Last Flag Standing.

Reference:  :War-Castles-Media, 09102020, :WAR-CASTLES., YouTube, Uploaded 09112020.

  • Directors Party – Original Construction Of Nativity.   A people’s party.  Hang out, chill at the local restaurant, listening to their needs and concerns. 
  • Bankruptcy of the United States.
  • Movement of FLAG.
  • FLAG will no longer hurt the world, But Will Help The World.
  • Different Style.  Military Court Martial in Washington DC.
  • Vacate the estate, null and void, vacate guidelines, 2008 Conduct Court Martial.
  • Rewrote Federal Elections law in Quantum Grammar.
  • The good news is the World gets to see his work.   Supreme Court.  Chief Judge at the World Court, The Hague.
  • Grammar Brought Accountability, Prepositional Phrase.
  • Canada Constitution, Tax Structure, Court System, Flag
  • Last Flag Standing  Last Flag Standing
  • Comptroller of World Currencies
  • Quantum – Decentralizes banking and dissolves.  Crypto, Blockchain
  • Disqualifies verifications and differences syntax
  • Their Fraudulent Birth Certificate – Disqualified.
  • You are your own sovereign being.
  • Coming election you know is all fake.
  • Fictitious grammar.  
  • You will be able to stop the psychological warfare being drilled everyday.
  • Downsizing.
  • Nesara/Gesara scenario – grammar is so wrong.  No Tender to The Now Space.
  • The Quantum Family Grammar System – we can go in and out of our language and lose no deviation in our sentence structure.  Which means you can’t sit around and argue over controversy of how home flows, but the advantage of that is everything is maintained in Now Space Performance.
  • Joseph Gregory Hallet, The man That claims he has a rightful Throne
  • All Kingships were done because of Heraldry in 2003 – Vatican.
  • There will be no more dictators on the planet.
  • Cosmic, that style of heraldry and kingships done.
  •  Performer, Does not listen to fake news.”

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