Virtual Teaching. Mandated Reporter.

Psalm 91

The Divine Mother Reiki Symbol of The Ariel F Hubbard Reiki Divination Card was imbued into all fields, along with LENSOMAI, The Kristave, The Osho, The Universal Life Force Power Symbol, The Sanskrit Symbol KSAMA for forgiveness, The Holy Spirit, The Om drawn and visually imbued into all fields with activation before all interaction!  🙂  

-”Spike protein attaches itself.  This is not a vaccine.  Covid Shot  We have a massive brillaint propaganda of genocide.  Those people getting injected are actually the lepers.  They are making healthy people who never would get injected to die.  This is a weapon of massive destruction.  There is something that is being passed to others.  Spike protein poisoning. Says “Medical Murder is being carried out to rid the useless eaters.  The name of the program is known as T4 elimination teams.  It is a methodical set of protocols developed to genocide the population.”

   In these school systems, they say they are Positive Behavior but only for the students not for the teacher.  If the teacher is doing anything positive like sending reiki and telling the demons that are on the child to leave, then that teacher is minimized and kicked out.  The teacher is not allowed to say anything about that behavior of the child or say they feel threatened or unsafe.  The school environments are unsafe and weaponized against the teacher.

      By the 3rd day of Virtual Teaching I was up and running on the mac able to stream google classroom and managed to correct a couple of papers that had been turned into google classroom.  One of the papers I had returned to the student I did not see her answer, because of the way she wrote it. I just did not see the answer, until she pointed it out with the shared screen.  This is an example of digital error on both sides.  No one is wrong here.

     The learning curve is for the teacher, to slow down and read even the question, because the student might start typing right after the question is asked and might not have a space between the end of the question and might not have white space added such as  a double space line between the question and the answer!  The learning curve for the student is to add more white space between the question and the answer.  Remember the reader.  

      I had been told of this particular student’s rage scream active rage scream prior by The Principal.  Never did I realize the magnitude of experiencing hostile arrogant bitter rage hard rage scream until Wednesday morning, during homeroom, the first time period of the day, where the student came into google classroom and her behavior began escalating.  I had also been told that other teachers did not like this class. Most likely because of the screaming rage filled autistic student with a worry demon attached to her frontal lobe.  

     Myself, completely unaware of my grave mistake of not reading the entire question and then maybe finding her answer, 

The Teachers Assistant pulled her out of the google stream.  We did not see her For how long, I cannot remember, but then suddenly she came on and just screamed.  Opened her mouth with her hair wild, almost standing straight out to each side of her head and screamed loud rage flowing out tension behavior at maximum range!  

           When she finished, another student said, ‘Well, I think it’s time to go to math now.!’

         Math class she is in.  

She came on google classroom cryingly gurgled bitterness stream of leaking frustration where I held up a pink quartz pyramid shape crystal and drew the Lesomai, a four (4) petal flower reiki symbol of the Ariel F Hubbard Reiki Divination Card System, with meaning of Unconditional Love.  Drawing the double lensomai while holding up the pink quartz crystal, she was able to take a deep inhale of breath and breathed it out indicating the tension left and her parasympathetic system established equilibrium as she laid her head down into the lap of her caretaker/nanny/helper?

Me, feeling abused by her rage scream, said so.  Said “this must be a hornets nest.”  As in having just completed the Mandated Reporter Training am intensely sensitive.  

   Goofing off in the RV, Livestream 04292021, Good Lion Heals, Uploaded 04212021

     Living his truth


  • Bio Weapon that will kill people
  • High Volume of expected deaths
  • Wait a years time

 Patriot Streetfighter 4/23/21 POWERFUL EXCLUSIVE  UPDATE TODAY. Santas Cooking School, You Tube, Uploaded 04242021.

  • “Jesuit secret society, Paris France, 1540
  •        The church has been vaticanized or poisoned
  • 1500’s another vatican – a son illegitimate, caesar
  • Commissioned by Pope Alexander to paint Jesus from a darker view to a lighter view
  • Why did a dark Jesus?  Because of a racist zionism.
  • Caesar Borgia illigitimate son, homosexual lover of Michealangelo, the lie.  We have been lied to.
  • To declare war on this system of manipulation.
  • Why is it now when we come up to the deep state now, about 
  • 100 bankers 
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Homosexual lover divised plan to assassinate John F Kennedy
  • Died because he was going to break up the CIA in a thousand pieces but he was going to break up the Fed.
  • To take away the Fed from the Kazarian mobsters this is what we call a global declaration of war.
  • Treaty 1213 pope innocent the 3rd and King John of Britain gave control to Britain.
  • British government controlled by the vatican order
  • Temple BAR is the only piece of real estate on earth not owned by the Vatican and Rothschild.
  • Christopher Wren, 33rd degree Mason.  Temple BAR owned by Lucifer.
  • UNderground pedophillia network 
  • Treaty 1302.  Unum Sanctum.  Pope Boniface, name invoked in a seance 1935 where Bill Wilson all souls belong to the Vatican through the birth certificate.  17.7 billion birth certificates are housed at The Vatican Bank.
  • Cover Ups -”  RIDE FOR THE USA – JOIN THE FIGHT – BIGBATUSA.ORG CAPTAIN’S LOG 20210422 .   Bitchute, 04222021, Uploaded 04242021.

  • “Try to get to hotel by midnite each night
  • TMobile hotspot
  • Each morning have a track
  • Lunch with influentials not including Democrats and Republicans
  • Any governor not sponsoring election reform – no thank you.
  • Ride for American.  Join the fight.  Don’t be left behind.  God Bless.”

     I knew I was risking psychic attack by speaking directly to that energy of worry telling it, to leave that child alone, now, in Jeshuas name.  In the back of my memory I knew something was wrong because I had been told other teachers do not like this class and just had a moment in time to speak to that worry spirit of worry hanging in front of her frontal lobe to leave.  

     Then got that blast of rage shame arrogance bitterness spewn out of her at all of us.  The other students? Were silent in response.  

    It’s a dimension  “spirit of worry.”  This tormenting energy was told to leave and imbued with the lensomai, the 4 petal flower reiki symbol, energy with gratitude for its lesson. 

Then during homeroom the school discussed about bringing the students back to school and requiring them to wear a mask all day long and Katherine M Krucker Ph.D states:  “School systems forcing a child to wear a mask all day long is child abuse.” 

   The Mel K Show and Charlie Ward 4/20/2021 EXCLUSIVE UPDATE TODAY NEWS BREAKING.  SIMON PARKES, You Tube, 04212021, Uploaded 042021.

  • Radical Transformation Of Our Country Ending The Nuclear Family.
  • Remote Schooling, data mining all of our children are having dossiers made, you don’t know what they are doing, emotions, color codes, make it very simple like a game, most of the programming, their talking about masking and social distancing and if they didn’t wear the mask they would go to the dean’s office.  
  • CDC about 2.8 million that have died over the last 5 years, the average age is 78.8 and the average age of covid is 78.8.
  • Dr. Fauci said people didn’t die of the flu but from bacteria from the mask.
  • Why are they wearing a mask because people don’t want to get in trouble, I want to respect others.
  • Moderna website says the vaccine is an operating system that reimagines how your DNA works. 
  • Event 201.   Bill Gates and a bunch of media people did a run through for the local people.  This is all about forcing the people into the great reset.
  • PCR test – founder says it is easily manipulated.  Not meant to diagnose what its being used for like it is now.

Elizabeth April

  • Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.
  • Take a Step Back.  Find your center.

      = The best teachers experience the densest of realities and we signed up for it.

GOP Sen . Describes Harrowing Experiences Of Children Being Smuggled Across Border.  Forbes Breaking News, You Tube, 04182021, Uploaded 04222021.

  • To learn more of the devastating circumstances of seeing children brought to the border.
  • Heard of one young boy on foot for months.
  • These children have arrived in our country through abuse.
  • The coyotes smugglers and drug cartels that bring these children to the border are getting richer and richer.  
  • Transnational Corporations

Infertility and the V (Elizabeth April).  Elizabeth April, You Tube, 04212021, Uploaded 04222021.

  1. Alcohol is a poison to our body.
  2. Ingest Alcohol to body=damage=basically drinking unconsciously.
  3. Ingest Alcohol then you put an intention, a vibrational frequency, an intention is a vibration. 
  4.  Vibrational frequency=direction
  5. If you have a shitty intention you will have a shitty direction.
  6. The V can be directed with intention.
  7. I am Able to override environmental influences with intention/vibration.
  8. I am healthy.  I am fertile.  I am a pure source.  I am love. I am wealthy.  I am abundant.

1. Introduction for 15.S12 Blockchain and Money, Fall 2018.  MIT OpenCourseWare, You Tube, 01232020, Uploaded 04222021. – bought XRP, Doge, AAPL.  Feel like it is enough.  Feel weird connected to blockchain.  Pay Attention, Everyone is Ignoring This.  About Phones and Artificial Intelligence.

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    Communist China, Wall Street, Silicon Valley Marketing is forcing Los Angeles Unified School District, students, teachers, administrators to go back to the brick and mortar building and wear a mask ALL day long while being separated by plexiglass for LIES, Deceit to parents, students, administrators, staff. Enough is Enough.


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