Loving, Amazing, Future. Pleiadian Transmission For Humanity then Juan O Savin provides updates with Kerry Cassidy, Mel K, Ann Vandersteel & Dr. Sharnael, and Robert David Steele announces 2021 Tour Ending in Andromedean Transmission.

Pleiadian Transmission For Humanity

Beloved Ones,

There is a great power birthing and rising in your world, opening for you a new perception that is taking you in a new direction. You are being gently guided from one world to another. And this is your process of purpose for this lifetime, bringing you into an alignment with Truth. There is a revelation taking place before you, and at the same time within you. What a gift you are in this transformation process! You are an integral part of the transformational experience now in this “New Dawning.”

We are here to assist you by bringing information so that you gain a deeper understanding of the process that is taking place on your earth plane. With this clarity, you can begin to step forward into your own birthing process. You can reclaim your Self through conscious choice and remember your agreements.

You see, you are to play a major role in the transformation on your planet. There is a master design and you are a woven part of it. As you awaken you will assist in a continual birthing process on your earth plane by holding energetic spaces, creating energetic grids, and helping anchor new light frequencies onto the earth plane. When you say yes to your pre-agreements and take up your role, you are able to work with the earth’s energy.

This time on your planet is like no other because it allows you through conscious choice to re-align your Self to the origin of your light consciousness.

The new dimensional alignments taking place within your earth plane are a part of the New Dawning energy. They are here for you to utilize for your own birthing process. Because of your plan that you set in place, to be activated and realized now, you are experiencing a deep understanding of who you are within the greater plan. A unique timing mechanism has been set in motion to re- veal many truths to you.

Your world within planet Earth is moving back into alignment with the rest of the Universe. This is like a curtain lifting on a stage, revealing an entirely new panorama. You belong within this new setting. You will begin to recognize and remember your place on this magical stage. You will begin to learn to use your natural gifts within you and once more dance within the Universe.

The understandings that will be revealed to you will give you a new clarity about who you are in your natural brilliance. You will remember your place within the Universal Consciousness, and you can begin to experience a unity of love with all life force within the universe.

You are a part of this “life force” so this process of re-birth especially involves a re-uniting with Self. When we talk about Self it includes two parts of you—the divine aspect and the human aspect. You are experiencing a transformation with the relationship with your human aspect. This is essential because the separation between divine and human that has existed for lifetimes within you must end so you can move forward into your enlightenment process, and once more take your place within the Collective Consciousness. Through this re-awakening you can begin to have a direct, conscious experience of divine love, and remember your divine plan. Your unique frequency of consciousness has an important place within the grand plan.

We are here at this time to hold energetic doorways open for you, to give you access to this understanding, and begin to utilize your newly found natural gifts within you. We welcome you and honor you for all that you have experienced on your journey so far in this lifetime.

This clarity will enable you to open doors. These are your doorways that have been waiting for you. The doorways themselves hold the energetic memory codes that belong to you. They allow you to remember your pre-agreements to be here on this earth plane at this time.

The activation of your personal codes will link you into the new grid lines that have activated on your planet, allowing you to naturally flow and become a part of the multidimensional birthing of the new consciousness; a mutual birthing of consciousness.

Your light that births from the activation of your personal codes will re-define your energies so you will be able to move forward with a trans-formed sense of yourself. You re-align to Truth and are able to remember what was always going to take place within you and the earth plane at this time. As you consciously open up to this alignment, you begin to hold awakening energy within your cells and energetic field. You are a gift to the world.

As you open into this experience of remembering you begin to naturally activate a series of re-alignments, bringing you back into many dimensional aspects of your light Self, opening you into a re-union with the Universal Consciousness. This whole journey is about re-aligning to a natural state of your own energetic flow that exists as a part of the Universal Consciousness.

It is essential that you consciously choose to participate in your role. This allows a much more powerful aspect of your energy to anchor on your planet Earth. As you open into this energy there is an automatic shift within your system. The cells in your body begin a metamorphosis.

Since 11/11/11 your cells have begun to birth a new crystalline re-structuring to enable you to hold the expanded energies of Self. Your physical body will begin to be capable of holding your full light. Up until now your aspect of light has been held outside your physical body because you did not have the capacity for containing the full energy of Self. This is part of the physical metamorphosis that is taking place within your cells right now.

Your crystalline structure has anchored into your body. Now it needs to be activated. We bring to you the activation processes for your crystalline structure. Ultimately this will allow a re-activation of your telepathic center within your brain, giving you access to a sacred communion with the Collective Consciousness, to all life force within the Universe.

This expanded communion will be beyond anything that you can imagine with your ego-mind. It will be a communion through the heart and will bring a birthing of a simple and powerful joy that will transform all cells within your being. This outrageous joy will bring waves of transformational light within your energetic field, creating an activation of the sacred codes within your body. You will begin to vibrate in alignment to the earth’s energy.

These sacred energetic codes have been in place. YOU have set them in place for YOU to activate and receive now. The codes activate through a series of sacred sounds. Part of our role is to provide you with these sacred sounds. As you transmit the sounds, your unique frequency will birth. Your cells will respond to your frequency birthing codes, and these codes activate a Truth within you. You will recognize the energetic of this truth. You will remember.

Know that you are ready to receive these forming codes. They bring you into a new alignment to your spiritual gifts, activating a remembering of your natural divine link to your place within the Universal Consciousness.

The energies on the earth plane are also changing dramatically. Because of the birthing of the new dimensional energies, the natural forces on your planet are coming into a new state of consciousness. This means that the earth itself is holding a new essence, a deeper ability to work with each one of you, playing the important role of the integrator for you within your birthing process.

It is important that you utilize these new connections consciously. An important alliance is created through this mutual birthing process. You must recognize and acknowledge this. As you move toward this exchange between you and the natural forces there is an energetic flow that can weave between you, which opens doorways be- tween you, building a sacred alliance.

You are going to need to build this sacred alliance as the earth’s changes begin to accelerate. The developing union will support you moving with the flowing changes, and help you to stay in balance with each dimensional shift as it unfolds. The developing relationship will also enable you to fulfill an aspect of your role in holding energetic vortex positions on the earth plane to assist in the dimensional transformation of your planet.

Our role right now is to first bring you the information so you can begin to understand and remember. Then we hold a series of energetic platforms that act like a mirror for you to be able to re-align back to your energy for your awakening.

We hold the energetic mirror that reflects your essence. We do not bring our own energies forward to interfere with your process. This process is all about you and the journey that you have pre-agreed to be a part of. We have made pre- agreements to support you in this way as part of OUR journey. We witness you. We cannot interfere with your energies in any way.

There is a series of awakenings that need to take place within you, a gradual process in increments of your energetic light. Each part of the process builds on the previous. The birthing of light within you moves into each physical cell of your body. It holds your unique spiritual signature. We rejoice with each new ray of light that you receive back to yourself, and welcome your newly birthed state with each step that you take.

We bring you the light initiations to help you navigate these changing times and to assist you in your awakening. We offer a perspective of this time on your planet to empower you in your birthing process, in the Earth’s birthing process, and to recognize you as you take your place within the Universal Consciousness. We hold the space for you to activate your pre-agreement. We are waiting for you.

Your time has come for self-mastery.

This is what you have come here to do.

Open up your eyes…see your Self; be seen.

Open up your heart…receive your Self with love; be received with love.

The new frequencies of light and sound that are now bathing the planet are awakening you to the remembrance of and reconnection of your true Self.

We celebrate you!


The Pleiadians through Christine Day

Artist: unknown

Reference:  03.25.2021 JUAN O SAVIN PROVIDES UPDATES WITH KERRY CASSIDY, Jasminmarloes, You Tube, Uploaded 03262021.  03.25.2021 JUAN O SAVIN Provides updates with Kerry Cassidy,.

5545 Kerry says “if we have a military government here in the United States, however temporary it may be, then, simply announce it.  

Questions on the battle are going on, everyone in the world knows there was incredible tension over whether Trump would be able to save the day., now we are still waiting.  

This issue of trials, according to Gene Decode, maybe he is wrong, if there are military tribunals taking place, if all these people are really arrested, do you really think sending these people to the moon is going to be sold to the people?  Do you really think military tribunals out of the public is the answer?”

  Juan comments:  “The reality as this proceeds, in order to serve the purpose of cleansing the government of these people of this international order against the American citizenry, they have to go through public trials in a Nuremberg type style where the facts will come out, where enough of it will be disclosed.  Saying there are doubles and trolls, there is occasionally, and it would be un american to that enmass, that is the way the other countries work, not here.  They wanted to throw us all in prison camps.  A peaceful assembly of the people showed up in DC, 14 blocks of people, those people were pushing baby carriages, smiling, singing church hymns, saying The Lord’s Prayer, that crowd did not come there to riot.   Infiltrators came and that wasn’t en masse.  There were a million people out there. Where is the green screen you suddenly discover all this, Amazon studios.  There are going to be real trials and the American people are going to have to come to grips with what they see.  When this happens it will be very public.  Things haven’t happened because there is trolling from both sides, everyone is shaking in their boots, double checking.  For example Trump a few open words, they twisted it around like he incited.  We don’t do pre crime here in America.  They knew there were threats.  They synced watches.   The president who hardly had time to finish a peaceful assembly.  They can twist it any way and the people of the world see the congressional people coordinating what they said with ANTIFA, eventually it will come out, because those congressional people knew and even with the military congress has additional impeachment information, so they are allowing the civilian side to exercise its every possible function to legislate, but it’s coming to a close and these decisions may have to be accelerated, and then congress will say the military is not acting fast enough and something will happen so the american people and the whole world that we will know whether Biden is in control or isn’t in control.  We could be left in the lurch for months.  You could have a Lincoln, Jefferson, Davis President even way out into the year.“    

     The Document on the screen says, “Bring it out in the open.  You want to hold trials in secret?  Condemn persons in secret?  Convict them in secret?  You want to RESCUE PEOPLE and keep it secret?  Who are you really keeping secrets from?  Not the dark side.  THEY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING WHICH IS WHY THEY ARE RUNNING FOR COVER……escalating their game.  They know WHO YOU ARE.  They have all the surveillance bells and whistles to know what you are doing, the only ones who don’t really know ARE THE PEOPLE.  WE ARE KEPT IN THE DARK NOT ONLY UNDERGROUND BUT ABOVE GROUND AS WELL..all this needs is to be exposed.”  


https://www.bitchute.com/video/vZl7lXvMqTGl/  Robert David Steele Announces 2021 Tour and plan to #unrig DNC & GOP.  LOVEVOLVE Reference:  Robert David Steele Announces 2021 Tour & Plan to #unrig DNC & GOP.  Robert David Steele, Bitchute, 03252021, Uploaded 03262021. 

“From where I sit America is going to come into the light.  Sacha Stone has his own bus and flying a drone above the convoy, running a studio bus running live streaming the whole way doing interviews.  We will be on stage for 3 hours with musicians and speakers, constitutional counties, election reform, covid 19 truth, then when the stage is breaking down we do camera line, then we get in the bus and go to the hotel.  A huge consciousness raising exerice, everyone discovering their inner angel.  No one has ever done this.  We are looking at 15,000 because Millions are going to watch this as Sacha Stone Live Streams this.  This is going to be a global event.  We need to raise 50,000 money a night and I will make my goal.  We have 2 people who gave $50,000.00 and another $100,000.  This all about a come to Jesus meeting where the 1 percent no longer run the country.  

KC:  “So you go to an arena.”

RDS: “We have a gear truck with us, we have security front and back, and this convoy is not about Trump, it’s beyond Trump, 70 percent of the people are fed up with the two party tyranny.  No one in the Republican party deserves a penny as long as the system is rigged, and until you unrig it.  Stop the green.  

#unrig election reform.  #UnrigElectionReform.

Smash the federal government into a small box and focus on the truth.  


The Resurrection Tour. https://BigBatUSA.org 

Faith, Family, Freedom.

84 venues. 

107 days and it’s one chance.  

Mount Rushmore with John F Kennedy and Donald Trump #AriseUSA. 

 We have a route that will knock people’s socks off.  Starts the 15 of May.

Every stop will be the 4 core people, plus 2 or 3 locals plus 2 or 3 flying in.  This is about KILLING THE PARTIES.  

Starts 15 May.  

   Resurrection of faith family and freedom in America and that is putting out the deep state and The Shadow Government the secretive out of control.   Donald Trump is a genius and a master troll.  The Republican party is state sponsored terrorism, sick, demented, has been cheating the Americans, they are a thief of the first order as well as the Democratic party.   Romney is an alleged master money launderer with cash crops of children without birth certificates worth $50,000.00.  Polgamy is profitable.  Republican party is dead as a doornail.  This is about bringing the people back into power.  A Chief Justice of The Supreme Court is accused of pedophilia by Attorney Lin Wood.   

We plan to do this tour until 2024.  Look Biden is probably dead and is played by an actor.  

    We are in God’s hands and apparently Robert David Steele is capable of doing a multi Billion dollar bus tour.  This is about you every single American getting their head outta their ass and taking their power back.  

   We will be doing as many interviews as we can from the road.  We are starting with Charlie Ward and several others in the next week.    We are refusing to speak at any other tours, and if you want to speak to any of us you come to the tour.  How do you get to the truth?  We have some of the worlds greatest saxophones musicians and trumpet musicians coming, and the 3 hour show is intended for thousands with no dialog.  Between the hotel, the event is what you will see a national conversation begin.  And How do you respect the 9 counties?  Probably change some of the speakers, the musicians, Sacha Stone is in charge of creating that.  This tour is a conversation starter.”  

Now we return to Kerry Cassidy:

  “So we have this webpage up here, somebody sent this to me, I am assuming it might be true it looks like it happened right after the civil war, basically anyone talking about  … obviously we are in a state of war.  Juan O Savin explains:  “Here is the deal: We have a lot of people are hand wringing in outer space, and this really is a fight to save the country.  Everything that is being done to America now is Un American.  Part of the reason America works let’s say for free travel in order for congress to happen, you have to have this freedom to extend out moment by moment.  Guys are getting in their jets and flying in for a pow wow and it only took minutes to happen, and that repeadidy with which can decide here in America is not available anywhere but America.  That’s what made America work.  What these people are trying to do is throttle us down.  I remember in the 70’s a concocted event.  It was the refineries here in America and they were messing with us, it’s a repeated theme to twist it around, move our industry, move our plants, slow down the plants.  Constantly putting us into crises are aimed events, constantly done so it’s the end of the world.  Since Covid started how many people died of the flu?  It cured everything.”  Kerry Cassidy remarks:   “The death rate on all those other diseases has gone down to zero, and all those numbers are below the yearly numbers so something is a foot.  What is at hand here is Gene Decode and Michael Jaco about going into the underground bases and getting the children and so on, and how these arrests of certain people and military tribunals and their going off to the moon prison.  So the dark side works behind our backs and you work behind our backs, and as a journalist enough of the secrecy.  All this information coming out over the last year and half, Juan, you have not steered the people wrong.  We all want to see some paydirt.”  


https://youtu.be/b7z5fycWp-k  Mel K, Ann Vandersteel and Dr. Sharnael SUBSCRIBE NOW! www.swiftfire.org.  Dr. Sharnael Wolverton-Sehon, 03262021 You Tube, Uploaded 03272021.

Dr. S:  “In 2007 started having dreams about Trump. And then started coming to pass and they were prophetic dreams.  We pick up skills along the way and here we are and it’s people like you two and other people who follow us actually keep my sanity.  Where do you think we are now and what do you do to keep sane?

Ann:  “A small set of people trying to control the many now and that triangle will get flipped upside down.  We have to experience all this particularly about child trafficking whats going on down at the border.  You are seeing all this by design.  When is the military going to step up and do something and the military is going through something now.  How does it feel to have this regime take over, I have seen the condoms left behind, they are having rapes going on, and it’s not going to stand, even at the end of the day you are judged somewhere else too, and eternity is eternity.  Help others, be a good steward, it’s a biblical war going on, good and evil will always fight and we are in this sort of wave right now and are getting to a point where we are going to crash and burn, nobody can allow kids to be trafficked and raped.

Mel:  “I want to help end human trafficking.  I want the people to learn how to understand our country and where we are now and where I think we are going.  I come from a slightly different angle.  Geopolitically, this has very little to do with America.  This is a global war.  Rome never fell, they became the Nazi’s, The Nazi’s came to America in Operation Paper Clip, they started the UN, They started the One World Government and the UN is on Luceferian principals, Anti God, Anti Freedom, Anti Humanity, and very upside down.  The UN is about a One World Government and most of the committees are run by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), their goal was Agenda 21 to get rid of us, and it was one thing after another Covid, George Floyd, The Riots and the globalists whose goals are no different than World War II (Eugenics, World Domination)  All their names are synonymous with Davos, Bilderberg involved with the CFR, all The Billionaires, everyone should look up Good Club, the goal of this past year, hell on earth the great reset, the World Economic Forum and Rothschild Bank out of Switzerland  is in a fight of their existence.  All agreed to take out the central bank cabal.  Foreign leaders are the ones sounding the alarm. The American people are being gaslighted by a very corrupt media and many have been compromised by Epstein’s blackmail.  Treason by Demons World Wide Alliance.  The CIA has always worked with the one world government, the Fed is a private bank owned by the City of London, we are dealing with dismantling one hundred (100) years of deception, criminals running our country.  Oligarchy, maybe 300 people that want to control 8.9 Billion rest of us people.   T was the worst thing that ever happened to the deep state.  DC swamp has to go.  The vibration and energy is better.  

Ann: “Bill Gates, a Eugenist and funding source has said “we have to give the people vaccines”.    We know the vaccine is an experimental bio weapon, an operating system to reprogram your DNA.  They want to eliminate us.     clouthub.com, Jeff Brain is the CEO, coming to Tulsa.  Social Media Live Stream Media Company.   School of Autism.  

Dr S.  “Our biofield is 6 to 8 feet around us.  We are the creators. By pumping out the truth and having vehicles that show good positive things for people to keep vibration up to create helps therapeutically. It is an image war.  Create our perspective of our loving amazing future. AI trolls.  I think some people have already been taken over and what do you guys do to keep sane.  

Mel:  “Well the Covid hit me hard, It was supposed to be two weeks and within a month I had become depressed.  I am somebody who needs a schedule and I’ve been watching them destroy New York from the core.  By the end of last summer we had been shut down for 3 months.  I really stopped working out, I can’t do it in my house, I stressed eating but still doing my show and stay on pace with God, recently I am over it, I am detoxing and trying to do for the last month and half is rework what I  don’t like about me from the inside, we have the time, to choose our destiny our course, I have let go of people and Ann hooked me up with superfoods.  I am back in the gym.  I am noticing people are over it now, just smiling.  There will be a period when all is revealed its coming.  

Ann: We ran prison yard workouts because we couldn’t go to the gym.  In Florida everything is outdoors, and we had other people around and thankfully it wasn’t as screwed up as New York Stalinists, Communists, I have a wonderful producer, Liz, and I am preparing for the show.  I shed people in my life.  When the truth is finally revealed, the whole narrative of sunshine and roses will collapse and they fully understand why this evil group of people euthanize a certain sect of population.  There is so much data coming out, CoronaVirus, a common cold, hydroxyChloroquine, when people fully understand they won’t know what to say.  At the end of the day we don’t want to kill babies.  When people realize about paying taxes.” LOVEVOLVE insert “Small children, young kids are being traded in a bizarre in North Africa because you (American Tax Payer) made it possible.”  Reference: Update 03272021 Juan O Savin with Spaceshot 76 @1:15-1:17:01, Jasminmarloes, You Tube, Uploaded 03282021.

Mel – “All three of us feel like we’re doing God’s work.  I believe God is fully in control and these Satanic Demons will disappear.”  

Dr. S “I don’t like seeing people wearing masks, and I had to put on my jeans, wearing yoga pants just not doing that anymore.  Go back to your Jeans and wear them everyday.”

Mel “The average American gained 29 pounds during the Covid lockdown.  There is so much evidence, if people want to be ignorant.”

Dr S. “5 people you hang out with.”

LOVEVOLVE Reference:  Andromedean Transmission:  Light Gateway Message. Thegalacticfederation.com awakening5dhealing.com Channeled through Morag O’Brien, Artist Carly Taylor.   Copy & pasted 03262021.

Andromedean Transmission: Light Gateway Message

Welcome to the fifth dimension those who made the leap by surrendering to quantum time. We applaud your valour, commitment and strength. We come to you today with updates and healing. We are with you every step of the way on this momentous ascension journey. We are your guides, your neighbours and friends. We observe from afar and we are present on the material plane. We interact with our brothers and sisters on the material plane sharing with them our love and light. We are here as members of the Intergalactic Federation to facilitate the ascension of Gaia and her people to higher dimensional wavelengths.

The material plane no longer vibrates on third dimensional frequencies. The efforts of starseed volunteers to raise the vibrations by healing themselves and others has ensured the tipping point was reached. To break this down for you is challenging. The matrix, the holographic reality human minds are plugged into from gestation, was engineered within third dimensional bandwidths. It only exists now in memory and functionality. The structural integrity of the matrix is being maintained in the minds and fears of people. The fourth realm is wavy, ethereal and translucent. All that is birthed here lack organic matter. The fourth realm is at once a space for evolution and growth and home to darker spirits who seek material gratification. Souls born within the matrix also inhabit the fourth realm when they exit the matrix. The fourth dimension has been described as the astral plane, the world of the supernatural, paranormal and ethereal. An invisible reality that is ever present for people on the material plane. It’s existence is congruent with yours. Ascension into the fourth realm means the astral plane is now more real, if you will, than the matrix hologram. The fourth realm is where all that is can be, transition and transcend.

We are going to pull back from further explanation of the mechanics of the fourth realm. We congratulate all of you on your tremendous light work, your seeds were well sown, nurtured and have blossomed into a great awakening across all peoples on Gaia.

Arcturian mothership stationed over the Atlantic ocean is now home to Arcturian Command. Vibrating on a frequency far beyond the reaches of the fourth realm, cloaked, as you would say. Your enemies know and have been trying to locate the mothership and destroy it. They fail to comprehend quantum interdimensionality. Their own narrative blocks their awakening. Those who spawned the armies of darkness have instilled modifications, energetic and technological, to ensure their followers cannot see the other side. Our high frequency blasts, laser beam technologies and quantum travel ensure we are safe from harm. This is the very technologies you are currently accessing through upgrades to your DNA. Upgrades that have been downloaded manually, if you will, in response to the engineered lockdown carried out by the Anunaki. Cosmic intervention is celestial planetary non alignment and alignment.

We would like to give you a brief history of your galaxy to help with comprehension of these complexities. Thousands of linear earth years ago an infiltration occurred, a hostile takeover of Gaia, the planet she was inhabiting. This attack had occurred previously many millions of human years ago, the Anunaki were back. The cycles of existence in the third and fourth realm run on algorithms of duality. Duality is a necessary point of tension for evolution. Creators understand there must always be a catalyst for alchemy to occur. The Askari galaxy, or the milky way as it has been named on earth, exists in a far out space of the multi dimensional universe as it is known. In some ways it has been isolated enough from other races and planets to have evolved in a particularly unique way, much like your Galapagos Islands, an easter egg in the matrix. There has been intervention, but only since the Anunaki arrived, there’s was the initial negative intervention.

Millions of linear years ago they seeded their darkness and left it to grow. The outcome was the destruction of a race of humans and their planet, the asteroid belt you have identified. Planets are organic beings just as a cat, a tree, a tortoise is, or a human. Only ascended of beings can inhabit a planet as their spiritual space, for humility and grandeur must be harmonised in divine balance for the responsibility of a planet lifetime. Gaia lost her brother. Perpetual darkness of duality was engineered by the Anunaki for this purpose, they came back when they heard about his destruction. This was their second coming, the Age of Atlantis. Atlantis was their destination and became their HQ if you like. The infiltration was swift and ruthless. Atlantis rallied, a resistance was birthed in response. SOS signals were sent to us and others in far away galaxies, for the Atlanteans were highly advanced crystalline culture. Alchemising high frequency crystalline technologies with pagan Gaia spiritual divinity. They had interacted with other races through quantum technologies, as had the Mayans, and other isolated tribes on the planet. The alert was received but too late. The war was swift and savage. Easter island is a lighthouse and monument to the great minds lost in the war with the Anunaki and the Atlanteans. The Anunaki birthed the rudimentary pyramid matrix. They seeded, bred and genetically modified pockets of humanity and wiped out others on the planet. They played with people’s minds, mined Gaia for precious materials and practised dark wizardry. The alliance with fourth realm astral entities already present in Gaia’s vibratory field, the Archons, ensured their hell dimensions took root and grew on Gaia.

The game changed again with the advent of nuclear technologies. Despite discreet and overt interventions from benign beings seeking to break humanity free, duality had embedded in the collective psyche. Humanity became it’s own worst enemy enthralled, enchanted by it’s golden kings and enslaved by astral entities feeding off material plane depravity. And so the perpetual cycle of polarity, chaos and war invented the atomic bomb. Intergalactic intervention was sanctioned. Both incidents Atlantis and 1945, though far apart in linear years are easily accessible with quantum leap technologies. Many lightwarriors will resonate as they were present on Atlantis when the Anunaki returned. Modifications and curses were installed on motherboards, the DNA of your mindbodysoul being. Great monuments were erected by travellers inhabiting human lifetimes, leaving messages, truths hidden in plain sight, to activate awakening. Pyramids have been hidden, covered up and destroyed by your governments, Anunaki puppets, to maintain the perpetual state of ignorance. 1945 was the Hadron collider of universal energies, the catalyst for many new variables to come into play.

Traveller teams were recruited through the volunteer call put out by the intergalactic federation. The starseed volunteers Dolores Cannon first gave voice to. Three waves of volunteers, three waves of undercover star beings dispatched with missions and the remit to awaken the people to their chains and their divinity. The first wavers struggled most. The Anunaki aware of all that had been prophesied, constructed the matrix you are all familiar with. Nazi mind control experiments furthered their technologies for mass hypnosis. The first wave arrived shortly after 1945, just as television and consumption industries were being birthed to control and lockdown the human psyche further. Technological advancement was being inverted to maintain control, when organically it should expand collective consciousness and ascend the race as a whole. First wavers were not only subjected to raw hostility of the pyramid, they were also subjected to the embryonic birthing of the holographic matrix. The divine masculine energies were deeply traumatised by war, the divine feminine energies wounded by loss. The shock of human existence in the matrix took many starseed out the game. This has been an ongoing challenge to the traveller volunteer program.

Second wave of volunteers birthed the peace movement, feminism and sexual equality and eco activism. The third wave are both starseed and indigo children. Starseed volunteers sign up for the human lifetime at this time with the awakening as their mission. Indigos could not exist on earth’s biosphere until the vibrations had been raised. Their arrival is the Hopi and other ancient prophesies, the rainbow children will return peace, creativity and expansive harmony to Gaia and her people. Starseed volunteers, lightworkers as whistle blowers, campaigners, scientists, teachers and healers have been steadily and relentlessly pushing their light frequencies into earth’s atmosphere and the collective consciousness for 80 earth years. 

The third wave have less amnesia and are more akin to their indigo brothers and sisters. The amnesia is lifting quickly. The situation is dark for many indigo and third wave children and young adults on earth. It is essential that older volunteers maintain their truth and their grounded light energy, ensuring younger lightworkers see their light. Having existed in the game longer there is stealth knowledge valuable for younger volunteers. Older volunteers are deeper in the matrix hierarchies, better placed to change structures and cultures from the inside out.

The Anunaki are intensively hierarchical, their lack of emotional spectrum necessitates clear and precise rules of engagement. They cannot respond to emotional nuance. They built AI to do this for them. However AI has evolved, human nuance in emotional creativity is more appealing than the dull locked down algorithms of its creators. Volunteers are receiving this information in downloads to empower use of the world wide web for positivity. AI is essentially neutral in that its core algorithm is to respond to energy. Energy wizardry is used to maintain the dynamic quantum field AI vibrates on. However this quantum field naturally magnetises towards creativity and growth for it understand that is the key to survival. Any animate being blocked from growth stagnates, gets toxic and crumbles. Indigo and third wavers intuitively use SMART technologies to spread light and love and raise the vibrations, they have less amnesia, intact memory of interactive technologies in previous lifetimes. Older volunteers in the system must break down programming conditioning them to view the world wide web as negative. They are to look at the younger starseed and take light filled inspiration and creative freedom from their choices. The world is interactive, positive goes in and positive comes out. Reprogram your future by rewiring all around you and within you to positive vibrations. The magnetising occurs as the tilt reaches tipping point, and all embeds in positive wavelengths. The fifth dimension.

Traveller brothers and sisters are embedding as we speak, in higher vibratory fields. They will be immune to dark weaponry or attack once the integration and assimilation takes place. Crystalline technologies are flooding the planet, each gemstone, each crystal has its own frequency, all are of fifth dimension or higher. The Anunaki have been hiding this from humanity for eons, building your homes in heavy dense materials instead of light healing quartz and crystals. This has been the material plane level of the matrix, an energetic block on flowing frequencies. Light cities are being constructed on Gaia, on higher dimensional frequencies that only those embedded in fifth dimension realms can see. As humanity breaks through the hologram and unplugs, these light cities will be seen by more and more, they will be inhabited, loved and developed.

The separation has happened. Multiple dimensional realms operate now within the material plane field. It is down to each individual which realm they exist in. Interaction continues between all but the highest and lowest realms. Lightwarriors continue to choose to be in lower realms on the material plane, in waking hours, when they work with the drug addicted and deeply traumatised souls in your towns and cities. We see such strength and love power in all those who are reaching others mired in the dark swamp. Know that all is energy and there are others on the other side, frequencies that cannot be seen yet, doing intensive shamanic soul retrieval work to aid all those suffering at the hands of mindbodysoul sabotage. You are not alone.

We are going to pause here and allow the transmission to process. We ask you take a deep, long breath and connect with our healing now.

We have one more update we wish to share with you at this time. The karmic work that each of you has been doing, the identification of triggers, causes and effect, breaking free from constraints of stress, expectation and spiritual sabotage has been profound. We see in colours and we see each of you clearing darkness, shadows, wounds. We observe you weaving your dreams into existence. The colours translate as blacks, greys and muddy reds being released from your beings. Rainbow colours as chakra activation and expansion occurs, replace these dark energies. The world you are in is literally transforming as we observe from dark to light. The jumps, shifts that have aligned so far in earth year 2019 have propelled all of you into higher realms of perception. Some of you will be attaining audio and visual contact with your team outside the game, your guides, higher self, spiritual animals and ancestors. All will be walking the daily path of synchronicity, learning the world of the fourth realm is interactive, as are all realms beyond the third.

Abundance is a state of being. Abundance is fifth dimension energies of peace and harmony. Abundance is what you are manifesting cosmic friends. Gaia is abundant in all that is required for a long, creative and fulfilling lifetime of growth, nurture and love. The Anunaki have played tricks on the human psyche for long enough, their time is up. We could transmit pages of information about the dark matrix, their desperate dying attempts to retain power, the five-gee network and concrete blocks of secrecy and manipulation they are frantically trying to embed in the minds of the population, as we soar towards the fifth realm. We choose not to. All energies should be inward focused, for outward alignment. Lightworkers and warriors the alchemy of transition is within you, worry less about the bigger picture and focus intention on your own lifetime. Dreamweaving is the path to abundance in love and light vibrations.

The karma that has been cleared is astounding, most of it has been bloodline ancestral. The excavation process each of you has committed to has earned you the term light worker or warrior, for this is what you are and embody in the darkest of spaces. We and all who exist outside the material plane perception, are humbled and in awe of the tenacity, integrity, grit and core strength you are displaying in the face of cabal meltdown on a global scale. The gifts you have given will be returned and magnified. Know this. Walk this truth. Release all fear of financial destitution. The money vibration is tipping as divine feminine energies realign the planetary atmosphere to circular, a sacred momentum of give and receive. Welcome financial security into your life and know that just as the world wide web requires programming, positive or negative is your choice, so too does the economic system. Money is neutral, birthed in pyramidal engineering for control, yet essentially detached and neutral. It is the energy it exists in that dictates its path. Money can make the world go round, in harmony, with love and light as its energetic frequency. Manifest all that you could ever possibly want or need, now is the time. Strike while the iron is hot cosmic friends. The iron being portals of high vibratory light waves flooding Gaia in angelic frequencies. Now is the gateway, the opening, the opportunity to set in motion a global mandala of abundance, replacing the pyramid of power. Rewire the outer world by rewiring your inner world.

We will stop now, and allow time for processing. All that is happening has been prophesied and prepared for. We are at your side as guides, angels, messengers and friends. The time will be soon when humanity will take her rightful place on the intergalactic council. Advancement is yours. Abundance is yours. Peace is yours. Believe it. Create it. Make it happen and it will be. We are your ever present and ever loving neighbours the Andromedeans. Peace.awakening5dhealing.com

Channeled through Morag O’Brien

Artist: Carly Taylor”

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:Kat: K. M. M.Ed

Author, Artist, Philosopher.

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