SATURN / Satan (Restriction) EMPIRE Balance with JUPITER (Expansion)

Reference: SATANIC EMPIRE RAW: Sean Stone with Jordan Maxwell- Part 2, Robert David Steele #UNRIG, 02272021, BITCHUTE, Uploaded 02282021.
  • “Because America is no longer a republic, we are a Corporation called United States Corporation. it is a confederation of confederates.
  • Corporations cannot make law. It is just a private company.
  • United States Corporation cannot make laws.
  • They have to make policies.
  • Catholic Church is not the Catholic Church that people think it is. Think of it as a continuation of the Roman Empire. Babylonian.
  • Babylonian Cult masquerades as Christianity. Its a cult.
  • The Pope has said the god owns the whole earth and gave it to his son Jesus. The Pope said he will take over the possession of the earth for Jesus and when he comes back then he will give it back.
  • Thats why they go to the Vatican.
  • What god are they actually worshiping.
  • Fish god. Ones. Enki. Fish God of the Babylonian Fish God is who the Pope actually represents and that is why he wears that strange hat.
  • We are being lead down a fishy path.
  • Vatican made a deal with King of England. Caesar ruled all the Roman Empire as his own. When he moved his armies into England, York England was a center of power for Roman Caesars.
  • Empire State. Roman Empire officially moved into United States.
  • America was given to the King of England.
  • Under Fee Simple Arrangement.
  • Most people don’t know anything about this story.
  • Cult aspect. Cult Forces and we see glimpses of it through rituals.
  • Cremation of Care sacrifice a mock child.
  • Two (2) forces are really at work.
  • In Egypt written on the side of the temple.
  • Pharaoh walking around the nile one day and he looked up and there was a silver disk. The silver disk talked to him. Told him to build a new city and the symbol for the new city will be you and you will oversight the new city. symbolized by a rising sun over a mountain range. Make sure you tell the people that the sun represents ATON, Almighty God. we will make sure (UFO) that the whole entire world will accept the ATON religion and today that is exactly what happened. All the armies of the world have the same. Worship ATON. You should never use his name but you can use Pharaoh tetra gram. 4 Hebrew letters inside of the sun. TETRAGRAM ATON. ATON is the masters of all nations. And that is why the Jews have told us use the word GRAM ATON. The people of the world do not understand this. They are worshipping the ATON. The rising sun over a mountain range.
  • We are all partaking in a ritual.
  • We do not have any ownership of the earth.
  • There is only so much land available.
  • Man equals Land.
  • Therefore there is no more land being discovered in North America.
  • Commercalize man and making him a security for the Federal Reserve.
  • We do not have money to pay back interest.
  • Commerce of man. On every single man woman child in America 9.6 Million dollars. You will see an advertisement on my website for a research website. Go in the folder for the documents and one of the very first documents is how the Vatican Owns You, and how you have to pay the rent for everything to the Vatican and The King of England.
  • If you send cash to the Federal Reserve they burn it immediately. They want the land. They want to own your house and your living quarters.
  • What is the reason the purpose of blood sacrifice, energy feeding on humans. It shows respect for the Divine God over us.
  • The Almighty God is nothing more than the fish god. Dressed in a fishes garb. Explains it all in detail. The Pope and power base in the Vatican is devoted to the Fish God.
  • Private website. People have to knowingly join your website.
  • Everything you think you own you do not own.
  • Its a complete mess in theology that we are having to deal with today.
  • Egyptian Sun God is the power behind Religions, Education, Military over the Earth. We are messing around Egyptian Sun Gods.
  • America is considered the New Egypt. Mississippi River.
  • Anki. Difficult subject. We are being run by criminals, our country is in the hands of profoundly evil criminals, using us, as security. So when we retire we quit our job and go home. We get social security. We are the security. Body Social. As long as you go to work everyday and pay your bills you are securing.
  • Corporation being a Corpse. Not living. Drowned men. Lost at Sea.
  • Manly Hall – Focused on the positive side –
  • Where do the Masons fit in? –
    • Based on readily understanding situation and being able to teach the people about how the world is operating. There are guilds and lodges where the people meet.
    • Manly Hall was not a Mason but he was accepted as a Mason. He was well informed, brilliant, well placed in free masonry. Given positions. He never promoted any particular religious belief. Taught about where the different religions came from. He taught the wisdom and knowledge. In the face-of being honest he had to say yes it is dark it is bad but here is what is going on whether you like it or not, through the secret societies and fraternal orders.
  • Legally preparing the world for the new dawn.
  • Whatever these powerful people in the world are putting together is not going to work. Because the creator has created each one of us with different longings, realities and personalities. Not going to get everyone to agree and its not going to work. Causing all of us to be put in a straight jacket, go home and shut up, we hope you die. Tyrannical leaders today have fascists moron ideas, playing the same identical game that has always been played. ITS NOT GOING TO WORK.”

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