HandShakes, Catholics and Washing Your Hands.

Invite The Divine Mother Mary and the Divine Love Reiki Symbol with Forgiveness Symbol of The Divine Feminine Reiki System.

  • By Divine Decree Imbue into all fields reading this information may each be imbued, Attuned, Invoked with
  • Forgiveness, as represented by Sanskrit Writing and JHEHOW reiki symbol, along with
  • Love as represented by Divine Love Reiki Symbol looks like a cross but has 4 big beautiful petals, coming from the middle and brings joy and bliss when drawn. Draw over your heart. Begin in the middle. Do this at anytime of the day, especially in Mass, or Catholic Teachings class as this will bring you bliss!
  • Gratitude or Sorry or Penance as represented by the universal symbol known as The Om. Looks like a 3 with a tail coming out at the back bottom of the 3 and little V with a dot behind the top back of the Om……..
  • Holy Spirit. as represented by the universal symbol known as The Dove.
  • Divine Mother Mary Mary Magdalene. As represented by The Divine Feminine Reiki Symbol known as Mary Am.
    • Begins with a 2 inch circle drawn in the middle of a white piece of paper.
    • Use a Blue Color. Preferably A Water Color Crayon, Or Pencil OrOil Pastel, so you can use a water color brush, dip in water and work the lines, expanding the color inside the drawn lines.
    • Below the 2 inch circle draw 2 lines going down and then out toward east and west represents her robes.
    • Draw two half moons behind her shoulders to represent her wings.
    • Draw a Big Circle in the Middle of a White Piece of Paper.
    • Use The Color Yellow. Make sure you use a water color soluble tool, like Crayon, Pencil or Oil Water Soluble Crayon. This will allow you to continue working your drawing into something beautiful drawing, bringing the color between the lines with the paint brush and water.
    • Draw Spirals going out as many as you like, in any color you like. Just have fun.
  • GRACE – Bring grace to you through drawing in the air the letter Z with at least 3 lines coming out of the center of the Z and the Z tail goes out deeper into an interesting type of line, that has a little squiggle, but not much, just enough to give the end of the Z some interest in its line fading out through a short squiggle…….
    • Use a Color you feel you like. Then during the next week notice the grace brought to you through the color you chose.
    • Create a nice piece of Art by using the water color soluble tool. These are made with pencil form, or crayon form, and now even an oil water color form. Very beautiful color comes from these type of water color tools.

The Spirit team has now imbued you sufficiently with these beautiful frequencies.

–A word of caution is to NOT Shake Hands with anyone.

  • Even if they are a nun.
  • Yes, because of Dis Ease.
  • Yes, Covid is a great excuse, but really that person who sticks their hand out can drain, Siphon, Take, Use, your energy
  • Plus, this is a very bad practice of shaking hands, because of COVID.
  • No one should be shaking hands with anyone unless there is a sink with running water nearby to wash away any
    • parasites,
    • germs,
    • lizards extra terrestrial and non terrestrial influences intentions away
    • germs of covid and the lie, the continuing lie.
    • Continuing the lie of Mother Teresa, a male actor, just working for the Mafia.

BE Careful of shaking Hands. It is an old tradition that is meaning less now, since its ties to the energy thief dome and nature of its practice and intent behind the person sticking their hand out. Plus germs, gross germs, and the unavailability of hand washing nearby, like right away after having to shake the hand of someone.


Write me: Love Evolve. 220 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA. 92660.

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