Growing Through Divorce

  • Jim Smoke author of Growing Through Divorce, , 1995, Harvest House Publishers, states: –
  • – “Divorce Can Be A Teacher, if you will let it.
  • – Assume Responsibility for my part, my future.
    • Always remember there is now growth without some pain.”

From The Infinite Star Connections April Monthly Meditation, Doorway To Self. Viviane Chauvet Galactic Healer, You Tube, 05012021. ” You are returning to a more natural state of being ness. Connect to Etheric Realm.

I call upon my higher self the archangel masters, the necessary teachings to fulfill my divine plan. All teachings are gently encoded and my divine essence.

  1. – Breath In
  2. – Breath Out
    1. See your heart chakra golden gate way of light entering the being of your magnificent self presence of inner ancient beings multiple aspects of self. Welcome these aspects as they form unity consciousness all aspects of you reflecting unity consciousness. Calling all soul fractments back to you in their pristine energy. Weaving the becoming of your being – you – allowing each aspect of soul to gently take their place. Every piece of wisdom learned through space and time a deeper sense of root memory of your own soul divine blueprint brings inner gifts and abilities. Naturally balancing all Twelve (12) points of your chakra system the golden light of your being is the sum of knowledge right in front of you like looking at multitude of akashic records to gain a deeper understanding of your own journey so far. Keep breathing remember your heart allow the journey the doorway to self the golden gateway Archangel Michael remember will power of source happier ray of blue source see and feel the shield of Archangel Michael by your side. You are part of a grand plan design. Call on Shield Archangel Michael. Breath In and Breath Out, feel healing happening now.” Reiki Bodhi Sasthyia – Divine Purpose looks like a spiral starts small and moves wider at least 8 spirals long. Negative emotions balancing harmonizing past present future.
    2. “Archangel Jophiel beautiful golden light overcomes lower level addictions opening up higher level faculties feel presence of Archangel Jophiel” Cleanse, Trauma, heart. “Uplifts your spirit brings in ray of illumination in my being. Your body is wise in supporting you. Let your body speak to you remember the language of light keep breathing slowly deeply let everything flow.” Van mobil business, camper van.
    3. “Zadkiel, Tolerance, divine joy, sacred gift masters St. Germaine transmute any negativity revitalize your aspect of being your form. Feel vibrant fire within you beautiful violet flame.
    4. Archangels Meditron – Fruit, honesty with self, integrity, school of learning for self. Ask Show Me Please My Merkaba Of Light. Feel this merkaba of light. You step into Merkaba of light. Ask Archangel Medatron to download the knowledge the tools to connect my life purpose the ancient. Feel the presence of so many sacred geometry inspiration opening new visions for me for my life and remember to breath deeply enjoy the process, let every thing flow.
    5. Archangel Raphael – activate my own ability to heal myself, restore myself, my golden web. You are receiving so much love directly into your heart chakra – a sacred time of love and healing for billions of souls on this Earth – open your heart to them, then understand.
    6. Sacred Rose of Mother Mary – allow this crystalline energy in your heart, be part of your essence your being your welcome to call upon the sacred ray of green light of Archangel Raphael. Accept a healing. Receive healing now.
    7. Archangel Chamuel – Improves love, presences of sacred flame of love, deep love, feel permeating into your body, your thoughts your words, emotional field, your choices, flame of love connecting to your heart. You are an aspect of this flame in action. Bring illumination to all the potential your life has also open the door to possibilities.
    8. Archangel Gabriel – Learn able soul, bring mental order, discipline, a great messenger, allow convey message, feel the presence of the flame of love.
    9. El Moriya – Temple of good will crystallization of your journey allow this master remember your inner gifts inner treasure.” ~ Releasing bitterness, Arrogance transmuting to KSAMA- Forgiveness, LENSOMAI- Flower representing unconditional love, The Om, The Dove – represents The Holy Spirit imbued :love. Understanding the true nature of unconditional love. Guardians of the Earth
    10. Seraphius Bay – Guardian of twelve (12) dimensions, achieve mastery of your mind. Twelve (12) virtues of ascension. Work with Master Seraphius Bay, achieve higher mental faculties, perfectly connected with your heart, allow each wave of frequency be structured, integrated into your body temple within your own light and divinity, feel your own should purpose burning into you. Open your self to new visions new perspectives, cultivate inner peace, allow lower energies to deflect off you, allow yourself to be adaptable. The doorway to self is for you. Give love and gratitude. See and feel your gently integrating returning to your physical body, grounded and perfectly refreshed. 1 2 3 4 5, deep breath in the nose, exhale through the mouth, multitudes of waves downloads allow grounded activating new brain symbioses.”
    11. I am healing my inner self and sometimes that includes the darker emotions. I am confident, I am centered. I am calm. Every telepathic connection animals have. I am focused. I am harmony. I am Joyful. I am loved. I am protected. I am relaxed. I am uplifted. I am divine. I am intuitive. I am truth. I am powerful. I am sacred. I am grounded. I am strong.

Namaste. KK

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