Lars Muhl – The Seer – The Magdalene – The Grail

  • Whatever we do we have to be ethical. 
  • Whatever we do, comes back to us. 
  • Everything we thirst for, is all the things you need to give.  
  • Kundalini is very normal, when sexual energy is awakened at age 10, 12.  
  • Everyone is a seer.  We are living in an intelligent universe, there is information all around us, but it, the information, the energy,  has to go through you. 
  • Lars’ writing is what saved him. The psychology of The Aramiac Language which is the language of Jesus, it is so profound, exciting, deep, it opens up to all the scriptures and to everything, and takes the psychology and read it into other things.  Jesus when he talks about the bridal chamber when the masculine and the feminine is all in The New Testament.  
  • The feminine contains two elements, The Madonna and The Dancer, The Madonna and The Prostitute, The Mother Mary, and The Magdalene, The Tao or The Snake, The Dove and The Moon Priestess, Love or Eros.  When you have those two complete you have the feminine, and for many years, its been the Madonna and the pornography, so much pornography.
  • The work for the society to heal is the sexual part of us, has to be healed because of the suppression that has been going on many years, open up to the archetype.  Understand much deeper meaning and learn about them in order to understand.  Go further and see both are initiated.  Mary Magdalene got her education outside Alexandra, where men and women could go in equally and learn all about the stars and everything.  Magda is an initiation name.  The Magdalene, The Mary Magdalene was the teacher of the female followers and Jesus was the teacher of the male followers.  Go into the New Testament and you can read all about them.  
  • In Aramaic, Jesus went 40 FORTY days in an unprotected state.  You are opening up to meet the shadows in the desert.  Everybody has a shadow, and a lot is in the sexual part.  If you have a real partner, you should have the guts to share your sexual fantasies.  You have to be a mature, childlike being.  A lot of people think because they have this dirty sexual fantasy or sexual drive, forget about it, because it’s part of the collective being played out.  If you have a good partner it would help a lot of people to work it out with that partner, or just talk about it.  – –  There is so much hidden in the shadow.  – All our prejudices and fears. 
  • Be vulnerable and authentic, come out of hiding so God can find you.  To pretend that nobody is a sexual person, because I am very holy and not going to talk about this dirty thing, then you are creating the shadow, and just see what it brought us with the church, the pedophiles, and just talk about it, so we do not create a shadow.  If we have a good partner to work it out, that’s what it’s really about.  If you can stand on your own two feet, you can stand with everybody. 

Reference: Lars Muhl – The Seer – The Magdalene – The Grail, 12132013, Lilou Mace, You Tube, Uploaded 07102020.

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