Master Your Life #2

We are recreating our selves every day.

Sabbatean Logic Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse. Beautiful transition from darkness to light within the portals of power. UV light influx reveals within us. Patent number 666, they have to give public notice with creepy, inshrine, within ritual magic, hashtags, zombies in petro bombs, zombie class liberalists, against the criminal state, engineered, good policing is a rarity, good judges are even more rare, but they do exist, keep our eyes and hearts trained on the judges, antifa and blm black magic, creepy creatures. Black magic creates thrall is very very dangerous, lower astral, using blood ritualism, sex magic, lord o the the rings, creates zombie that trys to destroy all that is good. Canada has already surrendered their guns.

Catholism emerges on the back of The Cathars, catholism emerged as a political blueprint, harvesting technology, with ritualism, boring stuff, eating of babies, pre-christian times, atlantean logic steeped in Catholicism. collectivism, essential harvest, a means of the Babylonian mysteries cult to harvest. Franchised to the whole of the world and rotten to the core, spiritual essence, Saturnian to the extreme. Those goodly people who were harvested and maintained within, they were always good people, spiritually engineered. Those awaken within the dream spell will be the most dynamic. Good catholics of the world better get out of the house, consciously, willfully. Now we are being required like good protestants, religiosity was never the message of the master. Diabolical stuff. Conscious people waking up will be stepping out of the church.

  • Money lenders
  • Photon light coming in that is helping raise the light of the people, UV light is bombarding our plane of existence now.
  • Ultra violet light is changing the atoms.
    • An invitation to a hyper dimensional upgrade.
    • Influx is the grace of god.
    • At astrophysical level eminence immortal blueprint.
    • Growth prosperity of abundance. Language encoded within the human cells all the time, but we had the false light luciferianism. Time is not money, never was money, that was a thought, a really bad thought, engendered the parasite.
    • The more we harmonize all living systems is the flaming at the planetary gestalt, invites our ascension, but it was never an upward movement. An anchoring or patterns of perfection within the mortal realm.
    • Intervention belief that it comes from out there.
    • 9-11 onset of black magic. Shroud of terror thrown at us. God and Magog. Moved into a virus we cannot even see. Covid-19 certification of vaccine is a sabbatean black magic spell. Moderna the genius of the vaccine – vaccine to tamper with our human RNA. Modify chromosome 8 removes our capacity as humans for empathy. Systemic removal. Just knowing this black magic trick against us is piercing the veil.
    • Medical Facism
    • Canadians have innate tendency to roll over and acquiesce to the most erroneous tyranny, but there is a fierce intelligence that will emerge within a few days months.
    • The beast is here, crawled out of the ocean and onto the land. For many people it is difficult to calibrate. Especially men and women in costume have the most onerous and are the most disposal of society, the robotism, the policing of society, the status quo know you people in costume a glowing invitation to make yourselves heard right now.
    • Godless exchanges.
    • Incrementally being programed engineered.
    • The godless cannot.
    • How to step into the knowing, being is our super nature right there.
    • From 22 December be anchored in the new birthing, the Christed. – Easily invoke The Kristave Reiki Symbol. This symbol is round with a light S in the middle with spirals going out. See Art of Kristave symbol around The First Step In The Hoffman Process:

Genetically modify our human DNA – Chromozone 8 that removes our capacity for empathy through the covert corona 19 vaccination program.

  • Piercing of the veil. Black magic being perpetrated against us now.
  • The Death Of Mortality and 5g Apocalypse. Two (2) Films.
  • Reference: MASTER YOUR LIFE #2 with Sacha Stone & Leaha Mattinson, Sacha Stone, 12182020, You Tube, Uploaded 12192020.

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