Arrogance Cleaning

Reference: Uploaded 08232020 /qresearch General #13250: Liberal Heads Need To Explain:

“08/19/20 (Wed) 23:21:020c99a7  No.10354532

File (hide)ed36ad515da0bcf⋯.png (310.22 KB, 471×521, 471:521, lyt16.png(h) (u)

File (hide)28c85870e7526ca⋯.png (298.68 KB, 489×491, 489:491, lyt17.png(h) (u)

>>10354418Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof – text, media, or otherwise – do not ne

The above was copied and pasted as the pictures explain a thousand words, the pictures contain the faces with this writing “Let Yourself Think”. Then below this title is the 5 point Jewish Star. ✡

on the next line down is: “Dual-Citizenship”

“. ” ” ” ” ” “Dual-Loyalty”

“. ” ” ” ” The Cover Photo of a US Passport and a Israel Passport

On the Bottom Title is: “ITS THE JEWS”

Around the edges are pictures of the faces of what looks like to be Democrats who are Senators and or Congressmen and Congresswomen.

Invoke the Kristave The Christ Consciousness here now, and you continue to read. May the Divine Mother be with you, as you inner rage rises. May you:

  • Inhale Inner Smile with Lensomai ❁ the double unconditional love reiki
  • Exhale – Fire Breath
  • Inhale Inner Smile with KSAMA to your inside being
  • Exhale – Fire Breath
  • Inhale Holy Spirit- Rukha d’ Koodsha The OM –
  • Exhale Fire Breath

The above post may be correct or it may not be, but the actions of the people and what comes out of their mouth hostile, arrogance, rage, hate, everything their Sabbatian Religion trained them to do. They just rage, their really angry at their mothers and fathers for having them circumsized. Their penis really aches, hurts, burning sensation, they have no way to neutralize that pain. This makes them crazy. They are insane people full of rage, and according to scripture ____________, something biblical scriptural is happening, coming true, right now on this Earth’s timeline that relates to the scriptures, The Ancient Scriptures.

May your mothers prayers and your grandmothers prayers be with you. Thank You. I Love You.

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