20 Minutes Barefoot On Earth


“Grounding, or ‘earthing,’ as some people call it, involves placing your feet directly on the ground without shoes or socks as a barrier. The logic behind this practice relates to the intense negative charge carried by the Earth. This charge is electron-rich, theoretically serving as a good supply of antioxidants and free radical destroying electrons.”

:lovevove to Energies of Students 11 – their extra terrestrial influences transmuting in all fields now.

:lovevolve to Energies of Landmark Arrogance Bitterness Extra Terrestrial  influences transmuting now in all fields now.

https://www.stopworldcontrol.com/fuellmich  “Top Lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: ‘Pandemic is  crime we have the evidence!’   

“The grotesque psychological warfare operation against the American people known as the “Biden presidency” is run out of an underground base in Switzerland, MI6, NSA, FSB, CIA, and other sources agree. The base straddles the borders of Liechtenstein, Austria, and Switzerland, allowing entry from any of those three countries, according to a CIA source. However, despite the overwhelmingly dark story of pandemic doom and “foreign enemies,” in the corporate media, the fact the ruling class has been forced to retreat to Switzerland is actually a sign they are losing the war for the planet

https://youtu.be/JIPoCJ5qbOw   Kerry CASSIDY ALIEN RACES and Black Projects

Khazarian Mafia Running Biden Psy-ops Out of Switzerland, Benjamin Fulford https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi? read=169477”

https://rumble.com/embed/vd1ejd/?pub=4  OVERVIEW OF PLAYING FIELD – KERRY CASSIDY.  Rumble – VIDEO BLOG APRIL 14 2021, KERRY CASSIDY PROJECT CAMELOT.  Uploaded 04152021.

  • Demonitized By YouTube but stopped allowing making money through advertising and that was how I paid rent.  Over 70 million viewers worldwide.  Left the admin part of the Project Camelot Library for free.  Linked on the front page of Project Camelot.   Subscriber section after May 2020 price of $3.00 a month.  $5.00 a month for month to month.  Free Videos available on Bitchute, Rumble, and others.  Over 500 free videos on Project Camelot Library from the past. Telegram, Project Camelot Social Media.  Post Everyday. Project Camelot
  • From a Scientist – The prions found in vaccines are nano.  They jump from person to person from at least 5 years ago.  
  • Prions are proteins wrapped in a certain deceptive way, diabolical characters, attaching to the nano the bio weapon covid-19 and the vaccine that contains the covid-19 vaccine.  
  • Have been talking about this for years from Mark Richards.  
  • AI.  Artificial Intelligence.
  • Crucial, Time Sensitive, About saving Lives – (Project Camelot – about Investigating the secrets and conspiracies in the world, secret space program.  The information contained within is very important.  Crucial Intel embedded into every video blog.  
  • The Transhumanist Agenda.  Terminator Movie.  X Men Movies.  Battlestar Galactica with The Androids.  Meant to wake you up.  Hollywood does it this way.  
  • Super soldier – enhanced psychic abilities.  
  • Create humanity 3.0.
  • Book Rebel Gene – 
  • Covid-19 part of this Transhumanist Agenda.
  • XOPolitics Conference in Spain Henry Deacon, Bob Dean, announced that he had been working on Mars in The Secret Space Program.  
  • Powers that were involved with 9-11 had a whole agenda that they would be rolling out – Viruses, bioweapons, make happen that was written in the bible happen – earth changes, financial reset, eliminating the population.  It would all happen at once.  Disclosure would happen simultaneous.  Controlled disclosure.
  • Dumb down humanity
  • Henry Deacon warned us 16 years ago.  A Lot of these have been rolling out.
  • Secret Space Program / Illuminati / Deep Space – they want a passive super soldier one with super psychic abilities and some people with bio bodies cannot handle covid-19, because we have poor water, poor food, poor air, all intentional all at the root from NEGATIVE ALIEN races that have infiltrated our planet long ago, working with the Dark Magicians or Illuminati.  Reptilians, Draco, Greys, AI robots, races genetically formed created by Reptilians, used by Nordics, who serve the highest bidder.  
  • Take this information and overlay how the news comes in.
  • Johns Hopkins University PR Tests contain NANO, where they actually see the NANO and cannot be stopped by the blood brain barrier and cannot be stopped human to human.  Nano with a prion attached to it becomes even more diabolical. MNRA genetics of the planet.
  • Humans have been bioengineered from the beginning.
  • Asiana Dean talks about various ET races.  12 or more races that contributed their DNA to the vehicle.
  • Vast.  all related to any species out there.
  • Annunaki is invaded by Draco.  Humanoid species from the Pleiades then taken over by the Draco.
  • Some have stronger Reptilian genes.
  • Draco and Reptilian known as maurading species.  They go from planet to planet especially planets that contain humans.  They feed on kundalini energy, Orgon, comes up the spine.
  • Reach Samadi.  Enhances you on so many levels including intellectually. 

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