:Those-Of-You-Who-Are-Fraudulently-In-Our-Country-You-Need-To-Leave-Now. :That-Is-A-Command.”

Reference: :War-Castles-~10. 05152020. :WAR-CASTLES. YouTube, Uploaded 09182020.



“One foot on the land and one foot on the sea. The Sea being the Admiralty and Maritime Contracts. The land being the land jurisdiction with one foot in Washington DC, and one foot in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Benjamin Franklin Postal Corp.  Gives me the authorization to control Maritime and Admiralty contracts to put the claim of the life citizens back in service to place them on the land.  And this what gives me authorization to have one foot on the land and one foot on the sea. Because I have Title 421986 knowledge of the law, and I am stopping and correcting ever wrong. :Russel-Jay: Gould.”

“We cannot allow other concepts to come into this nation, for this Nation Foundation is on Christian Principles, the terraforming that is happening where they’re trying to piggy back freedom of religion. Freedom being a pronoun. Of being an adverb making religion a verbThere is no such thing.  There is no constitution for them to use terraforming concepts that cause harm to our citizenry and try to get us to conform to their concepts of their faiths.  

 I have the constitution with one foot in the sea and one foot in the land.  I can help you.  Please get a hold of me.  General Mattius, General Dunford you know who I am.  You need to do the correct thing under the soldiers under your command, and they will watch this and watch authenticity.  Post office is nothing only under presumption and opinion, not there with any facts.   Thus the soldiers should be trying to get a hold of me, because they are out there terraforming everywhere else, and that needs to stop, we need to take care of our lands. We need to make playgrounds here let everyone else make playgrounds there.  Not our job.  

Thank the citizens that are legally in this country that have taken the time to watch this documentary.  Thank you for your concerns, and I am sorry you were screwed over by the banks, and have forced you into poverty.  This does not have to be.  True and correct facts on the completion of the fixing of the system.  Do not leave your homesThe banks were paid.  They fractionalized the notes and then kicked you out of your homes.

Grammar does not identify race.  Those of you who are fraudulently in our country you need to leave now, and that is a command.”

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:Kat: K. M. M.Ed

Author, Artist, Philosopher.

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