Witches & Warlocks

Reference: Witches & Warlocks, 11132020, New Earth Project, You Tube, Uploaded 11162020 @12:28 PST

Fascinating listening; talking about Soul Frequencies of Famous people like Joan of Arc, Nostradamus, Vangelia Pandeva, John D., Alister Crowley, Agnes Waterhouse, Martha Cory- really into her shadows and vibrating at joy. –

  • Every number they get for each level of life, measures resistance and Nostradamus had beyond love, joyous, anything related to finances, he had healthy relationship with finances. He channeled but did not have ego, he put ego aside and let the information flow.
  • Vangelia Pandeva @25:48.Babavanga was very special person. She was not blind when she was born, but had an accident with massive damage to her eyes. Her frequency was of peace. Six Hundred 600. She was born into 600 frequency. Her soul decided to remain at the frequency of peace. Creativity- 800, frequency-600, Personal Growth – 1000. Fully committed to person growth that came through her work. Philanthropy she viewed thru the lease of 850, generous, giving and serving in every way. Intuition – 810 – channeled divine information for humanity. Experience joy 90 percent of the time.
  • John D – frequency was 500 born at frequency of 250 the level of neutrality, a comfortable level. Health was at 500, creativity at 750, finances 200- relationships-400, level of reason, analyze very carefully, Personal Growth-950, Philanthropy-540 brought him joy through sharing his time, or money, Intuition-750 and was able to channel information from the divine field. 92% in the now, 78% was ego. So his life was essentially successful.
  • Alister Crowley – An occultist, founded a religion, married, his book declared “Do what thou wilt” opposite of “Thy Will Be done.” He came in to really stir up the soup. Getting people to align with their true will through the practice of magic. Gained wide speed notoriety by being a drug user, highly influencial figure over Western world. He incarnated at frequency of 250 which is neutrality, born at frequency of fear, finances, creativity-250, relationships he viewed thru the relationship of fear, personal growth he viewed thru the lens of practical- 450. He experience 62% joy, ego 93%, Integrity-84% below 90 there is sacrificing there, divine and personal purpose were both at 90%. He vibrated at the frequency of fear. We all have a choice to choose to shift out of a frequency.
  • Testing different healing modalities, devices, like Reiki and others. See you guys 14 days from Friday the 13th, 2020, the next show by diving up the votes, Alena (Elena, as spelled on cc @1:47:32) and Alejandro, They would like to do faces behind religious institutions like the theosophy society. Jesuitism, Saints and Sinners, Frequencies of Founders of big religions and spirituality movements and New Earth will make the announcement a week before broadcast.

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