THE CHRIST HEART IS BLOSSOMING ON EARTH RIGHT NOW & THE MANY MASTERS ARE WAKING UP.The Christ heart is blossoming on earth right now. The many masters are waking up. As you are reading this article you are moving into your mastery and the recognition that you can do something about the state of affairs on the Earth plane right now. The greatest gift you can give the world is always your own enlightenment, always your own open merkaba, always your own joy and always your own peace. For the state of any world is always a reflection of the consciousness of its people. So there is never judgment of any species that are ready to take the next leap in their evolution. The polarity always deepens before the breakthrough of mass consciousness change. So in understanding this you have the choice to dive deep into the illusion or to free yourself and create your own illusion.
The platform for your illusion changes as your vibration rises. Therefore the most important thing is that you open your merkaba. That you open yourselves in meditation and that you recognize the reality that you have helped create in this lifetime. The more you see things as they really are rather than as your filter system would have you believe they are, with the many different influences that have been in your consciousness, the easier it will be to transition to the state of bliss, continual bliss, divine bliss. You have all the tools you ever need with an open merkaba and we encourage you to work towards the ring pass not as we are eager to work with you physically in the galactic council as well as telepathically.
As the emotional climate changes on your Earth you will see many great advantages. Political systems breaking down, old worn out ideologies crumbling and many people who are in the old consciousness destroying themselves – not able to handle the light. Understand that nothing really dies and those not ready for the new Earth will simply be reincarnated on a different planet. But this planet is ready for its graduation. The graduating classes are over the next fifty years for more and more of your species awakening in readiness for the coming golden age of mankind. As you are coming to your work with the Galactic Council you are ready for the golden age. When we discuss the golden age we are talking about the whole of mankind and the whole of Earth. But the golden age is already here. With the different levels of vibration that are on the Earth plane at the moment you can live in paradise. You can live your utopia. You can live with complete freedom and bliss. It is all a matter of what you tune into, what you give focus to and what you believe can happen. Once you invest in your merkaba, in clearing your filter system as has been discussed and brought to you by Metatron in the Clarion Call and the Healing book your personal Eden awaits you.
You will be inspiring and holding many different circles of light. We encourage you to participate physically in these circles, for you to join telepathically with each other. Groups of three and in Groups of seven and then expanding beyond this. The numbers of these groups will multiply but initial core group of three and core group of seven are important to begin with in a new group. Once the establishment of the three has been meditating with the Clarion call and the healing book and expands to seven the group is established in that physical place in the World, that geographical point. We encourage you to start a group no matter where you are on the Earth.
The first group of this kind was initiated by Metatron in New York City and its members have expanded and they will keep expanding. This portal of light is very important for this work. The telepathic connection of each group will magnify the whole and will expand in the different groups all over the globe. This is the preparation, the ground crew ready for the ships landing in the physical as well as communication telepathically. This is important work. Do not underestimate the importance of you beginning a new group of three. For every group of three that multiplies to seven and expands past this will raise their vibration and will anchor the light where they are physically. This will have a magnifying effect on the whole. Your vessels of light are ready and the more preparation you make the smoother your transition will be to your golden light bodies, your fully open merkabas and the life of your dreams.
The complete dropping of fear and the camaraderie and brotherly love in your groups and massive expression of compassion towards all mankind is why you volunteered to come to the Earth in a physical incarnation at this time. Your excitement will build, your passion will expand and your mastery will transcend all dimensions with your merkabas. Your initial expansion with the power of three within your groups will build you up and you will experience collective merkaba travel. Always drink pure water before you go into your circles. And allow yourself to be overshadowed by the heavenly hierarchy. Work through the work books and allow yourselves to drop all pre conceived notions of what is to happen other than understanding that your highest excitement and bliss for your true life path, not influenced by your filter system, your genuine divine joy will reveal itself. Your divine epiphanies will be upon you. All that are reading this are ready for this. You are being infused with divine confidence. Be bold, be brave and be ready for the synchronicities that will show you the way.
Iceland had many warriors of light helping the situation in their transformation. And the change has ripples that are affecting the world. You are now in a position of great communication electronically and more has been learned by the bulk of mankind in the last ten years of your linear time frame than was learned in the previous ten thousand years. This is no mistake that this is happening at the same time that your spiritual lives are taking a leap in understanding. For as you communicate more and more and you understand that the vibration of your thoughts affects the vibration of your world, the transition will be quickened. This quickening analogy was given to you in the film ‘Highlander’ in which the characters who are immortal until they are decapitated by each other reach the state ultimately at the end of the film where there is only one left. “There can be only one”.
This popular film in your collective consciousness was brought to you at the time to give you the concept of oneness for there can be only one and there is only one for all physical emanations are merely mirrors of the broken glass of oneness. And ultimately all beings come home for there is only one. The catalyst for change that happened in Iceland and the peace light that is beaming out to the heavens is there as a beacon of equality and transformation. For there is only one light, there is only one love and it is divine. That one love flows through you all and though you don’t have to have the gruesome excitement of decapitation (Laughs) you will all come to the realization of your divinity. However in this game of life at this linear point of time within your creation, coming to an understanding of the vessel, the consciousness that you inhabit right now is very important. For within this change you are able to go in any direction you decide.
The ships over Iceland are still there magnifying the energy in order to inform humanity that there is a different way and it is a way of peace. It is a way of impeccability and it will transform all from the corrupt, self-serving system that is currently in place.
There is a flower of life pattern surrounding the globe, the Christ grid. It is in all of reality but there is a significant pattern surrounding the Earth, the whole globe. And as you connect into this grid wherever you are it will help you connect to the Akashic records and magnify your efficacy as a divine channel. Make no mistake; no matter your opinion of yourself, you are a divine channel. All you have to do is open up that channel in order to bring yourself into the divine state of bliss. It will transform your work completely in this incarnation.
Uluru – in Australia is a divine portal and there are many ships stationed above this divine place. It is a divine transmitter of energy. The Amartha regularly band around this place and communicate with the ships of light that are stationed above it. There have been many physical meetings here of the sub groups of the Galactic Council. Just being around this divine site magnifies your human potential. There is a portal within this rock that can be accessed with advanced technology and is used by the Amartha and many other different civilizations to enter into many of the underground tunnels that are all over this part of the world. There is much that you will learn about the geology of the Earth that is not understood by your geologists – the actual age of your planet, and what it has been used for.
Uluru is part of the guiding force of your planets navigation when the Earth merkaba is working. You understand your position in your galaxy from what you have deduced from what you have observed and analyzed. But the Earth is also an inter-dimensional ship that is capable of shifting its position. It has already done this several times. However, as it is just now, not being nurtured by your species, not being respected, not being loved the way it needs to be for the merkaba to be opened once again. The concentration of the Galactic Council and the members of your species ready to assimilate these concepts is of the raising of consciousness of mankind. Your Mother Earth needs your love right now and though the Earth will survive, she wishes you to survive as a species. All she needs to help you is your love.
Here we give you the divine meditation –
It’s very important to do this within your groups of three, individually, groups of seven and larger groups also. The more individuals that do this meditation the faster the transition and the easier it will be for you to usher in the golden age of light for all mankind. Sit in meditation –
Send love down to the core of Mother Earth. From your Heart connect into Mother Earth deeply. She feels your love. She is a conscious living being. She appreciates your love and sends it back to your heart.
Feel this bubble of beautiful love expanding from your heart as you connect with your divine Mother. She embraces you, she feeds you the love that you need.
At the same time, from your heart, connect into the Christ grid. The flower of life that surrounds the Earth, send the love from your heart up to the Christ grid.
This magnifies the power of your merkaba. And this energizes the whole of the Earth and all the masters that are on the Earth right now are energizing the grid. That energy is coming back to your heart and energizing you.
Feel this energy expanding from your heart.
You are in a divine golden bubble of love.
This keeps flowing from Mother Earth and anchors you into the Christ grid around the Earth.
Expanding your power from your heart chakra in the divine golden bubble you are in now.
This expands the power in your groups and individually.
Feel this bliss expanding now.
Feel the love transforming you.
This energy is making your merkaba more effective and bringing you to the divine detachment of the understanding that only love is real and that bliss is the state of creation, of manifestation. The more often you do this meditation the better for all beings on the Earth. This will magnify all your efforts.
Robbie Mackenzie
Artist: Carly Taylor”


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