By Divine Decree ALL 7 Elements of Art, LINE, SHAPE, FORM, VALUE, SPACE, TEXTURE, COLOR Are Integrated, Assimilated, appreciated in all fields now.

@1:07PM Ezekiel 36, INVOKE the Rune OTHALO, The MARYAM / AMMA, The UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE ENERGI powerful subconscious conscious cleansing, clearing releasing, transmuting, integrating, assimilating appreciating, transforming, balancing, harmonizing, resentment of for with TOMS alcohol drinking, now, in all my fields to infinity and aligning with Divine Male and Divine Female Light.

@2:41AM Lars Muhl: The Healing Method of Yeshua and the Esseneshttps://youtu.be/Dn8Mh5tNlxw

07072020 @2:30AM Thankful, grateful.  This time on Earth, and rage E GAR washing. 

“We have been in dense conscious, we have to practice, shutting the door on dark feelings, lower field of consciousness so long that it is really hard to be in these higher states. Time to step into these new ways of being. When you start feeling anything dark in your field, shut the door on it. Also, when you open yourself to higher dimensional beings, only higher dimensional beings, come in, star family come in.” (Reference: The Lyrans Meditation with Lorie Ladd.)

Today on 07072005, A 777 day, I was in London, with my husband and daughter. We, all of us, the three of us, and those of us in London that day, were highly traumatized, by the drama energy of that day, the Sirens loudly announcing their driving to the destination of the bombing victims. We were passing people in the street who were crying, talking on phones, and crying, walking fast toward the bomb incident of where we were walking the opposite way. We were tourists, traveling through to enjoy London with our daughter, watch a play, enjoy a nice dinner, and have a nice experience.

That was the first night I watched my husband drink 2 bottles of terrible wine in a pub full of traumatized people who were stuck in London and everything was closed except the local pubs. The working people of London were traumatized that day, along with my family, and all those with us that day, and then the next day, we boarded the Chunnel train via Paris to Dijon. In Dijon, I saw my traumatized daughter and knew to comfort her with prayer, and asking the angels Archangel Michael to vacuum the energy. Eventually, I saw what the trauma did to my husband, and finally me, like a cleansing, washing, purifying, indescribable invisible terror, stoppage, blockage, non-love energy.

I share my healing journey with you, my digital journal entries of this day, as anger REGNA is processing, shifting out as I love you unconditionally now, Invoking LENSOMAI, the 4 petal flower Reiki Symbol into all fields now, The KRISTAVE, The Christed Consciousness, the circle with a light S in the middle and 14 small swirls around the circle Reiki Symbol., invoking cleaning the 7 elements of Art.


Reference: Lars Muhl: The Healing Method of Yeshua and the Essenes, Lars Muhl, 06242020, You Tube, Uploaded 07072002.

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