For All People Worldwide -~:Russel-Jay: Gould. NESARA GESARA

FOR ALL PEOPLE WORLDWIDE -~Russel-Jay: Gould.  NESARA GESARA – AN OVERVIEW ~ Prosperity, Love and Peace For TUM LIGHT CODES SUPER CHANNEL, You Tube, 02272021, Uploaded 02272021.

     Religion, We are seeing horricfic stuff that some of these religions, Vatican, Satanic rituals, child sex trafficking, alot of religions have kept us as slaves, Hollywood collapsing, Sports people and teams, Musicians, all in the plan to suppress Nesara Gesara, many of these people are involved in sex trafficking and adrenochrome.  Education is flawed, not teaching us anything, only communism, socialism.  Suppressing God’s medicine of healing.  Food companies feeding us pesticides, GMO’s, Monsanto.  Dismantling.  Returning back to God’s Medicine.  We were traded on stock exchanges and the cabal kept the money they made on us and did not share any of that money with us.  

  • 1.  1999 a 75 page document was submitted to congress where it sat for little action for a year.  October 10, 2000 bill Clinton signed.  Sept 11, 2001 Alan Greenspan was Scheduled to announce the new US Treasury bank system.  Gesara Nesara.  Bush Senior Ordered the demolition of the world trade center to stop the banking computers.   It wasn’t until President Trump came into office that the ball started rolling again for Gesara Nesara.  
  • 2.  Abolishes the Income Tax, IRS – Employees of IRS will be transferred into the US Treasury.
  • 3.  Creates 14 % Tax of nonessential new items.
  • 4.  Increases benefits to our senior citizens.
  • 5.  Returns constitutional law to all courts and all matters.  (We have had an evil base)
  • 6.  Reinstates the Original Title of Nobility.
  • 7.  Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after Nesara’s announcement.  Return to Constitutional law.  Quantum block chain.
  • 8.  Monitors elections and prevents special interest groups.
  • 9.  New Rainbow currency.   Ends bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin Roosevelt in1933.
  • 10.  Forbids the sale of American Birth certificate records as a chattel, property owned by the  US Department of Transportation.  We were basically a Strawman and a Corporation.  That’s why on our birth certificate our names are in capital letters.  We were traded on various stock exchanges and the cabal did not share any of that money, the cabal kept all the money.  They had us the moment we were born, got our parents signed us over as a Corporation when we were born. 
  • 11.  Initiates a new US Treasury bank system in alignment with Constitutional Law.
  • 12.   Eliminates the Federal Reserve system, operating side by side of the US Treasury for one year in order to eliminate.  
  • 13.  Restores financial privacy.
  • 14.  Retains all courts and judges in constitutional law.  
  • 15.  Ceases all US Military governments worldwide.  
  • 16.  Establishes peace throughout the world.
  • 17.  Release enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes.  There should be no homeless.    Everybody has a home.  
  • Psalms 37:10-11 “In a little while the wicked will disappear.  Tho you look for them, they will be gone.  The lowly will possess the land and wll live in peace and prosperity.
  • 18.  Enables the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies, free energy devices, Tesla, med beds, new technologies health and wellness.  
  •    Moving into energy vibration and freque
  • January 2017, President Trump told the executives of America to put an end to drugs that will reduce many illnesses.  They do have cures, they did not want to give them to us.
  • Welcome to the new earth of Nesara Gesara.

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