Financial Peace Thru The End Of The Year – 2020

“The President: The Democrats are obstructing ALL of it. Therefore, I Am taking EXECUTIVE action. We’ve HAD it. We are going to save American jobs AND Provide relief to the American Workers.

  • 1. PayRoll Tax Holiday to Americans earning less than $100,000.00 per year.
  • 2. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HHS and CDC) to make sure Renters and Homeowners can stay in their homes.
  • 3. Provide additional support for Americans who are unemployed (Because Some states will not let people work) providing an additional $400.00 per week and expanded benefits.
  • 4. Directive providing relief to Student Loan Borrowers through the end of the year, 2020.

Through these 4 (FOUR) actions, my administration will provide immediate and vital relief to Americans struggling in this difficult time.”

Reference: President Trump Signs Four Executive Actions To Provide Americans With Financial Relief, 08112020, The White House, You Tube, Uploaded 08112020.

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