Interesting balance happening energetically. This Drum instrument will be a nice addition for meditation, prayer, Om, Practices. This video is 1:02 minutes. The Drume is quite expensive, and if you have the bucks to buy one for yourself please do so. You will benefit your own healing. There is a unique subtle energetic vibration of happiness calm while your self is playing a drum. Any drum. Any instrument. You can play any type of instrument and find yourself relaxing, where god, reveals answers to your prayers. Through the entrainment of the brain to sound waves, working in the subtle field, harmonizing psychomatic trauma implanted embedded into our fields through Family programing and then subsequent Adult survival tested through Financial, Educational, Religious, Medical – The Physical Body, and the wonderful brilliant ways those teachers show up in our lives. Playing a drum is a good way to bring reflection to those teachers, both negative and positive, and especially those in-between the Value Scale as in art, going from Black to White. There is a lot of grey value shades between.

The reason this Drume is unique is because of its portability. The accurate sound vibrational note carries a subtle cleansing affect for whole body healing on a subtle, unseen dimension. God works in the subtle unseen dimension.

May the prayers of your Mother and Grandmothers activate within you, your family, and loved ones and May the Peace of God be in your home and heart. Namaste.

Reference: DRUME Music, 01092020, by Drume Music, You Tube, uploaded 07162020.

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:Kat: K. M. M.Ed

Author, Artist, Philosopher.

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