:Invite-Holy-Mother-Mary-HereNow-Divine-Mother-Julie-Divine-Mother-Judith-Divine-Mother. :VirJean-Divine-Mother-Irene-Divine-Mother-HEA-7th-Dimensional-SARA-Multi-Dimensional. :Guide-Psychic-Intuitive-Lyrans-Pleidians-higher-self-in-all-fields

    • kindness thru
      • Divine Feminine R E I K I reiki love forgiveness imbued with masters ;kristave divine Mother Mary safe emotional healing ~ lahain ~ divine sweetness and more Divine Mother Mary with a Rose and a Rose all around each of us with more forgiveness joy bliss imbued into all fields going through these days on earth here at 11042022. Raku.
  • So, hello, A Nun, The NUN, compared Mother Teresa, who is a male undercover working for the mafia, to Princess Diana (who maybe perhaps be male since we live in a transgendered world and no one could talk about it before this date 11032022, and there was one other princess of less marketed variety (Probably a real girl).
  • Well, The NUN compared these two actors.
    • who do you think won out as the better of the two?
      • The NUN said Fauci’s Father The Undercover person known as
        • Mother Teresa ~ being the better person!
          • Brainwashed Story
  • Wow, so the nun is telling a woman’s group about this made up story of good vs bad because that’s the way the mafia wanted it to be told so she continues with a lie a spell a brainwashing type of story where the world really continues living in a dream. And this is why Divine Feminine Reiki is so wonderful to work with because you can call them into your field any time when you need forgiveness, when you need love or when you need some of the Mother’s Frequency Energy Love Nourishment.
  • Divine Feminine Reiki Art Symbology Class will teach you how to bring more bliss more joy more compassion less stress more nourishment through Art, through the Drawing and Practice of Creating through color the Symbology of Love, The Symbology of The Divine Mother, The Symbology of The Christ Portal.

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