Psalm 91. Chinese Communist Party Attack on United States.

Joshua Philipp Interviews Lin Wood, Eaglefortonight_2, 12202020, You Tube, Uploaded 12212020.

“Mr. Wood you are representing different lawsuits on election fraud.

 LW – Focus on Georgia.  Law is clear:  In a federal election the state cannot change procedure except by an act of a state legislature, that was not done in Georgia.  Unlawful, illegal unconstitutional election.  This country should not willingly participate in a rigged election.  Actual fraud took place in the election.  Evidence is massive and authentication has been ignored by the court.  Something is wrong with our judicial system in this country.

  • Constitution Crises.  Whether we live as a free people or live under tyranny.
  • China attacked this country with Covid virus
  • China attacked this country by interfering in election
  • Iran is involved
  • We are in a constitutional crises
  • The President has got to use Martial Law
  • The laws were not followed in this election, blatantly violated
  • Illegal elections in several states
  • Fraud perpetuated through out the country
  • Follow the rule of law 
  • China Attacked This Country time to get angry about China 
  • Indoctrination pandemic was a plandemic it was planned
  • There was a virus every year since 2000 because they were grooming us
  • China said they would take over our government 2049, now they moved it to 2020 our legislators, corrupted with China money.
  • 1776 are we going to live free or are we going to live with tyranny.
  • If we don’t stand up now and fight for our freedom it’s going to be Communist (Godless soulless) China and the Globalists.
  • Hillary Clinton is a crook.  Career politicians bought off with money who are interested in themselves only and not the people and we need to shake up and that is what Trump is doing.
  • Our government has been corrupt for decades.
  • Justice Roberts –  The country has got to start asking questions.  Strange things with Justice Roberts went to such an extreme to uphold Obama Care.  He came into the court as a conservative, and key decision he has ruled as a liberal.  We are entitled to know we are being governed by fair.  Maybe he has problems in his life.  Epstein flight logs with John Roberts.  One day the truth will come out about all those people about what they were doing on that jet and that Island.
  • Americans want truth about this election
  • President Trump won a historic landslide reelection and Biden and the people who are trying to take over the country are trying to steal, the evidence is overwhelming to being conclusive.  President Trump won over 80 million votes with 410 electoral votes.
  • They flipped computer software votes for Trump to Biden.
  • Why is judiciary refusing to hear:   Our state has been infiltrated by communism and its influence, corrupted with money.   Judges are scared.  People are being threatened, their lives, their families are being threatened, we need judges with courage, do the right thing, put the good of the people first, put the law first. They do not mention the fraud.  They are trying to do mainstream media lie.  50% of the country does not even know there is election fraud.  
  • Covid 19 mess, Communist China Virus. 
  • Speech has been censored, valid information and ideas as facts have been taken out.
  • Playbook – violence in the streets. Revolution.  They divide us and try to make us angry with each other but we are fighting Communist China who killed over 200,000 people with that virus.
  • Do not buy China products.  Do not let China’s communist party totalitarianism regime, millions of Chinese are repressed, put in jail, why would you do business with anyone in China.  They are traitors. 
  • We are a nation founded under God.  Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, son of God, not pretty lights.  Spiritual standpoint we are in the second harvest.  Our country has gotten so corrupt, we are worse than sodom and gomorrah but God will give us a second chance.
  • Prepare for what the enemy might do.  
  • Follow the lead of Dr. Martin Luther King.  Engage in nonviolence and stand up for your rights.
  • China wants our land to use the land to feed their people to grow their food.  (They need to use their own land.)
  • Fight Back.  Look for them – the communists.
  • Look for ties to China, influence.  Communist party has taken over large segments of government and business.  We have been asleep. 
  • We need a party of the people.  
  • Biden Crime Family, Obama Crime Family, Clinton Crime Family, Bush Crime Family
  • Entrenched Bureaucracy Deep state
  •  Time for the Mitch McConnels to leave
  • Leftist Militants Communists Street Violence.” 

LIN WOODS MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE OF THE YEAR. 12202020, Eaglefortonight_2, You Tube, uploaded 12212020.

  • “Psalm 91.
  • Attack on the United States that will have to be responded to.
  • Everyone must face the truth of their lives.  Live a life of truth.  Admit when you are wrong and ask for forgiveness.  We are all sinners.  God is real.  Every word in the bible is true.  In the coming weeks God almighty will show that he is real. 
  • Our country will return to where it started, one nation under God.
  • Country was attacked by a deadly biological weapon from Communist China.  Communist China attacked us a second time, our Presidential Election.  President Trump won in a historic landslide.   Some of the violence will occur in the streets.  
  • Common foe – Communist China and maybe Iran.
  • Votes tabulated by foreign actors.”

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