SACHA STONE in conversation with Dounne Orishua

Beautiful to listen to with calm voicing pacing of voice and message delivered as if god is speaking to you calmly through your active listening.

  • We are living in a time of great tribulation.
  • Corona Virus, crowing of age of stealing of souls, reconnecting, tribulation, revelations, and in light of that revelation it is entirely proper that the mask fall away.
  • Oracles in our midst begin to emerge.
  • Alpha and Omega.
  • Spiritualist Herbalist, Commissioner, recipient outstanding, 100 greatest influential black people of history, and has been instructed to deliver message.
    • Black Oracle, following my fathers instructions on how it should be on heaven and on earth. He is our father mother god, who will speak to you too. Eating energy rich alkalizing foods, drink purified water and colloidal gold, breath fresh air, do meditation and learn to relax.
    • Planting Seeds of Change, A Seed Of Change. Take good time to plant good seeds, love and nourish, master of masters, teacher, keeper of my Lords, no evil can penetrate. Shield of armor is essential. Power of the 7 Star and holds The Lords Star.
    • To obey means to accept. Sit back in quiet meditation. Make your confirmation to The Lord Personally. “Lord I accept.” Accept full responsibility for your actions.
    • He has sent millions of spiritual messages. Restoration of Love. Preparing a better picture for the greater Universe. Driven by a deep passion of genuine love.
    • Many have not been given authority by him.
    • Millions of people around the world continue the work of LOVE.
    • Caribbean Islands are Paradise.
    • Remedies and ancient practices.
    • Grandma’s. Taking care of people the same way grandma took care of me.
    • You are a true sovereign child of the universe, and especially being raised catholic, am aware of guardian angels, and communicate through telepathy. We can learn to communicate. Practice makes perfect.
    • Beautiful angelic singing coming out of the sky with a big star transformed into the figure of Jesus, hovering over, “Don’t you worry you will always be watched over.”
    • Sent to Serve. Remember: An obedient child is a blessed child.
    • Natural way of living provides the longest life.
    • Give freely that which was given to you freely.
    • It takes great imagination to dream.
    • Taught truth.
    • Started business. Instructed to use a special logo with special spiritual meaning. Became the highest profile entrepreneur.
    • Stress and constant work withdrew and decided to heal naturally.
    • After 3 days of mediation of prayers and fasting given 16 herbs to brew and give 3 times to a day.
    • Tea used on animals and humans on wide range. Powerful energizer, improves, maintains, and restores health.
    • Independent and health benefits herbal teas, grandmothers wisdom flame.
    • Beautiful voice said write all your messages, number 7 is when the force is greatest. Be still and you will hear my voice.
    • The coming together of Christ like minds.
    • First of July as the universal day of love. July 1, 2023 or 1 July 2023.
    • Only you can change for better of worse.
    • Reference: SACHA STONE in conversation with Dounne Orishua, New Earth Project, 11092020, You Tube, Uploaded 11112020

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