China Lie.

  • Chinese people wearing masks? Reality? or Lie?
  • China does not know Christ.
  • China has rejected the teachings of The Catholic Church and therefore, Christ.
  • The one and only church is The Catholic Church and all other religions come from this church.
  • The Prayers, The Scriptures, the Positive Vibrational Frequency of having Faith, Hope and Love work:
  • – in healing the soul within
  • – helping the human being on how to:
    • conduct themselves with:
    • love
    • kindness
    • thru Christ and with the help of the Holy Spirit.
  • With the world of China emissaries wearing a double mask – why even look your way China. Gross to you China. China, you are Disgusting and deserve every the anger coming to your way because of your rejection of Christ.

China, You have had Missionary’s, spiritual workers from all the world and spiritual traditions living and working with your people to bring love and kindness thru Christ. Yet, here you sit in this visible position of your yang, unloving, hate frequency by wearing a double mask over your face, your ugly face, your shameful face. What are you hiding, China? You China leaders hate yourself by wearing such mask in public forum and thinking this is a model for the rest of the world to adopt.

For all the Spiritual Workers who went to China your work has been wasted because China still does not show love and kindness. Reject everything from China. China Does Not Have Christ is Their Heart.

China is showing their disgust for themselves and their people. Tell the truth China. China cannot be trusted at all. China, Sorry you keep forcing your mask on the people of the United States, tell why you hate living in a body, tell why you hate yourself so much that you have to include the rest of the world in your hate. Tell what happened, China. And Stop trying to force your yang, ungodly frequency on the United States.

By Divine Decree LOVEVOLVE INVOKES The Holy Spirit, now in the lie China continues to perpetrate, The KSAMA – forgiveness vibration as represented in the Sanskrit symbol KSAMA, and The Forgiveness Reiki Symbol, now, as China continues to lie and not tell the truth. The LENSOMAI, the double LENSOMAI, as represented in the reiki symbol. and The Om through prayer, and scripture reading, now. Namaste.

LOVEVOLVE Reference: US-China meeting breaks into tense confrontation on camera, CNN, 03182021, You Tube, Uploaded 03202021.

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