Romans 8:22-30

  • Close your eyes and listen while she reads from The Message. The Message is modern day, 20th Century English scripture.
  • Welcome, receive any and all thoughts going through your mind while you are listening.
  • Note where you feel friction within.
  • Note when you think judgement, criticism, argument.
  • These are all just thoughts, negative thoughts you do not need right now.
  • Discard negative thoughts and focus on The Dove. The Dove is a Universal symbol representing The Holy Spirit, The Rukha d’ Koodsha in Aramaic.
  • We have the gift of the Holy Spirit, Rukha d’ Koodsha.
  • Listen.
  • Did you receive any visual pictures while listening?, Did you receive an idea? Did you solve a problem to something your working on? This is the Holy Spirit.
  • You have the ability to test the spirit for kindness, compassion, caring.
  • Reference: Daily Devotional / “Upper Room”, 07212020, SAPRES, You Tube, Uploaded 07222020.

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