Funtik is my new little friend, a small 2 pound doggie from my brother and his wife, lena. Funtik is a gift because :loveevolve Love Evolve helped my brother be released from that stinky prison in San Antonio that the Karzarian Mafia Extra Terrestrial Beings put him, for showing how the Court System in San Antonio is doing some nasty business against its citizens there in that city. What a mean city to live in. Yet, in 2020 The Lord, allowed me to drive my little van down to Texas from California to visit with my daughter and also brother and his wife.

My brother, is an accountant. He discovered big side business that court system is doing against its citizens. Thieving and stealing from its citizens. Repressing them at the same time. San Antonio is a city in transition and most of its citizens probably do not know what is going on, including me. But, I have heard rumors, that this is the biggest city underground doing business. Nefarious Business. A Business that is not known to the public. A Business so big and vast and so hurtful to the human race, that only a big Holy Spirit Wind of Grace, to un wrap, Un Wind, Un cloak, the underground business to its citizens.

Yet, do the citizens really need to know everything that is going on with the under ground business of San Antonio? Probably not. That is why :loveevolve :Lovevolve, Love Evolve has been intentionally imbued into all fields of San Antonio, Texas, every where I walked and drove between San Antonio and Dallas, Texas, during the 2020 CONvid shut down.

:loveevolve :lovevolve is the business of Holy Spirit – imbued in all fields, with Forgiveness symbol of Sanskrit drawn over all things, people, places there in Texas, and love as represented by the 4 petal flower, looks like a cross but has nice big petals drawn from the center point out into a lovely petal, double time. And gratitude as represented from the OM symbol. And in 2022 :LOVEEVOLVE. includes The Divine Mother.

The Divine Mother is a Reiki Symbol of The Ariel F Hubbard, Hubbard Education, who has given permission to this channel to teach This Symbol through Divine Feminine Reiki. You will have an opportunity to learn about Divine Feminine Reiki, and practice some of its symbols through Art Practices.

To Draw the Divine Mother Symbol begin: 1. Draw a 2 inch circle. 2. Below the 2 inch circle draw two (2) lines down below and going out toward east and west, representing her robes. 3. Draw wings behind by drawing on each side of her a curved line to represent her wings. Voila, you just drew a Divine Feminine Reiki Symbol representing the Divine Mother, which is the 3 in 1 – 1. Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Mother of you, mine is Julie, Grandma is Irene Katherine, Aunt is Judith, Ruth, Uncle Carl, Aunt Ester, Esther.. The ancestors of time.

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