Meditation: Cazekiels Wheel With Sitting Prayer Twist

  • Take a Deep Breath and Settle In.
  • Before:
    • Meditation
    • Qi Qong
    • Yoga
    • Doesn’t matter what type of exercise you do but always do clearings, prayers, cleaning, washing, first.
    • Say: I Close my Auras to my own Christ and I am Self my own Buddha Self, and if you have another name, call it as it doesn’t matter what type of name you call it because it is just a consciousness. Visualize a Gold Diamond shape around your physical body. If you like expand the Golden Diamond with one point connecting to the God-Head and the other point connecting into the center of the Earth. Sit in the Spinning Golden Diamond with one end connected to Source and the other to the Center of The earth.
    • Add the colors of the rainbow.
    • Visualize a beautiful Crystalline Gold Diamond around you, going straight up into the God Head, the Father Mother God Principle which is Pure Unconditional Love Joy and Bliss. INVOKE LENSOMAI, the 4 petal flower, reiki symbol representing unconditional love.
    • Illuminating any densities, wrong conclusions, trauma, anything any aches, pains, you are holding onto into the body as being lite up by Golden Light.
    • Cleaning the Mental body of fears, wrong conclusions, programs anything that does not align with Universal Law. INVOKE SHUM, EEFCHAY, RINKO for mental soothing. Bring your arms above your head into prayer, take a deep breath in and slowly let your breath out as you move into a small back bend, letting your head fall back as your throat and thymus stretch releasing any tension. Take a breath in as you bring your arms body and head back into SAMSTITIHI. Standing At Attention with your hands in prayer.
    • Take a deep breath in for Emotional Body cleaning out sadness grief feeling not loved, accepted, approved, see it releasing out with gratitude, a deep heart felt thank you, the more gratitude, the more healing. –
      • Sitting Prayer Twist: Inhale as you place your hands on your heart center in prayer lengthen your spine twist, turn right, exhale out. Inhale, bring your hands to heart center, exhale out at heart center. Inhale in lift up lengthen your spine as you twist, turn left as you exhale out. Inhale turn back to heart center and Exhale out.
    • Golden White Light moving through Astral body cleaning old wounds traumas from past life experiences, unresolved issues. unforgivess, INVOKE KSAMA with forgiveness, releasing the past.
    • Etheric Body your blue body, where your whole healthy perfect DNA pattern communicating down into your physical body each cell and being being reprogrammed fully aligned with your own unique soul purpose.
      • Sitting Tree Pose: “Inhale, Bring your right foot onto your opposite thigh. Exhale, Square your hips, Inhale, draw your tailbone down, lengthen your spine, Exhale, bring your hands to heart center. Inhale, Draw your shoulder blades together down your back, Exhale. Inhale, Reach through the Crown of your head and gaze forward, Exhale.” (p.3.81, CPTT) repeat for your left leg.
      • For body work: While your are in sitting tree pose, this is a good time to massage your feet. Learn your own trigger Reflexology Points, the points that are tender, need, attention, move the chi, massage the area, apply essential oils to the point on your foot and on your organ area located in your body. Learn what organ or point in your body is associated with that pain in your foot you just discovered by giving yourself a foot massage! This is a chart I bought on AMAZON:
    • Multidimensional, Christ Buddha Self, The perfect union, where man and woman and woman and man know themselves to be Source. 5th dimensional beings have a message or symbol wisdom they impart to you. Invoke The KRISTAVE, the Christed.
    • God head self pure Unconditonal love, Invoke MARYAM / AMMA, THE DIVINE MOTHER, forgive ourselves, Invoke KSAMA and allow this to come forward and take place, we have never been judged, we have always been loved unconditionally from our multi dimensional self and see your lower body clear out the lower vibrational energies while you reside in these higher bodies making these your home. From the highest levels you can attain send the energy down, back through all the multidimensional selves going back down to earth and see this golden light energy the beautiful green energy see it pouring down on earth and see it expanding into all directions, NSWE see this energy continually expanding all the Karma Psychomatrized Traumatized energy Grudges Wars Separation Games, Sabbatian Dutch, German, British, Swedish, Norwegian, Arab, Asian, European, Indian and bringing us back into Unity Consciousness. Visualize this energy pouring into Earth. This energy is intelligent and knows where to go all we have to do is step aside and allow it to work through us the energy will know where to go. Thank You Mother Mary, Mary Magadelene, Mem Hey Shin, The Holy Spirit, The Kingdom of Heaven, the beautiful pink light of divine feminine totally covering the earth bringing everything back into balance down into the core, and inner earth are sending energy up from beneath the surface, the Angelic Kingdom, feel all the beautiful Ultra Dimensional energies flooding the Earth and be in gratitude, that this energy will be continuous and once initiated continues to Earth clearing whatever needs to to be cleared, everything hidden unhidden and all we have to do is surrender to the love joy bliss within.
    • Reference: Power Yoga, 200 Hour Teacher Training, Corepower Yoga, 2019.
      • Meditation: Cazekiel’s Wheel, 11022017, ECETI Stargate Official You Tube Channel, You Tube, Uploaded 07132020.

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