Make The Deal You Mother Fucker

From LOVEVOLVE: You have had enough time to come forward with your truth in this transition of humanity. By Divine Decree: The Divine Mother with Archangel Michael IS invoked now to you. With LENSOMAI, The Holy Sprit and The Om and forgiveness as shown through the Sanskrit written language and is called KSAMA. May you feel the blessing of talking, releasing tension through communication and repression of your business dealings working for dark and nefarious frequencies of Human Trafficking. Yes, we know – So, come forward with grace. Jesus Loves You. Your Mother loves you. Your Father Loves you, Your wives love you. Release yourself from your prison of isolation and do the right thing for your children and your grandchildren. Thank You. From Katherine KMMED.

Following is a direct message to you Mother Fucker.

Reference: Robert D Steele ex CIA final warning “come forward and share the truth” or else. 11162020, Oz S, You Tube, Uploaded 11172020 @12:54 PST.

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:Kat: K. M. M.Ed

Author, Artist, Philosopher.

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