Dr. Charlie’s Weekly Live Update Webinar 12-30-2020

Reference: Dr. Charlie’s Weekly Live Update Webinar 12-30-2020, Mike The Marketer, 12312020, You Tube, Uploaded 01012021. https://youtu.be/41KD0DZSci8

The following is within the first 15 minutes:

  • “The virus
  • The vaccine
  • The 5g
  • The riots
  • All Theatre created a smoke screen to cover up the global financial reset. It is all about creating fear.
  • Bombings about erasing evidence, explosions.
  • Deep State is all part of big Pharma.
  • Money comes from George Soros, Zuckerberg, Big Pharma, Bill Gates did with the computer Creates the virus, the antivirus, the money he can create by creating a virus, and anti virus, and once he has you by the money, you will need one and then another until you die and it will kill you sooner.
  • This is a war between God and Satan and Satan is far more evil than you will ever give him credit for.
  • The battle has already been won, but there are still far too many people fast asleep.
  • Lots of different questions and the answer is very simple:
    • Once the financial reset is complete everything else will fall away – the virus, vaccine..
    • We have all been caught up in the danger and this is what is possible about doing the financial reset.
    • January 1
    • Reality – For the last 10 years had much rather taken cash and take it on a private jet across the world because its a lot faster. Far easier to do that way, than millions of questions and sell your soul to the devil.
    • Blockchain
  • Use common sense.
    • There will be resistance
    • Military are already out there.
    • Moving out of darkness and into light. Evil has been in control for all of your life.
    • Reconnect with God and ask him for his protection and keeps you away from evil.
    • The whole idea was to create confusion and fear because they needed to do this for the financial reset.
    • At the start of this journey, the new world order was going to reset the worlds economy but for their own control, so they were going to take every thing you owned, and if you behave yourself you can continue and everything would be controlled. The information is out there. They could reduce the population of 2 billion at the flick of a switch. Go look for yourself and find out for yourself. It is public knowledge. It is fact. Donald Trump and team fighting for us to have sovereign and not be controlled by evil.”
    • From LOVEVOLVE The Lords Prayer from memory the Catholic way:
      • 1. Make the sign of the cross and
      • 2. Say out loud: “Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, they will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Thank You for giving us this day, our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.”

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