“Hybrid reptilians infiltrated all religions, races and cultures … industry and entertainment … all are being used now to unwind the sins of an alien race with zionistic designs to control the earth
You are witnessing the unwinding of aliens constructs in society”. Reference: “The Angel Network” – #637, Wednesday Oct 26, 2022.

Yes, it is shocking to learn the World Was Controlled by The KarZarian Mafia and They Infiltrated Everything. Looking back over my working life, my married life, and my life as a daughter growing up in the Karzarian controlled Mafia World. We knew intuitively something was going on.

I remember back in 2011, Dr Narayan, from Seattle, who was rooming with Dr. Althea Gray, in New Mexico, looked at my husbands picture and said “You might need to separate from him, because of what they are asking him to do.!” Well, I did separate, and it was painful. But through the years, The Lord, guided myself and showed me not the entire picture, but just enough to know, my husband, who I dropped off at the FBI office in Las Vegas, during the year of 2005, was working.

In 2006, I saw a psychic reader on Coast Highway 1 in Corona Del Mar, who said my husband was with “girls, girls, girls, and driving a fast car.” after seeing this psychic reader person, she showed up in in the local newspaper as being a con artist, and of course being raised in the Christian Church, was not allowed to visit psychics, but I had to know, what was wrong with my husband, and what went wrong with our love?

The “Fast” car, my husband drove, was a 500 S Mercedes, which he bought with my credit card, paying $40,000.00 down for the car. Then I had to pay on this monthly, while trying to make all the other bills work and deal with husbands bad attitude and disrespect because he couldn’t talk to me about what he was doing for business. While everyone else made money with my husbands work effort, including, possibly, this Karzarian Mafia, I was paying the bills, making sure the lights stayed on. I worked as a public school teacher! And because of my age being over the age of 44, I could not obtain full time paid public school teaching work, except for Substitute Teaching, which carried me through until Covid 2020.

During Covid, I imagined a business of giving folks a foot massage, with a warm water bath for the feet, as a mobil healing massage business. And in 2022, We have a Mobil Healing Massage Business working out of a small van. This will include a Human Touch Full Body Massage Chair, and PEMF Mat. Have you ever sat on a PEMF Mat? This will change your life. Also sitting in a Full Body Massage Chair will release all the tension and stress balancing the body out, especially after a night of sleep.

So, I touched on a few points, and in the end, have a viable business ready to go, just need a few more things, but this is ready for sale now.

Write to me at KatherineKem@gmail.com. if you can purchase Mobil Healing at $40,000.00 now in this month of October 2022. Includes the van, the human touch massage chair, and PEMF.

After the new year this business will be higher, because of my working it, and added touches.

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