“What’s In Your Hand” Exodus 4:2

Songs: Holy Holy Holy!

“When You Seek Me You Shall Find Me, You Shall Find Me When You Search With All Your Heart, For I know The Plans I have For You, Plans of Welfare, Not of Evil, Plans of Hope And A Future. I Will bring You Out of Bondage To The Land I have Prepared. When you seek me, you shall find me if you search with all your heart. When you seek me, you shall find me if you search with all your heart. I will bring you home to me.”

If you have a Bible right now, turn to Exodus 4:2. Almighty God, we come today to worship and in so many ways we grieve over our world, rhetoric, politics, hurricanes, racial tensions, frustration, police force and victims, third world, crushing experience of poverty with Corona Virus, dampening of economic structures, and we thank you we are linked with each persons wherever they may be. Almighty God, draw us together. As we grieve for our world, help us, now, to be thirsty for the word, see scripture through your eyes, and others through your eyes. Thank You Lord, we ask this in Jesus Name.

The story of Moses, the burning bush in the desert.

  • In the desert, a grand tale of Israel leaving Egypt and going to the promised land. In this part, Moses was a Shepard, but he wasn’t always the Shepard. He was a Prince of Egypt and was kicked out, for a murder he did commit.
  • Through a burning bush Exodus 3:7-8. I have seen the misery of my people.I have heard their cries, I am concerned about their suffering. I have come down to rescue them, and I am going to bring them out and give them their own land. So now go and Moses, I am sending you. And Moses, as you can imagine has a fit.
  • Moses response is Exodus 4:2. The Lord said to Moses, What do you have in your hand? And Moses replied, A Staff. This is The Word Of The Lord. Thanks Be To God.
  • Pastor Brian holds up a molecule of The Corona Virus. This small thing can wreak havoc on our world. Other things can bless and point us to a miracle. Moses was a Shepard and in his hand was a staff. Commonly a 3 to 6 inch. It was The original multitasked – used for walking, a crutch, a weapon – maybe to kill a snake. In that day, the type of staff identified your tribe. In Moses’s day the staff was the original mobil device.
  • God was about to take a clueless, penniless group of slaves and turn them into a nation that would humble a powerful nation. In gods hands, the Virgin Mary, became the mother of God. Peter was not just a fisherman, he became a leader of The Christian Church.
  • As Soon as Moses surrendered that stick to God’s control, God began to use it. That staff became a miraculous sign among other signs, A tool to display to Pharaoh God’s Glory.
  • 1. We need Fatih.
    • God is not limited by what is in our hand.
    • What is in your hand is just right for what God wants to do in your life.
  • 2. Bring a Humble Heart.
    • Willing to throw down whatever.
    • It May Be Small.
    • Thank You Lord.

SONG: Take my life and let it be, Consecrated Lord To Thee. Take my hands and let them move at the impulse of thy love, at the impulse of thy love. Take my feet and let them be swift and beautiful for thee. Take my voice and let me sing always, only, for my King. ALWAYS ONLY FOR MY KING. Take my silver and my gold, not a mite would I withhold. Take my moments and my days, let them flow in ceaseless praise, let them flow in ceaseless praise. Take my will and make it thine, it shall be no longer mine….(There IS more. I AM struggling with the words here, especially since learning about:

Charlie Freak and Kerry Kassidy ~ Trump and Q 08212020, FranksenseTV, You Tube, Uploaded 09012020

  • MEDITATION helps Charlie get through 2 to 3 days without sleep.
  •  The entire takedown is a classroom used as a teaching tool to elevate us.  
  • Media is there to LIE CONFUSE the public not of the 13 FAMILIES. 
  • MAGNETISM (MSITENGAM)   Magnetic Field. Eternal.  
  • THEY TAKE, MURDER, ROB.                            (YEHT EKAT REDRUM BOR)
  • THEY ARE IS LEFT BRAIN                                    (YEHT ERA SI TFEL NIARB) 
  • LIZARD (DRAZIL) to control their minions and encourage their process of eating other human beings.  Horrific Laws in other countries right up to the last day, they want those aborted babies, they are not destroyed, they are taken, these hidden sickness rats living underneath the ground, deep underground, hiding in the dark, stealing our light.  The dualistic world, and why choosing 911.  9 is God conscious, existing in the very center, our soul, the Twin Towers, the Twin Temples, Solomon’s Skull your brain, isolating and removing God from us.  COVID-19 was to replace the real creator with the false creator.  They cannot stand you.  They can’t stand themselves.  They can’t stand God.  They want their heaven here, and the Georgia guidestones say it. 
  •  Cast Thy Net To The Right.   Go to the Right Hemisphere Brain. 
    • BOOK:  Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain, by Betty Edwards.
  • Quantum Financial System.  NESARA is real.  Rolling Out Slowly.
  • The system we have been living under is not real.  Maritime.  Corp SE  CORPSE.  They do everything against our corporate name.  
  • Scripture 101  Cannot Tax a Person of Their Thoughts Words or Actions
  • Tax on only goods for nonessential things.  
  • NESARA / GESARA putting back GOD’S Creation.  Based on GOLD.
  • Inflation is a fake game against you.
  • Get back to Essential You.  Taking back your power. 
  • WhirlPool Speech Was GOLD. 
  • The Fed is Dead.  FEDERAL RESERVE.  
  • You will see a Nation based Treasury System.  
  • 1871 CORPSE R A TION . 
  • The United States is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC again.  

09012020 @7:27AM LAST FLAG STANDING Russell Jay Gould, 08242020, :WAR CASTLES., You Tube, Uploaded 09012020

  • “All Contracts Are Suspended.  
  • We Are In Martial Law This Current TimeLine, since December 12, 2004
    • There Are No Civil Authorities. 
    • Rules and Regulations of The Laws are in The Hands of The Commander.
    • Judges Worldwide are Fiction Actors, the only thing going on in the CourtRoom is Harvesting The People Of The World.
    • Galactic Postal System From Point A to Point B.
    • Tangible Value.   The Quantum Banking system ties into the global postal system in a manner where it is fair language to language.  Reevaluated Everything.  Set up in a User Friendly Way.
      • Eliminates IRS Taxes, Consumption Tax, based on 10%.
      • Non-Death Tax.  
      • The Stock Market moved into a digital era, more of a derivative style.
      • People Are Now Accountable for their Actions.  (READ SCRIPTURE)
      • Not a debt banking system but a Value System.  Keeps it fair for the Entrepreneur as well as the client.  
      • The Military’s of the world have been controlled through The Vatican through various types of war (IN THE PAST).  Adjective modifications, Adverb, Verb Grammar style manipulation of the syntax in the style of bibles to control religion was one of the biggest things they had going.  However, they made a choice to not be correct to influence the people’s thinking through adjectives, adverbs, verbs, by the Vatican’s openness to not use facts as they communicate from faith to faith.  Here they know, and yet they made a choice in their bible to make God in their bibles a verb, an adjective or a pronoun.  Syntax and find the correctness and fairness of grammar in the study of their faith. 
      • Wars against the people, Religions, Ley Lines.    The faith war will come to an end.
      •  Spears on top of their flag, because they are at war with the people but the people don’t know.  Symbolism shows that.
    • Soldiers, Military’s, There is a new system in place to help the citizens both move their equity with what is there, and create new copious wealth.
    • Every Banking Theatre is disqualified.   Internal court of Arbitration to The World Bank to The International Court of Settlements.
    • Mustermaster General.  Paymaster General.
    • Flag Etiquette.  Symbolism, Banners, Hieroglyphics, Terms of Tribe,  Metaphors.  
    • Used food as a weapon.  When he tried to touch the food, they hauled him down to booking.  Master of the timelines.  Took many beatdowns.  Went without food for 70 days.   Did Not Surrender His Flag.
    • Peace Treaty Breached At Pentagon.
    • Exposure Against Bad Guys Like George H.W. Bush and his Minions.
    • Used Prepositional Phrases.
    • Use 2 verbs:  IS and ARE.
    • Changing out the whole paradigm of the world.
    • Solutions are out there from the geniuses.  
    • Thank The People of The World for Learning The Grammar.
    • Syntax and Quantum Grammar brings closure to the Worlds.

Natural Laws – Love, Joy, and Caringness.”

Jen & Liam ask Charlie Freak Every Question Under The Sun, 08222020, FrankSenseTV, You Tube, Uploaded 09012020

A Pair of Charlie’s (Charlie Freak and Charlie Ward) Know the Truth – You Tube, 07312020, Charles Ward, Uploaded 09012020. https://youtu.be/fmWQEZHHrfw

All of the money, the monopoly money they invented out of thin air, they have been spending,  has allowed them to do things at a scale you cannot comprehend.  Weather modification designed to turn them into monster occurrences.  All of these hurricanes seem to be around Epstein Island, Water Island – Biden Family – They buy these Islands around the Caymans, these are sharks, waiting for feeding, the waters stir up, and then the Vampires arrive.  The peacekeeping forces were not there for peacekeeping, they were there to steal the children.  The younger they are the purer they are.  When you are talking about a baby literally just born, dollars that are north of $100,000.00 per child.  This is where the troublemakers, MS 13 making their bread and butter from, stealing children.  Organization You cannot imagine.  

  • Mainstream media has nothing to do with the truth.  Paid agency’s.  90 percent of the world has no idea of what is going on.
  • When you start to find out about this thing and when you look at your pure grandchildren and the mentality of these evil bastards who would do harm to these children, there is something morally and mentally wrong with these people.
  • Household of Gloria Vanderbilt.  Anderson Cooper as a young man was literally raised in torture and sodomy and then he is unleased as a broadcaster on the world, who has no idea of the truth.  
  • Reason why the royals are lizard like is all they do is live in their left brain, where the ego exists, they do this to their children, to make sure they are willing participants to carry on the tradition.  They destroy the sense of God, and physically rape it out of these children.
  • Bill Gates – Evil.  Never met a person with more evil in their eyes.  
  • They have dead eyes. 
  • We do know that indeed White Hats within TV have to massively encode truth to get things shown and portrayed.  
  • We have been so used to playing this broken record game, and they get away with muder because we play the game.  
  • Children Are A Gift from God, and we are privileged to be given custody over them. 
  • God truly is the Father of all creation.  Ultimately we are all brothers and sisters, because we are all children of God. 
  • Everything Donald Trump does is massively encoding, treasure trove of information.
  • 2012-2016 Reckless in plain sight, Tom Hanks.   They never thought she would lose.
  • There is a Godly hand helping us. Poetic Justice. 
  • The gold backed currency.  Starting to see the Quantum Financial System.  Digital system.  A Block Chain System.  There will still be cash out there, hence the new USN, backed by gold.  
  • Virtually everything has already been done.  When Q has gone silent, major things have been done.  This is a massive massive operation that the Q team have their hand on.   The deeper you go in, the fewer and fewer families are involved.
  • When Q says “They have it all.”  Trust, don’t worry about anything.  Everyone who gets called up in these investigations is going down.  When you screw children, torture, skin children alive, and participate in this pay for play to steal children for your adrenochrome, your gonna die.  
  • Our job is to create a meeting between these people and God, not our job to judge.  The guillotine, the gun, all we are facilitating is their meeting god.  Job is to send you to the man who will judge you.  Crimes against humanity.  Drink Adrenochrome area, carries a mandatory death sentence.  Layout all these executive orders.  An incredible plan and nothing can stop it.  
  • Don’t worry about this 5G.  It is completely owned, refitted.
  • Executive orders have allowed these things to be seized, every major player has already capitulated.  
  • What is scary is 90% of the people do not know anything about this. (ADRENOCHROME).  Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas (10/10) Movie CLIP – Too Much Adrenochrome (1998) HD, 06012011, Movie Clips, You Tube, You Tube 09012020
  • VIVISECTION,  MK ULTRA all of us have been to a degree.
  • They are being allowed to show how evil they are with the vaccine (Dr. Fucking with you, FAUCI and BILL GATES (False and Fraudulent Medical Educator) – and how about OPRAH- (Read on Q that she thinks its okay to sex a child before the age of 3 and went on to say “If done correctly….wont harm”)
  • Entire Major Players Of The World – Capitulated.
  • TAKE DOWN of the EVIL CABAL – WUHAN, Evergreen, Walmart, Online Furniture, What the New Silk road is and all roads lead to Venice, not Rome.  Your personal records are on the island of Venice.  They see Venice as a ship at sea and they are wrong, because they thought they were immune.
  • Real liberty is what’s at stake here for all on the planet.  
  • Zero mention in the media of the amount of children that have already been saved. 

            Could not believe what they found in the tunnels under Melbourne, and the same with  

            Spain and Germany.   Black Forest in Germany.  Massive raid, under the Forest. 

  • Gloria Vanderbilt wanted him to be a her.  That is Kathy Griffin and is Gloria Vanderbuilts eldest son and brother to Anderson Cooper.
  • Walter Cronkite likes to go hunting.  What was he hunting?  
  • Enough to destroy any young man is on an island with Presidents, Lawyers, Judges, Celebrities.  The mainstream media never tells you about Epstein islands is the head of police departments, judges, lawyers of the biggest law firms of the world, politicians.  ITs a small club, and not everyone is in the club.
  • Yangtze river, the task to dredge it turn it into a sea port, make it into head of Walmart, very few hands, China went communist, keep people out, stories to hide the missing children, one child per family, adrenochrome harvesting in plain sight, and we all turned a blind eye to it.  It is a tiny group that is dealing with Walmart shipping of the earth.  Take down of the Cabal.  Walmart was created to disseminate children right into downtown USA, Downtown Europe and nobody bats an eye because it’s Walmart, just furniture inside, they spent enormous money to make WUHAN a port.  They are being exposed to who they are.  The question is how much will we ever find out.  We will not find out more than 20% because it’s pretty scary.   Talking a long time down the road.  The lies that have been institutionalized that every single family takes for granted in the world today, would make people sick for a month, where they cannot function.  
  • Highly recommend you do not even look at the video’s.  The one with Hillary skinning a child alive makes you sick.  And sometimes you have to see this stuff to believe it.  Right Here Right Down To Take Down The Cabal.- Podcast.  
  • Don’t believe this little story that Tom Hanks has greek citizenship in Greece, These were done in 2018.  They could not protect children.  He was taken out.  
  • Public Tribunals.
  • Thank the Lord, Praise The Lord, Glory to God, for his hand in cleaning the Earth of these.   
  • Emergence of GESARA – try to understand the best you can is it will be released gradually.   
  • Usury Outlawed.  The Phonecians try to control the monetary system through Usury.
  • God Bless You.  May you enjoy the activation of your mother’s / grandmother’s prayers.  

Reference: “What’s In Your Hand” / Classic, 08302020, SAPRES, You Tube, Uploaded 09022020.

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