Visiting FRANK SINATRA’S Former Palm Springs, CA Home

This home sits on Alejo Street. Alejo Runs from Highway 111, South. Driving from Los Angeles on the 10 Freeway, driving East, you turn, right off at exit Highway 111. This is my favorite drive. This drive is a beautiful majestic drive through the desert, that meanders through Down Town Palm Springs, but you turn left before, unless you keep driving through lovely down town Palm Springs! It is beautiful. Lots of unique shops and restaurants. Really a gracious place to enjoy.

As you drive into Palm Springs on Highway 111, you will see the entrance to the Tram on your right. There will be a couple blocks of small family run businesses mostly on your right hand side, and on the left will be a couple of restaurants, and businesses. However, the right side has the cute coffee shops, eateries, cute furniture store, dress shop, etc. After you pass all that, you will turn left off Highway 111. (Before Downtown Palm Springs) Frank Sinatra’s Former house will be a short couple of blocks down on your left. This house is on the edge of The Movie Colony.

How do I know so much about this drive? My first contract teaching job was with Palm Springs Unified at Raymond Cree Middle School, as an Art teacher. The years were 1992-1994, in case any of my former students wish to say Hi. I taught 3 forms of Art. 1. Cooking. 2. Two Dimensional Art. 3. Photography. I would drive from Orange County to Palm Springs one to two times a week for this teaching job. Since I had a teaching job, I was able to purchase a condo in the area and drive between both. My husband worked and lived in Orange County! Then in 2015 I taught long term substitute teaching assignments for Palm Springs Unified, mostly at Desert Hot Springs High School and Rancho Mirage High School and at that time in 2015, I lived in a rental condo located at Alejo and Hermosa, just a block from this former house of Frank Sinatra!

The weather and living in the desert of Palm Springs has its own music, a certain note of vibration, incandescent hum. You only have to be there to experience the quiet magical healing offered, that only you can process in your quiet moments of reflection. The mountain heals. You stand facing the mountain, open arms, wide, receive, allow, quiet healing fill your being. Inhale mountain love into your soul. Exhale into the mountain. Inhale, Notice the quiet sounds of nature. Exhale. Inhale, Exhale. When you feel full, nurtured, Inhale, bring your arms forward, hands into prayer, Exhale Samastihiti. Gratitude fills you.

You will see the Mountain while looking at the video. The artist talks about the Mountain as part of Frank’s view. You can feel the healing qualities of the Mountain. Imagine.

Reference: Visiting FRANK SINATRA’s Former Palm Springs, CA Home. 09262017, Memory Lane Trips With Steve, You Tube, Uploaded 07232020.

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