 AM PST.

  • Humanity is moving out of the Old Bible.
  • Orthodoxy of old hate death and destruction is rooted out by The Holy Spirit of Love and Care.
  • Mafias of old serving the Orthodoxy are releasing because of The Holy Spirit of Love and Care.
  • Truth of Orthodoxy against humanity is releasing, now, for all to see.
  • Truth of Orthodoxy intellectual greed against living humanity and their arrogance of controlling the Arab telling them what to do is releasing transmuting for all the world to see.
  • The Chinese Generals controlling The United States is from the old old old and require fresh wind of The Holy Spirit of Care and LOVE blown at them full force to back out of The United States Republic lands with their Orthodox Iranians who scream and yell loud words from their Irvine, Ca perch at Culver holding signs yelling at the cars as they pass by, just blowing their hate of humanity to all those who pass and The Fresh Wind of The Holy Spirit of Love and Care blows through their hard hearts of hate stubbornness with Pray The Rosary driving by and blowing LENSOMAI, Divine Mother and Christ Conscious Reiki Symbols at their hard hearts of hate and Wanting Control……….
  • Laugh, Sing, Laugh, Sing blow the Reiki Symbols of Divine Love at the hard hearts of hate stubbornness control rigid We call the Holy Spirit of Love Forgiveness for their trespasses as we forgive those Who Trespass Against Us and Lead Us Not Into Temptation, Lord, But Thank You Lord For Delivering Us From All Evil.
  • Go Home You hard hearts of Iranian Orthodoxy- You are free to stop controlling Orange County, California, now, and return to your own land of your birth.
  • We See You, Your Hate, Your Hard Heart of Psychic Darts, Psychic Arrows OF Hate, Arrogance, Ignorance, Low IQ, now, Release your selves from those born citizens of The United States and take your hard heart of bitterness you Iranians You Chinese Generals and Be Imbued Imbued Imbued With Divine Mother Unconditional Love, The Mary Love – and Go back To Your Home Of Iran and claim for yourself where you can yell and scream all you want at the passing of cars…..
  • Praise The Lord God Almighty for releasing all foreign born hostile hard hearts who spew hate through their eyes their yelling their arrogance their low IQ, from all The Republic of The United States.
  • Praise The Lord god Almighty for the Fresh Wind of The Holy Spirit of Love Kindness Care for blowing through the hard hearts of all foreign who come to the land of the Republic of United States who spew hate may their hate be blown back at them with the same hardness of heart given out and the same volume only 50 times and may it harm none. Thank you Almighty God Holy Spirit of Love Kindness.
  • Close all the universities.
  • Universities are travesty of control and not in alignment with Christ.
  • :By-Divine-Decree-All-Universities-Are-Closed-Now. :All-Foreign-Born-Professors-are-arrested-and-tried-for- treason-to-these-states-of-The-United-States-now-12062022.
  • :By-Divine-Decree-All-Any-One-Foreign-Treasonous-Hard-Hearted-ForeignBorn-Be-CancelledNow-Be-Null-Void-NowReturnBodyToYourForeignLandOfBirthOfORthodoxyGoBackToYourOwnHomeLandYellScreamYourHardHeartsThereWithYourOwnHardHeartPeopleNow.
  • Turn Your Hearts To Mary, Christ Yeshua Divine Mother.
  • By-Divine-Decree-All-Child-Trafficking-Be-Cancelled-Now-All-Business-Be-Cancelled-Now-All-Money-MakingBeCancelledNowOrthodoxyCancelledNow-ReturnToMotherMarychristYeshuaNow.
  • Love So You Evolve Away From Satan Hate Death Destruction Let Mary’s Love Lead and she will not be loud.
  • May The Holy Spirit Of Love Care and Kindness Rule Orange County California and shine with Kristave Energy May all Human Trafficking Stealing of Energy Children Money Be Shown Now To the World. May All Theives have their thieving returned to them now. Thank you Lord Jesus Jeshua, Christ Yeshua Mother Mary Be Upon these hard hearts now.
  • Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord God Almighty, Lord Or Hosts, Father Of all.
  • Thank You Father Of All for your loving protection guidance and care of the survival of the Human Race.


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