I Invite The Christed Healing Energy Here Now, The Circle With A Lightly Drawn S in The Middle and 14 Spirals Out. The Color is Golden Yellow.

A compilation of my own processing the big life with family. Watching, listening, reading, help bring memories forward. Some are included. I am Sorry. Please Forgive Me. Thank You. I Love You. Invite The Kristave, The MaryAm/Amma, Mother Mary, The Lensomai, The Honshashezonen, The Osho, with Raku so you can process on your own. This is an active guided meditation that includes Body Movement through the exercise of Yoga, Tai Chi, Inhale and Exhale. Listen, Read, Move your body, Drink Water, Inhale, Exhale. Breathe In, Assimilate, Integrate, Breathe Out, Appreciation. Inner Smile. God Bless You.

  • 08102020 @7:01AM  Thinking about the Mormons with Mitt Romney mastermind baby making cult for Sabbatian Canaanite Ritualistic Sacrifice Belief Practices.  …Empowering Better Humans   “Is The Church going to continue sacrificing babies?”.    The Old Cult Practices are:  Cleaning Clearing Releasing Transmuting Transforming Balancing Harmonizing Aligning. 

 ~ Inhale Integration, KSAMA ~ Forgiveness, While you  

     Bring Your Hands Above Your Head Into Prayer.  

~ Exhale KSAMA, while you: 

   Lengthen your spine up and move your body to the right. Keep your hands in prayer above your head, feel the stretch happening on your left side giving love to your Lungs, Kidneys, Adrenals, Sciatic Nerves, Spine, releasing fatigue increasing circulation.    Continue to  lean into the stretch bringing your hands closer into prayer, use your right hand to pull your left hand and arms deeper into stretch.  Inhale and Exhale a couple of times and when you are ready:

~  Bring your body back to the Center keeping your hands above your head in prayer.  

~  While you

    ~ Inhale ~  Assimilation ~ Inner Smile ~   

        Drop your face, Drop your Jaw, lengthen your spine, square your shoulders.  ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   Exhale,Then

~  Inhale, lengthen your spine and Exhale.  Move your body to the left. Keep your hands in prayer above your head.  Feel the stretch happening on your right side giving love to your lungs, kidneys, adrenals, sciatic nerves, releasing fatigue and increasing circulation.  Continue to lean into the stretch.  Use your left hand to pull your right hand and arm deeper into stretch.  When you are ready, 

~ Inhale Appreciation Inner Smile while bringing your body to center, and Exhale.

~ Bring your hands to your heart center, in prayer for Samasthiti. ~ Standing At Attention.

   Drop your shoulders, Inhale Inner Smile, Relax Your Face, Drop your Jaw, Lengthen your spine, Exhale.  

  Stand Taller, Inhale and Exhale with your Hands in prayer at your Heart Center, Samasthiti.  

  • There are contracts that you are intending to cut, the tie energetically that of the other human, the role they play through the Akashic records, that can be cut, freeing you to step into more of your dimensionality so you are not pulled in other directions that are not for you.   There are laser beams of LENSOMAI Light from higher dimensions of light acting like a pinball machine in your body, pointing the light with OM and KSAMA, Rucka D’ koodsha, (holy spirit)  into those parts receiving Unconditional Love of LENSOMAI, Double Lensomai, the 4 Petal Flower, doubled into 8 petals, around the center of the flower. 
  • Put your left hand over your heart center and your right hand on your throat center or your  solar plexus center, to your comfort, and say “I cut ___(The Sabbatean, Frankism persecution lie perpetrated on my DNA in this Game)______ now, in all fields to infinity. With gratitude, appreciation, respect, Lensomai and kindness for your teachings. Namaste.”   

@11:21 We are living in the middle of a great big lie that is being flipped now. 11:22 “Americans need to understand that MI6 (British intelligence) started, trained and still controls American intelligence.” (F. Springmeier)  (Lawrence, a British Scottish Man I dated after Leaving marriage with Mike.  I met Lawrence after work at a social function. Since Europe is in my blood, through Ancestors and living, gravitating to Lawrence felt easy but…  He liked to jerk off looking at my half covered Vagina.  He shaved me down there, and then had sex with me.  He stalked me for years, after I had enough, even after I was living with Tom in Coto De Caza, he found the phone number and called, left a message on the machine.  I told Tom all about Lawrence, and never heard another word from him.  Lawrence is a guy who liked to have anal sex in the shower.  He liked to keep 2 or 3 other of his girlfriends around, and berate each one.  I rode with Lawrence and this set up to Mammoth where they skied and I stayed in the warm Cafeteria.  During that period of time I spent in the cafeteria I met a guy named Paul, who didn’t like who he was staying with either, so we got together and we drove back to LA together leaving Lawrence and his weird girlfriend cult. 

  • Inhale bring your right hand above your head, while keeping your left hand still, Exhale, right hand down, while bringing your left hand and arm above your head.
  • Inhale bring your left hand above your head, while keeping your right hand still, Exhale left hand down, while bringing your right hand up.  Repeat this exercise several times.  This stimulates the Gallbladder, Liver, Spleen, Stomach. This is a Tai Chi move.

Continue inhaling, exhaling

Reference: Fritz Springmeier, Bloodlines Of Illuminati – CIA, 1995. @10:47 – – – – “Illustrated Guide To Monarch Programming and other writings.) Bob Hope, an MI-6 agent who was used extensively in W.W. II to trigger mind-controlled military men with the proper hypnotically embedded trigger words, received his own mind-controlled sex slaves after the war. One of these slaves of Bob Hope also worked for the Illuminati’s Council of 7.” (F. Springmeier)

  • 08092020 @8:54 “Witchcraft Council of 13 which is under Rothschild control” (F. Springmeier). Max Rothschild was one of 11 men who took control over Bavaria. Max Rothschild was a Freemason in Lodge No. 11, Munich, Germany.  “Mayer had ten children and they were all employed in the family business. (p.25) The Jews were taught from childhood up, that the Christians were to blame for all their woes, and that the Christians were to be feared and detested. (p.24) Mayer Amschel had secret, underground passages. (p.22) His carriage was honey-combed with secret drawers. (p.27) The Napoleonic War greatly helped the Rothschild business. (p. 27) Rothschild even outsmarted Napoleon–because the Rothschilds had such good connections. (p.38) The Rothschilds smuggled during the English blockade of Napoleon’s Europe, and made millions. (p.33) “The Rothschilds changed course constantly during this period, always maneuvering to avoid any kind of political commitment. “(p.34) One of the things Mayer Amschel set up, was to disperse his 5 sons to the major capitals of Europe. Anka attributes the respectability of Jewish money lending to the help it gave merchants and entrepreneurs” .”p.31) [The Bible says a borrower is a slave to the lender, hardly an association to be desired.] The business of financing Monarchs was lucrative. The Rothschilds had developed several traits in the ghetto that made their family hard to stop. “The great gift the Frankfurt ghetto bestowed upon him [James Rothschild] was adaptability, a quality matched by the driving force of his ambition, his prodigious energy, tremendous powers of concentration, and determination to get even [with Christians]. James set out to make his place in the world.” (p.40) The five Rothschild brothers, each in the five major European capitals set up their own private courier system which was faster than the regular mail. (p.47) The Rothschilds had news whether political or economic faster than anyone else including the monarchs. “Thus the Rothschild’s had news before anyone else, including ministers [govt.]; they also understood how to make use of it.” (p.47) [Somewhat akin to how money could be made off of knowing the future.] The Rothschilds’ normal correspondence to each other was in code (p.46) Their world was one of finance, politics and secrecy.” “To a demonic controlled mind it makes sense to wreck such revenge, especially when the end result is held out to be the salvation of the world by the Lightbearer, the Morning Star, also known as Lucifer. For most of us, the idea of such pain and destruction seems like demonic madness- – which it is.” ”Nazism was a Pagan Gnostic religious system whose High Priest Hitler knew what he was doing in relation to Satan’s mission.” The Mother Country of Satanism and Witchcraft is Great Britain.  
  •  (My family  travelled to London September 2006, Then Euro Disney, Paris.)
  • Occultism probably came in the form of Jewish Cabalism, Sabbatism, or Frankism. The House of Rothschild practices gnostic-satanism (the Rothschilds would probably not call themselves satanists, but by our standards they are, considering the sacrificial and spiritual worship involved). (F. Springmeier)
  • “One only has to note how important Brussels has been to the New World Order to realize that the lowlands of Belgium and the Netherlands continue to be important for the elite. For instance, the Beast–the supercomputer which is notified within seconds of every financial transaction you carry on at an ATM is located in Brussels.  (F. Springmeier)
  • Picture of me, with my mother, father, grandfather and grandmother and sister in Front of a building in Brussels where this computer was, and my grandfather\\\\\\\\\\\  1976 was the year.  I was 17 years old.

 Watch: Lions Gate Portal / Ways To Access The Energy, Lorie Ladd, 08072020, Uploaded 08102020. The 2020 Lions Gate Portal until August 12 or 13, 2020.

~    “Potent,  magical transformational portal we are in  right now, preparing us to continue to  stand in the arena.  Powerful place to be in a state of consciousness while the external  states collapse..

  ~  Portal when the veils between the dimensional fields dissolve and we have access to higher dimensional realms with ease and grace.  We are shrouded through a heavy 3d field, kind of like a blanket.  Portals of light are able to be received, accessed because  dimensional fields have been parted.  Access to more of our abilities, knowing and remembrance, I can create, intend, shift easier.  Powerful opportunity  to shift and transform.

~ 1. Awakening, Transforming, and Learning how to lead by example.   

~  2. Learning how to hold more ~ Harmony, Balance and Peace. 

  • Looks like a spider web, learning to wake out of 3d illusion.  We are in it, not of it.  Receive massive intense physical upgrade, where your body anchors in higher frequencies of light quicker.  We are preparing for more to come in the external.  We need to be able to open our heart center to love, to choose and intend and not be a victim.  Higher Being of light that you are accessed.  Our body receives a massive upgrade allowing up to anchor in higher states of consciousness.  More preparation for Warriors of Light.  Open to more ease and  grace.  Choose and Intend.  More to Unravel More to Collapse. 
  1.  1. Visualize yourself as an energetic activator.  SAMASTHITI.  
  2. 2. Ask to Receive a physical light activation and upgrade to my physical body.  
  3. 3. Listen, Journal,  Acknowledge and Release all of the limiting beliefs that
  4. are holding you back from stepping into this portal.  Massive Transformational Pocket.  CUT.  Cord Cut.  Seeing through the illusion while you are standing in it.”

 Sedona Psychics Speak, Slow Reveal – August 2020, Joseph P. Anthony, You Tube, Uploaded 08102020.

  • Watching Things Unfold
  • There have been many arrests, Earth Changes, Political Changes
  • They will try everything they can in the next 2 (TWO) months to induce FEAR.  False Evidence Appearing Real.
  • The Sun is affecting us.  More photon light coming in affecting our physical bodies.
  • June 23rd, 2020 had a strange light crown alignment over the Earth, a gateway opened up.  The energy has been crazy and it’s not going to stop.  People are losing it with the fake pandemic and fake war, because the energy is coming in and they do not know how to handle it.  Work on your emotional body.
  • This energy amplifies EVERYTHING INSIDE of YOU.
  • Stay Neutral.  
  • Wake up.  There is nothing to be afraid of.  None of this is real.  
  • The whole system is being taken down, and the only thing they have is FEAR.
  • Whatever your feeling, is normal now.  The energy has to flow through us so we can acclimate and adjust to it.  Everyone has a mask on, and no one wants to smile.
  • From now until the end of the year try to make a difference in other people’s lives. Everything will be fine, stay positive, put our good vibes to people, compassion, the year of revelation.  All the prophets are not at all.  The fringe is colliding with the mainstream.  
  • We are at the end of A Liberation Simulation.  Important to vote.  Your signaling to the game what you want to experience now.  
  • 7 Trans Dimensional realities collapsing into each other, so we do not end up in a terrible dictatorship or terrible AI Timeline.  You get to write your own timeline, you are free to experience what you want.  
  • Astrology – Sun is going through LEO.  Do something creative.  Do the little things that make you feel better.  On the 15th severe energy has to do with Mars, transformational energy.  You may feel more edgy than others.  At the end of the month, go into Virgo, health conscious, and the next round of this Virus will begin.  Soon we will have to wear a giant condom on the body because that is the way it is going.  5 to 6 planets moving backwards.  You are spirit, consciousness in a suit, mastering your emotional body, so we can rise up and return to oneness.  You are here to help people.  Look at yourself with honesty and change the things you want to change.  Be kind.  Everyone is part of your dream and you drew them in.  Be the vibration of where you want to be.  If you are willing to do it now, it’s going to be a lot easier.  Be the vibration of love.
  • It’s not about TRUMP is about sending a message to these clowns in Washington.  
  • They said Hollywood would be unmasked and its happening now, and pedophilia cleaning.
  • Practice the “If Then Principle”  When you learn what they have been doing for years  surveilling, poisoning people, conspiracy theories are coming out.
  • A Lot of you know A I systems, record everything you have ever done.  So when you die and go through life review you see yourself.  These AI systems are recording everyone’s crimes, they have dark files.. .. 
  • The monsters you have become in human form are coming to light.   
  • OPEN your eyes. —-  Energy will really shift after August 9 and at the end of August more is coming pushing to wear a mask, whatever is going on, look for the diversion.  
  • Military Intervention coming.  These big cities that cause havoc.  
  • September is a significant month with weather, hurricane season looks strange, intense storms, fires, earthquakes.  
  •  Nothing they are doing will work.  This transition is  ripping off the bandage, the spark of revolution that creates a new reality for us.  
  • Watch Documentaries:  Plandemic, Out of Shadows, Fall of The Cabal.  
  • It’s been prophesied that humanity is going into a Golden Age.  Biblical. Scriptural.”

Charles Ward Talks to Sacha Stone About The Great Awakening, 08082020, You Tube, Uploaded 08102020.

  • “The single most important thing in this world is relationships.
  • We ought not to pay our coin to Caesar if Caesar is the creature that is defiling our human traditions, cultures, families and running amuck.  
  • Conspiracy of honor and integrity against the Sabbatian Luciferian all have been born through.    Charging toward us, with the laws of empathy.  Insanity playing out in congress, little boys and girls responding, metaphysical dimensional perspectives.  Inner logic, intuitive inner lens, is where we divine the truth of things way before it happens, and able to discern between the mind fuckery going on.  Solomon’s keys to our woes.  Practice OM. Creatures are going through their death rattle.  We stand up and say enough of this parlor game.  Challenge these deviants in the local public health administration and anyone hiding behind the seal of office financed by taxpayers.  
  • The generational outrage of how we have been manipulated. Entire society has been forced into this Kamikaze game.  
  • Liberal gibbering class over their fancy porcelain plates, well heels folks, liberal intellectuals in Europe in their dirty little boy clubs.  Technocratic Class are the real deviancy interposing false reality.
  • Cult programming begins at age 3.  Mommy and Daddy both working paying the bills, kids sent into institutionalized care.  
  • We are moving beautifully into The Great Awakening.”  

Trump launches QFS and Prepares For A Bright Future Joined With Santa Surfing with Chris Pomfret, Charles Ward 08082020, You Tube, Uploaded 08102020.  

  • The Quantum Financial system is in place.  Gesara – those outside the US.  Went to pay Electric bill and 7000 pounds credit was there.  The whole thing is happening without people knowing and it’s going to happen to all of us.
  • Your leaders are evil and are being shown to the world, how evil they are.  Then you get rid of them.  Stand up against corrupt regimes, and vote for someone that represents what you want.  

Tiny House W/ Sauna

  • Listening @9:04 Guided Meditation For Healing Toxic Family Trauma – You Tube,  1212201, Zen Rose Garden, Uploaded 08062020
  •  Reading: “The Order of the Garter is the secret inner group which is an elite group within the Order of St. John of Jerusalem which is the British part of the Knights of Malta. (F. Springmeier)  and “All these top 13 Illuminati families tie together at the Feast of the Beast rituals. In addition to this grand meeting, where Satan puts in his personal appearance, these families have smaller meetings and rituals frequently all over the world. Their Council of 9 and their Council of 13 meet and send out their orders regularly.”  (F. Springmeier) “The Van Duyn family who headed California’s Teen Challenge helped get Billy Graham’s ministry started.” “The Christians have as much vested interest in preventing the exposure of the Illuminati programmed multiples who are big name Christian ministers running Christendom, as the Illuminati has. Imagine what would happen if the world found out that most of Christianity was run by the human-sacrificing, slave-making Illuminati?” “Illuminati Programmers got a big laugh out of using Disneyland as a major Illuminati base for criminal activity. Under the disguise of entertaining the World, they carried out Money Laundering, Child Slavery Laundering, and Mind-Control.” “child of 3 or 4 was kidnapped, they could torture the child and then put him on a ride such as a ferris wheel or carousel that a. created dissociation from the pain, while also b. going along with some fairy tale programming script.” “Hilton Head Island, SC as a watering hole of the powerful elite incl. retired generals and admirals,”
  • “Right smack across from the entrance to Disneyland is the Assembly of God’s Melodyland Christian Center,”  ( I never like this place.  My cousins were into this)   
  • “Robert Schuller, Billy Graham and Oral Roberts are “Christian ministers” who participate in using and handling mind-control Slaves. These three ministers all participate in secret Satanic rituals. The last few paragraphs have given only a sketchy picture of the intimate relationship between Disney Mind-control and the charismatic movement and its use of trauma-based total mind-control.” (p.46
  • 08092020 @8:32 “Ultra-orthodox Jews in Israel will not serve in the Israeli army because they know that Almighty God was not behind the creation of modern Israel, but rather the rich ungodly apostate Jews. They refuse to serve the ungodly.” ”The method that the House of Rothschild used to gain influence, was the same that Royalty had used for centuries, marriage. The Rothschild children, girls and boys, have had their spouses chosen on the basis of alliances that would benefit the House of Rothschild, but since consolidating world power they generally have married cousins these last two centuries.’16 Jacob Schiff grew up in the house that the Rothschild’s had at 148 Judengasse, Frankfurt. Jacob Schiff came to the United States with Rothschild capital and took over control of a small jewish banking concern founded by two Cincinnati dry goods merchants Abraham Kuhn and Solomon Loeb. He even married Soloman’s daughter. In 1885, Loeb retired, and Schiff ran the Kuhn, Loeb Co. for the Rothschilds until 1920 when he died.17 During Russell’s and Brigham Young’s day, Lord Rothschild was considered the “lay leader of world Jewry.”18 Edmund Rothschild was President of the Jewish Colonization Assoc,19 which was a major Zionist group. Amselm Rothschild indicated that his grandfather Amschel Mayer Rothschild had insisted in Clause 15 of his will to his children, “may they and their descendants remain constantly true to their ancestral Jewish faith.”(20) However, the will has been secret and there is no way of knowing what it says. The Rothschilds have not remained true to the Orthodox faith. If this was actually what Clause 15 said then something is amiss. The Jewish world has showered the Rothschild’s with praises, “The Rothschilds govern a Christian world. Not a cabinet moves without their advice. They stretch their hand, with equal ease, from Petersburg to Vienna, from Vienna to Paris, from Paris to London, from London to Washington. Baron Rothschild, the head of the house, is the true king of Judah, the prince of the captivity, the Messiah so long looked for by these extraordinary people… .The lion of the tribe of Judah, Baron Rothschild, possesses more real force than David–more wisdom than Solomon.” (21) The Prieure de Sion-the Elders of Zion 22 Also relates to the Rothschilds who are reported to serve on a jewish council of Elders of Sion.23 The Rothschilds have “helped” the Jewish people the Rothschild’s own way. For those who admire stinginess, the Rothschilds will be greatly looked up to. For instance, the extent of James Rothschild’s charity in France to poor Jews was 5 francs (the equivalent of $1). Their dynasty has” “Witchcraft Council of 13 which is under Rothschild control”

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