07052020 Eclipse Will Influence You For The Next 6 Months / Gregory Scott

Everyone takes more responsibility for themselves and use this as an opportunity to engage in the world with more joy. Ask the moon How Can I bring more joy in and work at something that I truly truly love

Lunar Eclipse 07052020 – How you can use it to create something amazing.    

  Mechanics – Full Moon Capricorn, Sun and Moon are 180 opposite, the Moon shines Capricorn light, and because it’s an eclipse it has an effect that lasts for 6 months.

  • Sun in Cancer, if you’re nice to yourself, nurture other people you will feel nice.
  • Capricorn is the goat that tries to get to the top of the mountain.  You will be able to create security for yourself., The Emperor, Saturn in Astrology, The Teacher, about the Rules, working in the confines of structure, interested in results.
  • This moon – I am giving you everything you need, work, feel safe and good about your life, because you are working toward a more positive future.  It is a positive loving energy, saying you will feel better if you apply yourself. How Do I Lift Myself on the 5th of July?  (Focus On Family with Grateful, Gratitude, Thankful for Everything Experienced in Life, Good and Bad as they were lessons, teachers)
  • If we take This Full Moon Energy and say “Universe what is it you would like me to embrace, work on, so that the inner is manifest, and reflected to you because of the work you do.  Accept the stability” of knowing that what you love to do is the path to remain and focus.
  • Saturn likes to make money and be safe in the house.
  • Retrogrades is when the planet appears to go backwards, astrologically you get to review that structure so reviewing the past that didn’t work, what did I learn but build something in the future that is nurturing.  Remedy that and include something fulfilling in your future work.
  • Focus on inner work, how you can take care of yourself, personal insights.  
  • The most important feeling you will feel is a sense of loyalty to yourself.
  • You can build something practical in the world, by being loyal what do I like what don’t I like and focus on what works. 
  • Align with this full moon eclipse that says “I love You” 
  • You have new ideas in taking care of yourself through work, take action.

( I love, enjoy cooking dinner for the family, and that is happening today.  Bought the best Prime Rib Roast.  Sprinkled a peppered salt spice mix over the roast, put in the oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes per pound.  Take out then cover with Aluminum foil, which will continue to cook the roast.  Serve with roasted vegetables.)

– Take Practical Action.  (Building my Garden, My kitchenette Studio, Loving my Children, My Animals who share life with me, My Garden Elementals, House Elementals).

Reference: This Eclipse will influence you for 6 months!! Full Moon in Capricorn 5 July 2020 / Gregory Scott, 06292020, Gregory Scott, You Tube, uploaded 07042020.

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