Melody K with Dr. Charlie Ward

Reference: Melody K with Dr. Charlie Ward More Amazing Intel. The Gesara Club, 11102020, You Tube, Uploaded 11102020.

By Divine Decree Invite The Kristave, The Christed Energy is here now, with The Divine Mother, Lensomai, Ksama, The Holy Spirit.

Propaganda and media against the American people. Legal Demons, Media lies, and Obama gave them permission to lie in preparation for the 16 year plan. Use mass media and news for mass confusion. (The China Demons living in Chinese people we come against you now in Jesus name, come against your non love linear thinking mind, you non heart of love. May all your suffering and control mechanisms you have perpetrated on others come on you now, and may you find the love of god and guidance through the Catholic Teachings in all your fields to infinity, now. By Divine Decree may the teaching of Catholic be upon your nation and peoples now to infinity. And it is so. Aho!)

American people over the years have been so tamed. 20 years of liberals taking over our universities.

Psychological Torture the media is playing on their own followers, and when they learn that Trump won in a landslide. Thank The Lord they did not succeed in the second amendment.

Main stream media has been completely anti truth, they are part of the deep state.

Keep an eye on leaders congratulating Biden, foreign interference.

Shipping packages found in Detroit and Pittsburg, Chinese ballets, filled out in AI Chinese concentration camps.

Ballots came in from China have serial numbers on them and can be tracked from outer space.

Interference from Iran and China.

Cognitive Dissonance. Liberal Democrats doing to their voters is a disservice because of one vote.

Poison of main stream media and what they have done.

TRYING to terrorize people.

Bill Gates is the one world order guy. (Bill Gates never went to University or Medical School)

Dumbest Criminals ever, the cheating is so blatant that the cover up is even bigger.

Amount of evidence. Nine (9) states that had more votes than the entire world.

Nothing will stop the deep state from deceiving the people, except for us. governments turned on us. The original constitution says “We the people are in charge.” The fact that it has become a blood sport. If Trump had not won it would be much closer to agenda 21.

Trump has had to let it happen to expose themselves. It will all come out. They have mountains and mountains of evidence. Its all been done properly. (Legally)

Gas Lighting the people into complete chaos. (Emotional Abuse)

Emotional Abuse is: Shaming, Criticizing, blaming, public name calling, threatening severe punishment, rejection, openly admitting dislike.

Iran does not want peace in the Middle East.

California politicians sold our country to China a long time ago. The same people with the blood lines with the bankers and the fed.

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