John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (NIV)  John 1:1-2 “The Word was first, the Word present to God, God present to the Word.  The Word was God, in readiness for God from day one.” (The Message)

Reference:  NIV / The Message Parallel Bible.  Copyright 2004, 2006 by Zondervan, Grand Rapids Michigan 49530, U.S.A.

“Lord, you promised you would be where two or three were together. You would be there, and through this time meditating on this text, Mary, Mother of God sitting on the throne, help us, pray for us so that we may understand the mysteries.  All the gospels are written in the resurrection of the light of Jesus.  They are written to put us in touch with the living Lord.  It is with this Lord that all the mystics got in touch with and through suffering we enter the kingdom of god and if anyone wants to follow him we must take up the cross by ourselves.

   Every event in our life marks us as who we are and if we are yielding to the holy spirit all are brought to God everything we said and done has marked us for who we are for all of eternity, and this is true for Lord Jesus Christ and the Church in understanding this allows the birth of jesus his temptations his healings transformed humanity.   Jesus touched us.   Pray The Rosary and meditate on the Hail Mary.   Realities have marked humanity.  Prayers of Christ have a power in them to touch us.  Read the prayers of Christmas, Lenton, Pentecost to see how the Church and the proper power to come into our lives, and it is found in the way the gospels are written.  The gospels are the way we can come into contact with Jesus Christ and The Mysteries.”  Direct Link:  Sunday Mass On Now Live Stream, 04042021 @ 11:00 AM PST 

“Everything is a deep eternal love in disguise.  Use Deep Eternal Love.  I am deeply eternally loved instead of blessed, which says be less.  It is good to know that suffering is our minds, when we only focus on our needs we forget to connect to the soul of others.  When we only live with time money.  All the trauma you have been given is to wake you up from this deep sleepy cycle.  We are to experience the eternal beings we actually are.  We are the children of universal consciousness.  Your inner world is always manifesting reality.  Your thoughts are flowing through you.  You are eternal infinity consciousness who is beyond form and beyond time.  Pure awareness, let go of thoughts that were in your mind yesterday.  Be here now.  Now is where enlightenment is discovered.  Know this, live and breathe within this now.  If you want your life to be fuller get in touch with your eternal essence.  You are an infinite soul who will never cease.”  Reference: Jared Rand Global Guided Meditation Call ~ April 3, 2021 # 1304, Young Light Workers Channel, You Tube, 04032021, Uploaded 04042021. 2015-03-01 Eve Lorgen – Healing The Alien Love Bite, studio9jam, You Tube, 02272016, Uploaded 0404202.    

  • Targeted Partner – Nuances of the Alien love bite and how to get through it, because the first time it happens you fall for it the Magical feeling totally out of this world, a love drug bliss feeling that is addictive.  Drama of love obsession and enchantment phase almost under magical reality of being under a love spell, high empathic profound connection, telepathic, you know what the other person is thinking doing you can have shared dreams and feeling sex drive through the roof kundalini raises creating all kinds of paranormal experience  but aliens enter during the drama of a love obsession so that they were obviously either observing or harvesting getting something out of this whole interaction that they put together.  Sometimes they would disrupt a relationship.  In my Dark Side Of Cupid, energy vampirism is obviously something they do.  Once you have had it happen then you can recognize it more.  A person who has had classic Alien visitation in their family of life, a third party entity using hosting, possessing influencing the relationship they were in.  Several types of beings based on observation from perspective clairvoyant individuals:
  • A being on misophocles, that type of entity that she saw on a book and she saw this image on one of the old solomon books of magic, greys nordic types with this particular man her partner practicing a particular religious practice.  It was these particular beings who were associated with this religious practice and these beings put them together.  The Amy and Thomas case where he was hosted by one who literally fed off her sexual energy and her life force energy.  A pattern, A type of psychopathological being displayed in the partners who where hosted by some kind of entity like a reptilian but not always, behavior narcissistic , emotional vampires, creating emotional highs, and lows, crazy making behaviors affecting their energy fields because they can tap into chakras and heighten sex drive  highs and thats why it is so hard to get out of for these people because of the love drug quality that is actually addictive becasue there is some sort of blissfulness to it. 
  • It probably an ancient methodology about this and although there are technologies that can be behind this.  Some have some form of implant in their body that may not be on a scat scan somewhere on their chakras, cording them to the entity, and that implant may exacerbate certain emotions, could be nanites to cause emotional reaction over and above the normal response.  
  • Basically a woman in a long term marriage with a husband who frequented strip clubs was hosted by an iguana type entity overshadowed over her husband as well as the technology and she did drawings over the strip club and the bank in that particular building and the town where he contracted these entities to begin with. Her husband changed over time, the way he smelled, the way he responded to things, changed over time. 
  • Yeast some sort of control creates cancer candida in the end.  A lot of biological and viruses in this world appear to be not normal to the sphere of things.  Certainly to change our DNA, just like vaccines can change our DNA.  Patrick Jordan wrote a book on that.  They are actually farming us.  
  • Incredibly powerful psychic beings just milking us.  Alien Love Bite in Dark Side of Cupid zeros in on it:  The life force of the purest individual.  They will take and cannot produce it for themselves.  The Movie, Jupiter Ascending, The Gods live a long time feed off us, manipulating earth there is something going on that is a type of business, vampirism going on with certain type of beings who disconnected from source and they become part of hive mind, I have heard of people who “sell their soul to some kind of agenda, emotional drama, stupid, violence, behaviors of psychopathic behaviors wrote about in Dark Side Of Cupid, and they have to elicit those type of things, where they disconnect from the highest spirit and that highest spirit  is used as a puppet to the hive mind.  
  • Reptoid being 8’ tall, different types of interdimensional beings that overshadow and some people can see these things. 
  • We understand the spoken word as a command language.  Hebrew, obeys rules.  
  • There is something that is passed maternally.  Spirit fire of the mother goddess gene that was in the primordial female that was Adrodgenous and it is that gene that they are trying to exploit.  
  • Bloodline families are an occult level that is hidden in terms of programming and how they follow you not only in bloodline but even in genetics from life to life based on your soul, and use high level psychic creative manifestation abilities then use them as dark mother gods in these dark rituals.  A occult programming that traces back to that original gene.  So they have to exploit those and control it and if they cant control it then they have to kill it.
  • These so-called Gods, these big dudes.  Maybe we were genetically modified and changed over time. 
  • Humans give off this love drug, this loosh, it’s better than humans.  They like the dark emotions of despair, longing unrequited love there are beings that feed off worship and devotions.  They feed off us from every single pore and opening, every point they can get juice out of us, we make harmony, sound, psychic emanations, there is all this stuff, we are better than chickens.  
  • Tall Whites, considered a little more friendly, tall with dark eyes.  We give them a delicacy energy tendrils attached to others, karmic connections to others and they amplify that so that these two people come together in this type of love bite situation.  
  • They have to have this type of love source.  If they lose their source, they die naturally.  
  • Sometimes you have the ability because it’s natural.
  • The ones who are natural they try to exploit for whatever needs they have. Deep balck stuff, paranormal abilities and why they take certain people some they use of combat, super soldier type, women use them as psychic occult sexual, clairvoyant abilities, certain element how the kundalini and sexual energy can magnify those abilities, some female milabs, life long abductions greys, reptilians, mantids, military would use them, greys would use them, they get activated by reptilian being because they are really good at that, activating their kundalini energy, out of body and locating, amplify their energy ability the psychic psi abilities.  Military was in conjunction with these aliens.  But the aliens would take over control.  Implant technology and how they manipulate, sexual, ego energy.  Have the entities run you, parasitism type of energy.  There are people who want to care and protect from malevolent people, people in secret programs have been traumatized through childhood, splitting the mind through trauma,  systematic program thru traumas and personalities through entities and programs they link in.  The person can have incredible abilities.  Led and run by these entities and the programs that run them which means they are unhealed and uncleared it takes them further and further away from their true spirit divine self.  In order to take our power back to heal and to clear these people who have been through trauma under a family line you have to break these agreements, contracts, beliefs systems programs and traumas.  A Lot of these belief systems that have been held and run for thousands of years.” End at 54:04.
  • Why the concept LOVE ALL, FORGIVE ALL just doesn’t work and is a dangerous false light trap
  • I do not wish to scare you. I am here to inform you so that you can make better use of your free will and understand one of the huge stepping stones on your path to ascension.
  • Discernment.
  • You need to develop your ability of discernment. It is crucial in these drastically changing times on earth.
  • You are living on a planet where Satan is worshipped. Those who have ruled over you, those who have created the capitalistic system of modern-day slavery for you and those who have entertained you to distract you from it all, they all worship Satan.
  • They perform dark acts of the occult faith that are far more evil than what you can imagine.
  • These evil creatures have been in power on planet earth since the beginning… This has given them plenty of time to infiltrate all and everything.
  • The human race was created with DNA from different species. One being the Pleiadians. This is one of the reasons they are so eager to assist us on our journey to regaining our sovereignty. But other parts of our DNA are Reptilian.
  • Not all who walk in human bodies are of the light. Not all who walk in human bodies are human. A large number of people around the planet not only pretend they are of light but they are convinced themselves that they are…
  • They will tell you all is love and light and let’s be happy and let’s ignore the whole world and ascend into 5D. Some of them tell you every week the liberation of Gaia is happening now.
  • Why is this dangerous?
  • The false light is a corruption by the dark forces. Like those entertainers who distract you and then go home to consume the blood of children. Only that these people do not consume blood but often they are addicts of other substances.
  • Learn to use your discernment.
  • There’s a multitude of different species incarnated in human bodies. Not all of them have souls. There are countless reptilians incarnated in human bodies and they have sent an army of demonic forces to incarnate, possess, and attach themselves to people’s energetic fields.
  • What happens if you send love, light, and forgiveness to a reptilian or demonic creature? It’s a trap in which you are caught and infiltrated!
  • Those who scream the loudest…
  • The teaching that tells you to love everyone is not going to work on your planet. YOU MUST LOVE YOURSELF. YOU MUST FORGIVE YOURSELF. Then you extend that love and forgiveness to those who have wronged you in a neutral way. What does that mean? It means learn to let it go.
  • This means that you do not try to force love them from soul to soul because you were told on your spiritual journey that you’re all created as equally beautiful angelic souls who have forgotten their purity.
  • SOME ARE DEMONIC. In fact, too many are.
  • If you have the need to heal set out the intention for it. Call on your guardian angels and tell them to send you the perfect healer for your issue and they will be placed in your field.
  • Loving YOURSELF is the highest attainment.
  • I love you.
  • We are the family of light.
  • A’HO
  • Aurora Ray
  • Ambassador of the Galactic Federation | Lyran High Council Member | Emissary of The Goddess”  Reference:  Copy and Paste from “Why the concept LOVE ALL, FORGIVE ALL just doesnt work and is a dangerous false light trap.  Uploaded 04042021. 

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