“We pray for all families that God may give them healing and that God may console their hearts and souls. Invite loving and gracious god help to live good lives to be faithful with what we have. Blessed are you Lord, God of all creation. Bless the gifts of Able to benefit the salvation of The Lord through Christ The Lord. Blessed is he (and She) who comes in the name of The Lord. Graciously be present to your people O Lord. I grant the Lord be with you, The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. Be good and faithful stewards of the gifts we have received. Remember, the most gracious Mother Mary is any one who seeks your help.”

I Invite The Divine Mother, Mother Mary here now.  Thank you.  


       A Reiki Symbol of The Ariel F Hubbard, Hubbard Education that represents Mother Mary and The Three in One is called The Divine Mother.  The symbol has a circle on top of 2 flowing out lines to represent robes. 

     And wings behind!

This symbol represents The Three In One: 

 1.  Mother Mary.   

 2.  Mary Magdalene.  

3.  The Divine Feminine.

Draw the symbol in the air.  Say I Invite The Presence of The Divine Mother, here now.  Thank you. <a href="http://http://<a href=’https://katkemm.pixels.com/featured/fives-times-the-divine-mother-kat-kem-art.

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Author, Artist, Philosopher.

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