Malachi 4:1-3

Invoke The MARYAM/AMMA, LENSOMAI, The KRISTAVE, LAHAIN, Archangel Michael here now, as you watch these videos, reading down through the points in the video and god bless you with discernment, wisdom and knowing as you process through the information, since the 1930’s, before any of us were here on Earth. Secrecy Is Their Currency and the year 2020 washes Satanism Teachings, Beliefs, Vibration, Energy, now on Earth, balancing with The Christ Energy Vibration. Jesus, the Teacher, showed us how.

Archangel Michael Prayer: Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil DEVIL LIVED. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray. and do thou oh Prince of Heavenly host, by the Power of God, thrust into hell LLEH, off Planet Earth, Satan and all the evil spirits, who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Hallelujah.

Following are notes from my e-online journal as I Am processing the information from the 2 (TWO, OWT) video’s below still almost 1 (ONE, ENO) month later upload it here to the blog. This Scripture MALACHI 4:1-3 “Count on it. The day is coming, raging like a forest fire. All the arrogant people who do evil things will be burned up like stove wood, burned to a crisp, nothing left but scorched earth and ash – a black day. But for you, sunrise! The sun of righteousness will dawn on those who honor my name, healing radiating from its wings. You will be bursting with energy, like colts frisky and frolicking. And you’ll tromp on the wicked. They’ll be nothing but ashes under your feet on that Day. God-of-the-Angel-Armies says so.” The Message, 2002, Navpress.

07142020 @6:57AM Contracts you are willing to cut, bring that into your awareness and know that the actual energetic contract is cut.  The role you played through the AKASHIC record, freeing you without being pulled in that contractual relationship.  Akashic record is your past. Look at past pictures of you and your family.

  • @6:26 DENIAL Cleaning PUBLIC SERVANT  – SACRIFICE – DUTY     RESPONSE ABILITY navigating earthly responsibility and doing an excellent job,.
  • Light Bath: Drop the shoulders, inhale feel all the high frequency light around you and let us bath you in this light that you are okay.  Exhale. You will discover your abilities they are already there.  INHALE,  you will discover and, EXHALE.  Unravel your blueprint. Trust” (Lorie Ladd Orion Meditation) INHALE, FEEL, EXHALE LISTEN:   THANK YOU ~ ALL~ ETAL~Living Beings.   
  • INHALE, feel, EXHALE please forgive me, imbuing KSAMA into your fields.   
  • INHALE, feel, EXHALE, I am Sorry. Imbuing MARYAM / AMMA, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene in your fields. You deserve miraculous healing that your human mind can allow.   
  •  INHALE, feel, I Love You. Imbuing LENSOMAI into your fields.  “They want you to visualize consciousness of these pieces moving from your root chakra down into the earth, the quantum fields breaking up and floating all the way down, RUSH out of that energy center and puff into the quantum where it came from.” (Loried Ladd, Blue Avions Meditation) 
  • 07122020 @9:23AM Spirit Team is saying to post the past two posts, but I will be directed as to timing.  Maybe do more research on ADRENO CHROME A DREN O CHROME  EMORHC ONERDA.  Definitely looks like something related to SATAN ISM MSI NATAS.
  • @9:26 – Saw Robert David Steele Video on Human Angel Services Blog, so that really gives me an excuse not to post.  Thank You.  Adrenochrome is a trigger word, gloppy, sticky, etheric energy related to it.  The underworld or higher forces balance it.  Namaste.
  • @8:46 vibrationally, adrenochrome is sticky energetically, and further needs clearing cleaning washing releasing balancing harmonizing, aligning etherically eternally energetically to divine female and divine male in all my fields to infinity.  Namaste.  Orthodoxy is also another vibrational reality, related to blood, dna, ancient soul memory.  That is some shit of truth Robert David Steele.  Thank You. 
  • Written 12 TWELVE books.
  • We do not know if Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested, or is a body double.
  • The beginning of the end.  All the dominos falling.
  • The body double will play out the theatre and will feed the information to the body double.  With 10 people in 30 days, harvest any information.  National Security, slow rolling the President, betraying The President. 
  • We cannot trust anything streaming on the media.  Everything is censored.
  • Suppressive, Democratic Anti American.  Epstein was the hired help, Fake Billionaire, Wexner, funded the fake Billionaire.  Needed a boy to bring in the boys to do the little girls.
  • Epstein the single most important Mossad Pedophilia entrapment in The United States of America.  Its target was Presidents, the heads of major banking corporations, one of 50 operations going on.  The CIA and FBI had elements complacent in all of these operations, allowing the Mossad to operate with impunity, Epstein did Intellectual Property theft, helping insider trading with pedophillia, stealing information and getting an edge, significantly advancing Israel Nuclear.  It was about achieving economic and nuclear and other advantages.  
  • They are the ones who put pedophillia adrenochrome and killing children for sport on the map, James Alifantis, David Brock Media Matters.  They will face justice for every aspect of what they have done to children. 
  • Adrenochrome, a drug created when adrenaline flushes into in the blood. Torture the child, then immediately harvest the blood. China cooks dogs alive in boiling water, then harvested that adrenochrome.  Hollywood into adrenochrome.  
  • All offshore human trafficking smuggling activites CIA, so many layers.  Flynn has to be brought back in. 
  • This has been going on for history, part of the Catholic Church in the Jesuits rank, sects of Judaism sacrificing children, runaway children. 
  • Child Hunters by Carine Hutsebaut
  •  PEDOEMPIRE.ORG  These People Are Predators
  • 3 sources of children – children literally being born as a cash crop.  Mormon cult has been selling white babies to Turkey for 50,000 each without a birth certificate.  
  •  2nd source runaway or children taken away from human traffickers at the border, then they sell the children to pedophilles so they keep the money.
  • The third source of children is literally a hollywood catalogue, pedophilles love innocent kids, teams of people going away around the country, and a pedophile will say I will take that child for $35,000 and then a team of 4 people go and get that child.  Stolen, ordered out of a catalogue. 
  • Reason to elect President Trump again is to save all the children and the Supreme Court.
  • There is no black white problem in the US at the level of American Blacks born in America. It’s been contrived Obama imported blacks from Somalia, Haiti, and other places have been misinformed, paid, mind controlled, and white kids have been misinformed into taking down statues. 
  • Signs of the flu is actually radiation sickness
  • People being radiated with wireless technology
  • President Trump and Wifes’ mail is sorted by Agents of Foreign powers intercepting their mail.  The President’s mail and The First Lady’s  mail is filtered at the receiving level by agents of a foreign powers.  
  • Everything is energy as stated by Tesla. Positive and Negative Energy
  • Russia is far ahead with space time quantum.
  •  15 FIFTEEN years ago – (2005) – Nobody wanted to believe that Wall Street was stealing from everybody, nobody wanted to believe that children were being birthed to be given to Turkey.
  • Most people do not understand that the cautionary principle in science, information is skewed,  CDC Fauci will be facing a firing squad for destroying the nation.

07092020 @ 5:59PM  Listening to: Head of Snake, Wexner, Maxwells, Mossad & Mega Group Exposed,  06062020, PVGURL, You Tube, uploaded 07092020 

  • Wexner gave it all to me (Virginia- the lady speaking during the video describing the events and characters in this very deep deception
  • I know this is strange, but I have a report on someone who kidnapped me (She called the FBI)
  • The most important one, The Head of The Snake, is Lex Wexner, He is Jewish Mafia.
    • Police report about the murder of his tax attorney, a copy surfaced 15 years later that linked him.  The Jewish Mob in NY took out the Italian Mafia.
    • All The Passports, French, English, Iraseli, American and one other.
    • The whole room is a safe, you walk into.  In that safe, a lot of photographs in his safe, and I know for a fact, there are 6 of my sisters in there.  
    • When I asked why they recorded He Keeps Everything and Keeps It All In The Safe.
    • Pinhole camera everywhere.
    • Pinhole cameras in Victoria Secret Dressing Room
    • Ghilaine says you need to be careful, because there are cameras everywhere.  Get out of the Lou and off the toilet.  They watched my every move, who does that, doberman.  Mafia.
    • Pinhole cameras in all these buildings that Wexner had owned.  
    • Column’t go outside, because there were sharpshooters,
    • The weirdest part about being at Wexners, is a door to an underground tunnel.
    • That’s the tunnel that leads to the main house, a giant ten thousand floor, that raises up when someone goes through that tunnel.  I lived there 3 months, and I never saw, him.  I called him the wizard of oz.   I saw Abigail on her horses.
    • Things on the mantel ancient relics, my father took from The British Museum.
    • She had like about 12 photo albums growing up with The Royals.  
    • They were making fun of Diana.  They hated Diana.
    • Ghilaine answers to Wexner.
    • Israeli Intelligence is where she got all her funding to do the scam with Jeffrey.
    • It’s all out of Israel.  Ghilaine would tell the story that her dad had Epstein protecting her.  Assigned.  – Rich Zionists in America. – Maxwell Money guy who actually helped Israel.  Definitely she was an agent.  You get projects.  These guys were senior agents and they found a leash blackmail American and other political figures for The Israelies.  It was quite an involvement.  Sleeping around is not the crime, but sleeping with underage girls is a crime.  Most of the girls were 13, 14 the oldest might have been 16.  I can imagine what he was thinking about. After the party, we basically told Epstein what happened with who, everything.  We told Epstein everything and it didn’t take that long at all, I was crying, and I should be glad Donald Trump popped my cherry.  
    • Epstein was assigned to protect Ghislaine, because her dad died.
    • Robert Maxwell actually felt like he owned the Mossad with these incredible deals he was bringing, They thought he had become a loose cannon.  
    • The Rothchilds were the greatest protector of Maxwell family. 
    • Balfour Declaration.  “Incredible piece of opportunism.”
    • Human Trafficking signs everywhere on how not to be trafficked in OHIO.  OIHO.  Underworld burning with sex and prostitution.  Average age into sex trafficing is 15 years old, and is not believable.  She had no idea all humantrafficing begins and end in Columbus Ohio.  He owns Columbus, LA is Number 1 now,  I had to get Abigail’s permission to go outside.  One day I went outside without asking and a pack of Dobbermans came flying towards the door.  They would have eaten me alive, so I didn’t go back outside for like a month.  Why do they take everyone to Columbus? 
    • And who has a tunnel under the house and the floor raises.  I think Jeffrey did Wexner’s bidding and he provided Wexner not only with boys but with girls.  
    • Jeffrey and Ghilaine came like 3 times when I was there, and Ghilaine said they were working on Israeli Charities. 
    • Unless you’re a dual citizen, you don’t understand.  All the Jewish people I met happened to be pedophiles and left a bad taste in my mouth, and they did a number on all of us, the abuse, a huge chunk of the elites.
    • Jewish Country Club, morally devastating how they talk to you, you’re nothing because you’re not Jewish, a useless white girl, a poor little peasant.  Anyone who was not Jewish was horrifying. These people truly believe that they are chosen to be here.  Mommy why do you call Maria a nobody?  
    • They think their DNA is better than anyone else.  It was a theme with all of them.
    • @38:35 Hababivitz, That group openly talks about “Since we last met many things have progressed.  Many things have progressed.” Only Jews are human and the rest are like cattle basically. “What hasn’t changed, however, is that Moshiach still hasn’t come. With the help of God slavery will return the non-Jews will want to be our slaves.  This is Rabbi Eliezer Kashteil.  Head of the sons of David religious seminary in Eli.  Being a slave of a (The) Jew is the best.  They must be slaves. They want to be slaves. It is for graduates of military prep school.  It is the most well known and the most expensive.  Most of the students are former soldiers.  Instead of just wandering the streets foolish and violent, burning each other now his life begins (as a slave).  Per Rabbi Kashteil KASHTEIL  KASH TEIL  LIETHSAK LIETH SAK the Masters MASTERS SRETSAM (Secret Sam) and The Jews THE JEWS. SWEJ EHT.  The slaves SLAVES SEVALS are The Arabs. ARABS SBARA. (Small Business Association OF RA)”
      • Taking a break from the video to insert “Metatron’s Cube, is based on a deceptively simple pattern called ‘The Fruit Of Life’.  13 Thirteen THIRTEEN connected circles which is connected in the ancient Flower Of Life inscribed on the walls of the Osir on temple at Abydos Egypt.” Reference:  Instagram 02012019 4biddenknowledge.
  • Per Rabbi KASHTEIL. The Masters are The Jews.  The slaves are the Arabs.  This is not accidental, it is biological, genetic.  The people around us have genetic problems.  Ask any average Arab where he wants to be.  He wants to be under occupation. Why, because they have genetic problems.  They don’t know how to run a country or anything.  Look at the state of them.  That is the whole Torah.  Race Theory. Of course Racism exists!  Are we unaware that there are different races?  Is it a secret?  Is it untrue?  What can you do, its true.  Holocause remembrance day is 2 days from now.  The Nazis divided the races into superior and inferior.  And now here is the Hebrew version.  Yes, we are racists.  We believe in racism.  Correct.  There are races.  Nations have genetic characteristics.  So we must consider how to help them.  Racial differences are real and a reason to offer help. Q. Who chose you to decide which is which? I see my accomplishments are much greater than his.  Ghiliane made it very clear to me that  Anne  was very lucky to have a Jewish baby.  They constantly made it clear, you can’t eat at the Country Club because you’re not a Jew.  
  • Israel has a powerful stranglehold on The Senate.
  • This elitism is very deep and these are the people pushing racism, they are the biggest supremist. The Israel society is very much a facist identity.  
  • And the things they said about black people made me cry.  Made me sick.  They made it very clear I was a servant because I was white.  WHITE.  
  • So automatically they don’t serve us only partially.  How do they serve us now?  They build our cars, apartments, buildings, they do everything.  They serve the Jews.  
  • They are the ones that happen to control the world.  They call Bernie Sanders Anti Semite. 
  • Sheldon Addison all I care about being a good citizen of Israel and he is a top donor in the United States.  
  • Maxwell was such an important person for Israel they gave him an estate funeral.  
  • Now of course all the people they raped were never Jewish.  The children were never Jewish.  Just the employees.
  • We need Nubile Children for Victoria Secret.  Only 30 women have come forward.  I saw at least 5 girls come into that house a day.  Where are they?  It was so exhausting, constantly little girls there.  Wexler is Israeli Intelligence.
  • Epstein was part of a larger element.
  • Both parties are controlled by the same people. 

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