Receiving a hug from AMMA is life changing. Why is her hug life changing? The act of preparation, through driving to the venue, parking the car in the deep underground parking garage of The Hilton LAX, taking the elevator up to the lobby and registering, receiving a ticket to sit in a grouping and move up into place for the hug takes about two (2) hours. It is worth every minute, because you are in meditation, prayer, of giving time and receiving, giving alms and receiving, giving good thoughts of others as they move about the room, saying prayer for others and praying for those thoughts of family letting our own inner worry go, trusting having faith that offering mental burdens is given to the angels or ascended master, like AMMA in real life. All the while, singing, music, is going on, relaxing the inner burdens and struggles let go containing more light by the time the hug is received.

Divine Balance, Divine Light, aligned in harmony with divine is the energy given through AMMA’s hug. However, Amma has live programs that allow you to participate on zoom, while you are in your sacred space, at home, or working you can turn the zoom meeting on, while you listen and multitask, at the same time. Your subconscious mind absorbs the vibration and frequency emitted.

There is a Reiki symbol called The Divine Mother. This symbol invokes Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and The Divine Goddess. Inviting Mother Mary into your meditation space evokes blessed good energy. The symbol looks like angel with a round circle at the top and two lines flowing out below the circle as if in an outline of angelic robe and two small curved lines representing wings. See Art by Kat Kem Art

Just looking at the art you are receiving the energy of The Divine Mother, Mother Mary, Reiki I, Universal Life Force Energy and The Masters through The OSHO Reiki Symbol.

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Reference: Tune Inside to Receive the Signal of Grace – From Amma’s Heart – Series – Episode 37 – Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, 11122020, You Tube, Uploaded 11202020.

Listen to Satsang: Online Satsang and Q&A with Swami Dayritananda Puri, Mata Amritanandamayi Math, amritaworld, 04192020, You Tube, Uploaded 11202020 @ 6:23AM PST.

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