SATANIC EMPIRE RAW: Sean Stone with Dr. Jan Halper

APA Reference: RAW: Sean stone with dr. Jan halper[Video file]. (n.d.). Retrieved February 28, 2021, from

Reference: RAW: Sean Stone with Dr. Jan Halper, Robert David Steele, 02272021, BITCHUTE, Uploaded 02282021.

Dr. Jan Halper Organizational Psychology, Entertainment, Politics, and trying to understand the psychology of the world we are living in. Satanic is reversed. Dogmatic perspective perpetuated by a liberal media

  • Dr. Halper was curious as to why people were turning their inheritance and life savings over to a swaami. She got involved with tax issues for expats which made her incredibly aware between the true difference that those of who think about independence, liberty. It is their loss of their soul, the loss of their thinking ability.
  • The same message and words hypotheses people which gives people labels. So when they have labels they do not have to think anymore.
  • Questioning the nature of lockdown, peoples businesses, forcing people to wear masks, the overall dialectic republican states were more free democrats so called science is abysmal. False science of I am a democrat so then I have to wear a mask. Alt right, politically. Indicative of how they control people. Once they categorize you, you are a toxic person.
  • They have been conditioned to never take responsibilities for their thinking which is to blame. Then you do not have any responsibility to accept your actions. Rather deep for them, that they truly believe. Look at Nancy Pelosi, known for 40 years, wrote her own rules, and had her hair done, and she could not accept her responsibility but blame the single mother and have her salon closed. They have no perspective of the damage they do. Because their perspective is the damage was done to them. They do not realize the damage they are doing to the culture, because they are telling us they do not have the ability to think or have critical judgement, and are latching onto a few phrases.
  • Sociopathic.
  • Socio paths have long been in power.
  • Harnessed to be successful because you have no empathy. Its about the individual, gobble up, hoard everything I can get my hands on, greed, excess for self, you cannot trust the universe, it has to be about me, my bloodline, my DNA for survival.
  • So called success in our world is all around sociopathic behavior.
  • The bottom line is Do Not Label Anyone.
  • Deal with the actual behavior or emotions that are expressed.
  • These poor helpless democrats think that everyone is out to control them, and instead of thinking how can I be in control or what can I do, I feel powerless therefore I will act powerful. There is all kinds of insecurity going on with them.
  • Sociopaths and empathy – Howard Gardner’s seven (7) different types, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal – my ability to understand myself.
  • Those that try to control other people never look in the mirror.
    • (LOVEVOLVE EXAMPLE – A very large obese female cursed at the person was shopping with who does not wear masks, cursing at her to better get away from her, a threat and using foul abusive language. Yet, in her cart was all sugar food, and she is obvious obese and wearing a double mask, thereby breathing in more of her own carbon dioxide into her already under worked lungs.
    • This obese lady with a shopping cart full of sugar food, wearing a double mask and violently cursing at another person for not wearing a mask – Never looked the mirror at her own self.
    • Sugar is an immune killer. If you have low immune system do not eat sugar. Try to delete sugar, white sugar, fake sugar out of your diet. Agave is good in small doses, and does not raise blood sugar levels. Stevia is better since its plant based, but buy organic and hold to your heart chakra to ask if your body can handle it. If you move forward that is a yes, if your body moves back ward that is a no.)
  • We had a Professor who believed in the Genetics. She showed us picture with Britney Spears and Madonna kissing. Then she said this is what the democrats look at. But the republicans look at the breasts and necklaces.
  • We have to think about what these students coming out of University.
  • Professor’s idea of terrorism.
  • Emotional reactions that people feel therefore it is. Not therefore I Am. Therefore this is reality and anything that comes into play goes against it is immediately rejected.
  • They do not know how to assimilate.
  • Emotional manipulation.
  • Effective blackmail for students coming out of University.
  • Distorted Reality.
  • Rejection of Logic.
  • The people that control them have figured it out. I only know how to blame, therefore you made me feel this way. Therefore people punish and decide it is hurtful and this craziness is distorting reality.
  • Rejection of Logic. They may not have been taught to value logic. This Professor did not value Logic, and valued that Liberals come from their emotions.
  • Smells, Pheromones, emit certain smells. Professor told these kids that she did this experience where she did not have clothes on for 24 hours.
  • Those Professors were from the Vietnam War and probably did a lot of drugs, what has made them decide to brainwash their students, because they fought for independence.
  • An overall hatred of America with Liberal Psychology.
  • Liberal Extremist exceptional genocide. Roman Empire coming in a slaughtering. Every country is built on genocide.
  • Exceptional hatred of America being perpetrated by an oligarchy perceptive a ruling class financial power conservable money the idea they are looking to create one world government. Its about controlling economies.
  • Exaggerated response for Pandemic. Complete global order for controlling society. Essentially what socialism is about. Liberals states will pay for college, welfare, how about the state controlling your access to information, income, and if your not a compliant citizen with the regime then you don’t get money.
  • Espousing Universal income. Those who pay you can also take it away.
  • Hatred of America – Attitude and belief in socialism, why have these professors have taken this position when they are part of the baby boomers when they had a life financed freedom wise and the potential movement opened up for them and they have decided to tell their students that it is better to be dependent. It feels like a betrayal from these Professors. Gosh my life was so great but I am angry at someone or I thought it should be different and I am just going to tell you that you should not be grateful. The ability to feel gratitude is lacking in a portion of our culture. You would think these professors because they grew their hair long and stood up for freedom and they somehow don’t want that to happen for the people they are educating. They could experiment and non of this is being taught to them or conveyed to them. Some of these Professors are bitter they want to make life horrible for the people they are teaching.
  • Level of Oligarchy agenda is clear – they want to control. They want a Communist China Model of ownership. State is just working in conjunction with Silicon Valley. Socialpaths, demonic, entities that take possession of some people.
  • They have all been brainwashed because they all want to belong and agree. Because disagreement is a no no.
  • Four Thousand men interviewed – Oligarchy – They had power, Braniff Airlines another one in Dallas, we used to be able to fly and we could fly between airlines, and Braniff kept all the ticket stock. Gathering it all up forcing into bankruptcy, and they do not think they are not doing anything wrong, and if I can get you to lose then I can feel good about myself. (Its all about getting your money, taking every good from you for them, with zero consideration for your welfare and being.)
  • How unhappy they are with themselves, because if I can put you down, then I can make you lose. I am going to blame you I am not going to make responsibility.
  • When Biden came into office he had no plan for the vaccine. I need to blame you to build myself up. They come from a weakened standpoint. Their core of self esteem is only to feel any kind of power if I make you powerless.
  • Harvard, WestPoint is element of elitism, that I am better than you.
  • Oligarchy because they had so much power for so many years they do not know how to lose. (Terrified People – Oligarchs)
  • It all goes back to gratitude for food, home and simple life. Our cells and our bodies are functioning and this is the awakening happening now taking us to appreciation.
  • The negatives of this pandemic got people to slow down and figure out their values. Everything on the outside has nothing to do with who we are.
  • You are not who are you because of this title and what club you belong to.
  • Its okay to feel, learn how to feel, figure out how you can bring everyone along with you.
  • There is this divine feminine energy and its not about replacing replacing masculine worship phallic repressive alpha male. Its about becoming more sensitive more in tune, and how can we use our heart feelings center to govern and this is where ultimate battles transmute. Trust inner knowing, intuition, better discernment.
  • Mind lacks connection to source. (HOWEVER – LOVEVOLVE suggests reading scripture because this is the only tool the only book used through the centuries of time to help humanity through the ups and downs of living. Also go to church, fill your mind with good positive thoughts, love, acceptance, hope, faith.)

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