God is Speaking-But Are We Ready to Listen?

Reference: God is Speaking-But Are We Ready to Listen? – Bishop Barron’s Sunday Sermon. 01172021, Bishop Robert Barron, You Tube, Uploaded 01172021.

Have returned to Ordinary Time.

-First Book of Samuel

-Eli discerning the voice of god.

-Samuels mother, Hannah, married to Elkinah but is childless and year after year she goes up to the temple and prays. She prays with moving lips, and was accused of being drunk early in the morning.

-The Lord eventually hears the prayers of Hannah.

  • Once Samuel was weened she returned him to the temple. What god had given to her, she had given back to god. The loop. Divine light increases in us.
    • Samuel being raised by Eli.
    • Sleeping in the temple of The Lord.
    • Sleep is a symbol of lack of spiritual attention.
    • Embodied by Eli and his not being very spiritually alert. Eli has 2 sons who abuse the people who are meant to serve. Corrupt sons. A time of secularism and corruption.
    • Because Eli’s sons are corrupt and does nothing to solve the problem and could this be the reason they are not hearing the voice of god? It is bit alike our own time, secularism, corruption in the church.
      • Sasha Stone says (Sacha Stone on Near Term Good News For Homo Sapiens, Bitchute, 01162021) “Praetorian Guard is what matters. Joke will be on Luciferian deviants. After April this is the first time in history when we are able to have and see a clear picture of how we got here, how we got here as plantation slaves and its a direct line to Babylon, The Pharaohs to Caananite straight to the Vatican, Council of Nicia, weaponizing Christianity turning the cross upside down. 325-328 AD Judeah and The Roman Empire, The Kazarians spun off that issued off that Vatican consolidation and The Templars, so banking and mafiosio set into play and amalgamated into Switzerland 1300’s Black Nobility is where it really got dark and dirty with the Jesuits, the Masons, the Illuminiati 1776 the birth of America. America was always about preserving the Luciferian Sabbatian Escelan. It is all about going to be flipped, The Christed flame going through middle America, we are paying far too much attention to what is weazing out of Silicon Valley.
      • Go back to the quittance of all faiths and the mystical traditions, Rome is burning, The Vatican is falling, cardinal complex is not standing in the light, The Christed message, the true Christian faith will not die with the collapse, the Benedictine Monks are aware of the horror gone on at the Vatican.”
    • God is not one voice among many. God is a hidden voice, it is hard to discern and on the 3rd attempt Samuel goes to Eli. Eli figures it out, Samuel understands Speak Lord your servant is listening. God says to Samuel, disaster is going to be visited upon Israel, predicts the death of and then it comes true. The Philistines and Israel fall into battle the ark of the covenant is taken, stolen. Yes, in deed this disaster was visited upon Israel.
    • So when a time when high priests are corrupt financially abusive, sexually, and not responding to the people disaster visited Israel. The church has been passing through a period of corruption and last 25 years disaster has visited upon our church. The church has been passing through a terrible time of chastisement. It is a bleak difficult message.
    • In the midst of all of this god is raising up Samuel, becomes of age anointing providing over the spiritual revival of a nation. God is about his work of salvation and that is why he called Samuel. Great teachers, great saints who will carry forward the life of the church.
    • God continues to raise up Samuels. Find them in our time. God bless you.”
      • According to (bitchute Biden To Surrender U.S. To China, Psyop Revealed Washington Preparing For Large Scale War, 01162021 by wil paranormal) “Gates, Amazon buying up land. Billionaires are building up massive lands. Engineered coming. Billionaires know their value of dollars will plunge go near zero and the Billionaires are converting their dollars to things that are real, which is gold and silver and land. War coming in The United States. Online personalities promising you Trump is going to win is a CIA Psyop. They use it to lull people into inaction while the hammer is being dropped all around them, looks like the United States is about to be a military operation and Chinese occupation of the United States is the next move. PRC Under CCP remains free to target the United States government for espionage. PRC poses as the single threat to America. Targets information systems, exploitable data through cyber means. Chinese infiltration of the departments of the US government. We are under attack of the Communist Chinese Government. We are in a time of war.
      • There are fake accounts, massive AI super computers, AI systems that are running the disinformation ops on social media. They are able to mimic human emotions, a neurolinguistic model in order to tie into peoples emotions to campaign bad actions. Trolling, attacking to cause massive confusion.
      • Project Marteyr False flag assassination plan to Assassinate Biden and blame it on conservatives. Goal is to cause chaos, destruction and have trumps people blamed.
        • Marxist radicals and communists plan on taking the guns. They don’t want Biden in office, they want Harris and it would prohibit election fraud.
        • Militarization of DC is only the beginning. Planning to set up the United States for Militarianism.
        • FBI trying to recruit people for Project Marteyr. Recruiting scapegoats right now. Use it for nationwide gun confiscation.
        • If Trump has a plan to save America, he is not going to put it on You Tube.
        • Expect FBI to bomb big tech and blame it.
        • No free speech, total lockdown, vaccines across the country, rush to people 65 years of age and older.
        • Vaccine genocide and military takeover is scenario we are dealing with.
        • Trump declared fema emergency January 11.
        • Trump is in charge already. Blue states are sending National Guards to DC. 10 x’s military presence than Afghanistan. DC in lockdown, under electromatic jamming.
        • Joe Biden may be planning to surrender to Communist China and the minute he is sworn in The United States is surrendered to Communist China.
        • Expecting incoming airborne attacks.
        • 42,000 National Guards in DC with 7′ tall Fence.
        • Tennessee, North Georgia, 40 Foot containers from COSCO showing up in Colorado, the club k containers that house cruise missiles from China. The top opens up and they can launch cruise missiles via China. China sends out a missile command. These containers are showing up and DC is being locked up like war is coming.
        • Martial Law in America if necessary.
        • Declas is coming. Trumps big high stack of documents released.
        • 2016 Leftist outraged about Trump election. hardly any security compared to today. Why the build up?
          • Theory all these troops arrest deep state players.
          • Or Orwellian show.
          • 75,000 Chinese Troops stationed in Canada and 250,000 in Mexico and they will rush in once Biden is sworn in. They would come into occupy. that would cause a massive uprising of patriots across the country and we would be at war. Chinese troops won’t make it that far but it doesn’t mean they won’t try it.
          • Communist Party loyalists that are ready to be activated. Students at Universities Chinese subs setting off missiles and remember we have all been manipulated into this by communist Chinese sympathizers and CNN.
          • Antifa members ran the whole thing. To create anarchy in the country.
          • Democrats wanted to make sure Biden is in so the country gets turned over to Communist China. China is the greatest threat. Have to cut off economic ties and stop funding chinese companies that funnel their money to their military.
          • Pompeo is recognizing Taiwan as its own independent country.
          • Undeclared war between the United States and China.”

Reference: All Will Be Revealed – Sedona Psychic Speak 1/15/2021, Joseph P Anthony, You Tube, Uploaded 01172021.

  • Don’t dip into fear and lose faith and derail the promenade timeline we are on.
  • Keep your light high. Hold onto the faith.
  • If you are still in the mindset that Biden is a good guy, then zip your lips and if you haven’t figured it out yet, that’s fine because its all about to be revealed. willful ignorance of the people is about to be shattered.
  • Liberals Biden supporters we still love you, you got to see this about liberty freedom, big tech is suppressing everything. The astrology is indicating humanity is going to break free from something. It is already happening it is taking place.
  • Lots happening. Italian secret service. All roads lead to Vatican corruption starts there.
  • Troops in DC, about 12 states heavily stationed.
  • Megan is a prophetic dreamer. Vision of 3 giants caught red handed. The Crown, Vatican, and Washington DC that have been collaborating in election fraud.
  • Antifa Militant arm.
  • Cabal issued deep state lap top secret places around the globe.
  • Confess their sins to the group, their true sexuality and then the people would vote on whether they are sincere and whether they would be forgiven.
  • Timelines.
    • Things shifting on a daily basis.
    • Hope is not lost.
    • This is not the end.
    • Powerful New Moon rocks DC possible scenario the military takes over.
    • Strong possibility they will go ahead with the inauguration in the Supreme Court. They use sound stages with actors. They have used professional cameras and sets to alter reality. Hologram of the Pope.
    • Hologram looks like the person is in the room with you. Nothing is as it seems a big show going on right now.
    • Patriots and ones on the right are literally trying to get this country back on track. Don’t see Biden being president. So there is an event that takes place. Date to watch is the 19th. Internet could go dark or these 12 states and cities go dark. We have already had power outages, Berlin, Afghanistan. Before everything would go dark broadcast all the evidence and then let everything go dark.
    • Executive order that had to do with Chinese companies and the Communist Chinese companies influencing. Misleading the public, committing acts of treason.
    • Breaking down Republic of China. Hong Kong proximity to China, Biden paid so handsomely by Communist Chinese Party invade Taiwan and US sit on their hands.
    • Dates to watch the 19th, the 20th and all the way through January.
    • Emergency Broadcast System.
    • Trumps not going anywhere. In the shadows. Military running the show.
    • Many people are brainwashed. Doing this quickly could lead to a lot of civil unrest, and we want a quiet revolution returning the power back to the people without innocent lives lost.
    • Yes the financial system is changing. Biological blockchain.
    • There is no intention to decimate the economy or erase anyones debts.
    • Do not go spend money. You will get burned. No more speculation over the currencies. You do not need to be a Billionaire to be in service to the light. Adopt and innerstand reciprocity. If you are not producing, how can you be of service.
    • Don’t go out and charge up massive credit cards.
    • Plan for the future of America is very strategic.
    • Until you are vibrating at the frequency of wealth and rethink your relationship with money and why you think you need that much money.
    • Getting rid of the criminal cabal. Military is in control. Keep the faith. Schuman resonance is really high right now.
    • January 17, 20, 24 look for events. Based on astrology.
    • Mightiest Military on the planet.
    • Don’t get involved and put yourself in danger. Component of deep state is very dark and would sacrifice someone and blame an orange man or blame the military.
    • Uranus energy squaring Saturn and Jupiter. Heavy energy. Meditate, Pray, you are a spiritual being going through massive light. The light demand perfection. In order to stand in the light the shadows must be revealed.
    • March the resurrection of the light.
    • Protect yourself from the energy of others. Be kind. hold the vibration high, hold the light and have faith. Keep your heart open and lets get through this.

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