NESARA – GESARA How It Works – Explained

Nesara/ Gesara How it works – explained with Jack Kidd & Charlie Ward, 06052020, Charles Ward, You Tube, Uploaded 08312020.

  • We are coming into a new world.  Nesara the concept started in the 40’s/50’s with the farmers.  Absolute joke charging interest, central banks taking over governments, den of thieves, the whole banking system responsible for pain and destruction.  During The Napoleonic war the bankers took control.  Special forces made Clinton sign it.  They have been squashing this because it gives people a really good basic income.
  • 1.  GESARA Global – Cancels all debt.  Debt is illegal.  All Debt is gone.  Takes about 6 months to a year to roll out.  Communist party another word for deep state. 
  • 2.  Abolishes income tax.
  • 3.  Abolishes IRS.  Employees transferred to the US Treasury.
  • 4.  Creates 17% flat rate for non essential new items.  
  • 5.  Basic Income
  • 6.  Returns Constitutional Law to all citizens.  
  • 7.  Reinstates original title and amendment.  Most royal families in Europe are pretend Royals and will not survive this great awakening.  Especially the Netherlands, England, Spain, and maybe we can find the original bloodlines, and the ones we have now are fakers and criminals.
  • 8.  Establishes new presidential elections.  
  • 10.  Go back to commodity.  
  • 11.  Forbids sale of birth certificate.  
  • 12.  Initiates New Treasury Bank system for all countries.
  • 13.  Zero War – The old guard wanted war.  War just disappears.  209 counties already signed up.
  • 17.   Establishes peace.
  • 18.  Releases funds.  Coming up through projects, so much wealth coming from the bottom up.  Can see the dow jones going to 100.   Rebuild programs.
  • Opportunity to buy currencies.  Dong, Dinar.
  • Unprecedented prosperity with enormous sums for prosperity.
  • Release of over 6000 patents.  Free energy.  Anti gravity.  Sonic healing machines.
  • UV Light incredible healing.
  • Propaganda by Bill Gates, who will hang by the gallows – soon.  (HANG HIM BY HIS FEET.  FUCK HEAD)
  • 20.  Eliminates all current nuclear power in the world.
  • The people at the top were corrupt, and if the information comes too soon… Everything we have been taught as a child, we have to relearn.  A lot of the population is having a tough time understanding what is going on. 
  • God Bless Donald Trump. We are in the process of getting rid of all that negativity. 
  • Check EBH to see how many celebrities who are now deceased because of this horrible disgusting gross life force consuming satanic, perversions.


  • Develop an attitude of Acceptance
  • Maintain a practical attitude in all situations
    • Dharma is the Root Principle of Life – From Amma’s Heart – Series 27, AMMA., 08302020, Mata Amritanadamayi Devi, You Tube, Uploaded 08312020.

@7:28 PM Hostility Energy is Cleaning, now, in all fields.  

Sunday @8:11AM – I Invite the four directions North, South, West, East of The Divine Mother bringing in the energy of 3 in 1 the Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and the Holy Spirit.  The Divine Protection, The Masters, and Universal Life Force E-n-e-r-g-i, here now as the Dream-Spell Cleans in all my fields now.  Releasing Sorrow, Transmuting Grief, Transforming Fear, Balancing Opinions, Harmonizing Thoughts, Aligning with the Spirits of The Land and The Spirits of The House Where I am.  Thank You. Glory To The Lord. I am Sorry for not being perfect, Please Forgive Me for not being able to hang with you all the time and 

I Love You.  

5G APOCALYPSE – The EXTINCTION EVENT, 03232019, New Earth Project, You Tube, Uploaded 08302020 

  • Military Weapon System

Private Courtyard

08292020 Saturday @12:35PM  Sacha Stone – California On FIRE Episode 48, Albdroid, 08292020, You Tube, Uploaded 08312020.

“WE HAVE GOT TO REACH THE PARENTS.  These children are literally under psychological warfare in the School Classrooms.”  (In my opinion:    Children need routine, daily structure, and The Classroom brings this.  The education system produces thousands of young teachers a year, capable of managing young students, through the 2020-2030 Usury deletion with The Gold Silver Quantum transition.  Education has become better organized.  Teaching the Teachers is a whole lot better than when I went through teacher training for Art Teacher at California State University Long Beach, (1989), California State University Fullerton, (2018).   The education system is more professional, less punitive, and continues to remain on this path as a model.  

  • Generations of good citizens Dream-Spelled by this Bablylonian Mysterian Cult Logic and the dialectic of democracy and party politics Republican Democrat, ping pong bull shit leads us into cultural dissonance, abject confusions and even worse, causing hatredIllumine vipers issued out of the Vatican complex and Snake their way from the Phoenicians, the Crown, the Anglo American Corporation emerged the WAR MACHINE used by Trans-Nationalist’s to hurt others
  •   America has been poisoned so the nano particles that have been embedded, systemic poisoning, mind body soul, are very difficult to be awakened by that deep deep slumber.  
  • You are a Treasury Bond
  •  You are a Birth Registration Certification 
  • You have a number allocated and a value.
  •  Prison Bond is stealth banking.  
  • To break the dream spell requires an absolute comprehension that you are not seen as a living soul at any of the levels of local state government level. NINETY 99 % good people trapped in Jesuit, Sabbatian, Deviates, want you  dead, DEAD, DAED. Mutancy of Academica, Media Hollywood Machine, all conspiracy to make you into Drone, harvesting of life force.  
  • Peaceful non-compliance is what we have to do to move the needle.  Line In The Sand.  Talk to your neighbors, walk the town you live in, build from there to form collectives to educate differently.  
  •  Hold elected people’s feet to the fire in the town square. 
  • Tyrannical Rules Rejected.
  • The Christed Consciousness must return now.”  

08282020 @9:04AM  Listened to:  Sacha Stone 5g Apocalypse

                                Herbalist Course

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